Sims 4 Living Room CC: Best Clutter & Furniture Packs

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Live and let live.

Living rooms are a quintessential part of the everyday home.

The television screen, the coffee table, and a soft sofa are just some of the trademark furnishings we want.

Well this post should help you add a whole lot more with some incredible living room CC.

This includes furniture packs that really push the boundaries of what a living room should be, and have their own unique flare to make them stand out.

Here we go!


20. DIY Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living Set CC

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Kicking off our list is this beautiful outdoor furniture set by BuffSumm.

Outdoors, really?

Well yeah, who said you can’t place these things inside too!

Incredible layered curtains, a beautiful wood surface on the couches, not to mention you can alter the couches to your desired shape.

DIY things usually have a tough time making these lists. But the craftsmanship of this set earns it a spot for sure. Especially if you’re going for a rustic Sims living room.


19. Frezizt Modern Living Room

Modern Living Room Sims4 CC

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We have the Frezizt Living Room CC pack by JomSims.

This set is gorged in violet and purple colors, making it perfect for any Marie fans from Breaking Bad.

My favorite part of this set in particular is the built-in cylinder fireplace in the coffee table.

Pieces like this help bring a set together.

By the way, having the kleptomaniac trait might help your sim become a full on Marie Schrader.


18. Roza Rug

Roza Rug decoration for Sims 4

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There are very few individual objects in this list. Why?

I think the Living Room as a whole should be represented by full-on sets, not just items.

But, I did decide to include a few singular items that I definitely want to see in my Sims’ living space.

And this Roza Rug, AKA the generic rug you see in everyone’s living room, is a fantastic CC to snag, with a twist.

The rug is well patterned and features 6 swatches, which to me is the little cherry on top.

Usually this rug comes in plain orange and brown patterns. But imagine walking into someone’s house and seeing this in blue?


17. Croshet Living Room

Croshet Living Room CC

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Aifirsa brings us our next set which is the Croshet Living Room.

Sometimes, simple is simply the best.

This set is perfect for any elder sims looking for a place of their own.

It includes some knitting clutter, cow patterned couches, and some grainy carpet.

Someone’s grandma is going think they’re in heaven already. Let’s thank RavenFury for giving us this option we never knew we needed.


16. Living Room Munich

Living Room Munich in The Sims 4

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Who wants some Schnitzel?

BuffSumm does a great job re-creating a German living space with this particular CC design.

The set includes a large glass cabinet for fancy silverware and beautiful long candlesticks throughout the room, just to name a few. More like a clutter pack, really.

The set comes with three incredible swatches, my personal favorite being the silver and white palette.


15. Bismuth Living Room

Bismuth Living Room CC

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Wondymoon makes his first appearance on this list with the Bismuth Living Room.

For some reason this set brings me back to the year 2005.

The striped couches and the DVD clutter are just a few things that pop me right back into the mid 2000s.

Oh yeah, there’s also a mounted deer head. So that’s cool.

But I won’t go to into that, because we might see something similar later on in this list… wink wink.


14. Nikadema – My First Living Room

My First Living Room CC set

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Nikadema’s CC tends to make an appearance on all my lists, and that trend continues here.

This set is for Sims who are just starting out in life and need that initial burst of furniture.

Whether you’re an independent Sim getting your career on track, or a newlywed with a baby on the way, this is a great starter living room for any house.

It doesn’t take up too much space, and features a cute tight-knit look to perfectly squeeze into your Sims’ home.


13. Vitra Living Room

Vitra Living Room CC

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Some people are absolute risk takers in designing CC.

And in SIMcredible’s case, it really pays off.

The Vitra Living Room takes astonishing and bold colors, and uses them in ways you would not expect.

Lime green blinds and a bold black fireplace? Two things I would never expect to say in the same sentence, let alone put in the same room.

This set definitely pops. It would stand out in any Sim home.


12. Friends Living Room

Friends TV Show Living Room - Sims 4 mod

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Everyone loves the sitcom Friends.

And I know people imagine living in those classic apartments, primarily the living room.

Thanks to Kiolometro, this set features Monika and Rachel’s whole apartment.

The standout, however, is the living room itself.

Featuring the squared windows beaming in sunlight, this CC works great in any apartment, along with giving off a little nostalgia!


11. Modern Curtains

Modern Curtains CC for The Sims 4

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The second (and last) solo CC object to make this list comes from creator janek04.

These curtains are draped in dark marble black and work in various styles, but should match a whole lot of living room setups.

I wanted to include these for the sheer detail and quality of the curtain, easily surpassing anything in-game when it comes to realism.

Vanilla curtains don’t have much on these.


10. Ambracio Living Room

Ambracio Living Room CC

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For my City Living or Get Famous people, this is the living room CC for you!

JomSims offers this glitz and glam take on a living area.

Sparkling chandeliers, large pieces of artwork, and Coca-Cola clutter is everything needed inside a fast-pace lifestyle living room.

It also features a long Snazzy striped couch which you would only see in Vegas or Hollywood.

Well Vegas for sure, Hollywood I’m assuming.


9. Caligraphik Living

Caligraphik Living in Sims 4

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This next living room set just screams “Young Adult.”

Maybe your sim just graduated from university and is looking for a condo to settle down.

Well this is the living room CC I envision fitting pretty much anyone’s needs.

CC creator Pilar puts everything you would expect in a starter living room, plus some sizzle.

The motivational artwork pieces, a snazzy back arch lamp, not to mention everyone’s favorite: alcohol clutter.

This is an awesome way to “wow” other sims who just got started on their first home. They’ll think you’re an interior designer!


8. Bunker Furniture

Bunker Furniture Custom Content for The Sims 4

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Ten years ago, a bunker living room seemed a little out of the ordinary. Nowadays, maybe not so much.

Severinka does an excellent job with this European style bunker CC pack and it’s a lot of fun to play with.

The grungy walls, the fallout symbol, and some wooden boxes might get you to believe that there’s a real zombie apocalypse going on.

My favorite is the stuffed teddy bear which looks so worn out, it could’ve fought in both world wars.


7. Emmanuelle Living Room

Emmanuelle Living Room CC

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This next set by Syboubou looks like it was Mortimer Goth’s secret hangout.

The room screams darkness and wealth, with dark blue carpentry polished with a silk modern coffee table.

The standout for this set is the artwork, featuring a plethora of shapes that back drop the living room couch.

If you’re ready to go head to head with the Goth’s for richest and scariest, this living room is a great starting point.


6. Bamboo Lounge

Bamboo Lounge TS4 CC

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Time to change the vibes!

Alachie & Brick Sims bring us the perfect living room for Island Resort players.

It includes great tall stain glass windows, cream couches, and a matching cream colored fireplace, to name just a few.

After catching some waves, this is the perfect living room to catch some vibes.


5. Scandinavian Christmas Living

Scandinavian Christmas Living Furniture - Sims 4 CC

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Dashing through snow, in a one horse open sleigh…

Christmas is what you need, this CC is the way….

Ho ho ho!

Okay that might have been a terrible remix, but this set is the way to go for any Sims in need of a well-designed Christmas morning room.

This living room CC is holiday’d to the max with a tree, stockings, reindeer props, and even Christmas pillows for your couch!

Talk about having a whimsical Christmas, now you can have a Simsical one!


4. Chalet Living

Chalet Living Sims 4 CC

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People love the rustic feeling of an old cabin.

And Severinka brings us a delightful take on cabin living with this particular furniture set.

Chairs with wolf skin, a wooden fireplace, and gaudy artwork are just some of the key objects within this set.

This living area CC would go great for some of you Outdoor Retreat fans, or anyone who needs to spend a few nights inside.

The only thing missing is the Bear Skin from the old Sims game. Ah how I miss that.


3. Monaco Living

Monaco Living Set - Sims 4 CC

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If I had to describe the ideal home living room, this set would be it.

Nothing too fancy, nothing too weird. Just a good looking living room set all around.

This is perfect for suburban households and features a lot of the staples of middle class homes.

A plasma screen, sparkling glass coffee table, and clear white drawer space helps tie in the quintessential modern day home.

The set also features 4 swatches and numerous clutter items.

Good on ShinoKRC for this awesome modern day living room set that a lot of players are sure to adore.


2. Ytterbium Living Room

Ytterbium Living Room Set - Furniture CC

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Remember I told you I was going hold off on the mounted deer head?

Well here’s why.

One of my favorite creators makes an another splash on this list with the Ytterbium Living Room set.

Woodymoon created this elegant and spacious living room set with a lot of unique objects.

The mounted deer head is the obvious stand out, and while most people get flashbacks to Get Out, I still find this piece amusing as a décor item.

The couch is one of the best we’ve seen so far, caramel colored with ripe black pillows.

And the closest thing we’ve gotten to a bear skin is here too: a splattered cow skin area rug is the cherry on top of this already over ambiguous room.

I’d argue that the best part of this set is it’s range.

It could be a modern home living room, or it could be a chalet type space. The versatility alone makes it a top set worth checking out.


1. Pacific Heights Living Room

Pacific Heights Living Room Set - Sims 4 CC Screenshot

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Speaking of range, this CC pack by NynaEveDesign gives you some solid furniture for your high end-apartment. Or your palm beach manor, whatever you’re into.

Now this living room set features two great swatches, but the prominent part of both is the pink rose’ reflective tiled floors.

The floor itself gives off the impression that the maid comes in everyday (maybe twice a day) and polishes those bad boys up.

Along with this, you have a lot of flexibility on where to place items and how to design your space.

Bottom line: this CC pack is adaptable.

This would be a great living room CC to use as a showpiece. You know, to entice Sim buyers to pick up your house at 2x the asking price.

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