Sims 4 CC: Custom Light Switches & Wall Outlets (All Free)

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Real houses have a lot of things that Sims houses don’t.

Most of that is boring stuff that wouldn’t be much fun to implement anyway.

I mean, do you really want your Sims to deal with a sewage system or mold in the walls? Probably not. This may be a life simulator and all, but some things really are better left out.

However, small details can make a build feel more real without actually having to deal with all of the nonsense of homeownership.

And no matter what kind of place you live in, whether it’s a standard home or apartment or even a renovated van, chances are you have outlets and some light switches.

These are two of the most standard things found in every home. And once you notice their absence from this game, there’s really no turning back.

This was something I first noticed when I was trying to do a build based off a TV house – and of course I wasn’t disappointed when I turned to CC.

This collection offers several options for all sorts of home styles, and they’ll never look a bit out of place.

And by adding light switches + wall outlets here and there, your builds will look better than ever!


1. NEIDEN US Dual Socket

NEIDEN US Dual Wall Sockets / Sims 4 CC

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Here we have your standard dual electrical socket.

Nowadays, some people think these are outdated. And it’s actually been required for new homes to have three-pronged outlets for over fifty years.

So yeah, there’s a fun fact. If your home has anything similar to these, it’s an antique and considered hazardous.

But in all seriousness, these are still extremely common because most towns don’t feature entirely brand new houses, and updating electrical wiring is a daunting and expensive task.

They’re becoming a little frustrating to deal with since more electronics have three-pronged cords. But it is what it is.

And Sims just mysteriously harvest electricity from the air to run their appliances, it seems, so it’s all good!

These decorative sockets come in 4 variations, and will be a nice touch of realism in any older style of house.

If you just like the aesthetic and want to use them in modern ones as well, they’ll still fit right in because I don’t think anyone outside of home inspectors knows about that three-prong rule…or cares.


2. TS2 to TS4 Outlets & Light Switches

TS2 to TS4 Outlets & Light Switches for The Sims 4

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Here’s a nice set of outlets + switches for when you’d like to up your wall decoration game in a hurry. And they’re from the original styles in The Sims 2!

All of the basics are here, including sockets, light switches, and a thermostat.

Let’s talk about that thermostat first.

It’s cool that they included one with Seasons, and really fitting, but it has always looked weird to me. Maybe that’s just my perspective as someone in an old outdated house, but I’m used to the white, rectangular design seen here.

That’s just a classic look, ya know?

There are several light switches here as well.

Those come in variations of single, double, and even triple switches, and there are a couple versions with a dial as well. So your Sims can dim the lights in that romantic, “lean against the wall and look seductive” way, I guess.

And wouldn’t you know it, both outlets are three-pronged!

I bet you’ll never stop noticing that now. Sorry.


3. Electric Sockets (Stickers)

Electric Sockets (Stickers) TS4 CC

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Most sockets and switches you’ll find for your Sims are stickers, which is really handy.

There are some cooler versions we’ll get to later, but you can really see how the simplicity of stickers is valuable for so many houses with this set.

Each of these 6 swatches is flat and reasonably scaled, so you won’t have to worry about objects interfering or clipping.

I almost wish windows were stickers because some funky stuff happens when trying to place furniture or stairs sometimes, and it’s really a nuisance.

It’ll be a breeze to place these throughout your Sim’s home and they’re all the same standard shade of white.


4. Light Switch Wall Stickers

Light Switch Wall Stickers / Sims 4 CC

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Bakie, the same Simmer who made the CC electric sockets stickers above, also came up with these light switches.

I’m not sure where this creator is based out of – but I noticed right away that the design of these is different from anything I’ve ever seen in the US.

That led to some Googling that informed me switches look totally different in Europe.

It really is fantastic how this game allows for so much learning about other locations through the CC community.

Players from all walks of life unknowingly represent something totally new to others.

This set features 6 of the typical light switch types seen in Europe. Forgive me if this is one of those things where America is the exception and these are what the majority of the world has, I just think they’re cool.


5. Nightlight Switch Set

Nightlight Switch Set for The Sims 4

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For people who are afraid of the dark, any little bit of light helps.

I’ve never understood why this is generally seen as solely a kid’s fear when the dark really is scary.

Melisandre from Game of Thrones said, “the night is dark and full of terrors” and she wasn’t kidding. All the worst things always thrive at night, like murders and the bogeyman and cockroaches.

Sims already have the luxury of seemingly magic auto lights that always know to turn on when they enter a room – but real people aren’t that lucky.

This is another way to add some true-to-life accuracy in any of your Sim’s rooms.

There are a few options in this decorative CC set, including singular nightlights, ones paired with sockets, and some that are simple switches.


6. Functional Light Switch & Deco Power Outlet

Functional Light Switch & Deco Power Outlets / Sims 4 CC

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Creators will really hit you with functional objects when you least expect it.

I certainly never expected a Simmer to give the rest of us the gift of electricity, but here we are.

Okay, so that may be a little bit dramatic. TheSimmer40 didn’t create the lightbulb or anything, but they did make it so your Sims can have lightswitches that you can actually interact with, and that’s honestly just as impactful.

My understanding of this is that the same options come up as when you click on any light fixture or lamp, but these switches don’t emit light themselves.

You can just use them to control the lot without having to zoom out and find a ceiling lamp or something.

There are also a couple power outlets here, with single and double socket variations.

Those are strictly decorative, because honestly… what would a functional outlet even entail?

In this game, the answer is probably accidental electrocution, so I think I’m good.


7. DaraSims’ Switches and Sockets

DaraSims’ Switches and Sockets Set / TS4 CC

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Here’s another set with a plethora of both switches and sockets.

It’s cool how many Simmers paired these up, since they usually match.

And I for one have to make sure everything in my Sim’s houses are symmetrical and matching.

Both the switches and sockets come in single, double, and triple versions.

This will give you a lot of opportunity to really go wild with them in your build – and avoid rooms looking completely identical.

Since these are something so normal to see in our own everyday lives, they will blend seamlessly into any decor, and won’t seem unusual if they’re all by themselves on a wall.

Also it probably goes without saying, but these accents will look great when placed near appliances like coffee pots or microwaves.

Even if they don’t have cords, it simply looks right.


8. NEIDEN Wall Socket Outlet

NEIDEN Wall Socket Outlet / Sims 4 CC

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This is the outlet we all wish we could have directly beside our beds.

It’s got it all.

Not only does this have two sockets, but also USB ports and light switches as well.

Literally the all-in-one wall fixture you’ve always needed, but didn’t know was a thing. Humanity is really at its peak right now.

I don’t know what types of houses in what part of the world actually have these, but the Midwest certainly seems to have missed the memo on this level of convenience.

Anything more than charging my phone and using a lamp requires some sort of extension cord, it’s grueling.

But no game better allows you to live out your dreams, so I’m perfectly happy to give all my Sims this futuristic decorative piece.


9. NEIDEN Dimmer Switch

NEIDEN Dimmer Light Switch for The Sims 4

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Most homes don’t have a way to control the intensity of a light.

But since all lights in The Sims 4 come with that option, it’s only sensible that they have the proper wall fixture.

This serves as a reminder that not all switches simply go up or down.

For some really cool houses, the switch allows you to dim the lights.

Yes, all romantic and saucy just like the movies.

Your Sims will want to buy a fireplace and throw a rug down in front of it to lay on just from the sight of this.

Well, not really… but man, what a game this would be if they could!


10. Laundry Electric Outlet

Laundry Electric Outlet / Sims 4 CC

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You can’t plug washers and dryers into any old outlet, as convenient as that would be.

There are a bunch of rules you’re supposed to follow for safety, that’s why there’s usually a specific outlet for them.

Maybe that’s why my Sims are always having near death experiences while drying clothes because the machine bursts into flames if they forget to clean the lint trap once. There’s no outlet at all.

Imagine how unsafe that is…

These outlets, which are part of Soloriya’s beautiful CC laundry set, are just the type of simple socket that’s intended for large appliances.

You can just look at this thing and tell it means business – even though it comes in 5 pretty colors.


11. You Know The Drill Utility Set

'You Know The Drill' Utility CC Set for The Sims 4

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We may have a handiness skill and workbench.

But as for actually making a dedicated space for a handy Sim… well, that’s another story.

That generally requires a lot of tools and accessories that just aren’t available in the game.

Honestly, it’s stuff most people have around their homes and garages, like screwdrivers, oils, pliers, and other things that are useful for making or fixing things.

But many projects require power tools – and you know what those need? Power.

This set comes with a standalone, heavy duty socket that you can download by itself under the “set creations” tab.

You can use it with any one of RAVAHSEEN’s neat pegboards, which you can arrange however you want, or it can be placed right on the wall itself.


12. Power Points and Light Switch

Power Points and Light Switches / TS4 CC

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As cool as all of these straightforward outlets have been, it’s awesome to see a version where cords are included.

This really pushes the realistic feel even further.

They’re categorized as paintings too so you can place them on any wall, anywhere.

You can position these near any electric item and it’ll look amazing, including kitchen appliances, lamps, and televisions, among many other things.

The possibilities are endless.

And so is every Simmer’s imagination (or so it seems) so I’m sure you can find many ways for this set to make your homes better than ever.

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