Sims 4 Mass Effect CC: The Ultimate Collection

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The release of Mass Effect Legendary Edition (2021) re-ignited the love among fans of BioWare’s epic Sci-Fi trilogy – and if you’re also a fan of The Sims, we’ve got a few resources to help you bridge an incredible crossover.

I’ve scanned the galaxy in search of the best fan-made add-ons to bring your Sims into the Systems Alliance.

There’s furniture, apparel, and custom character sets to help you make Commander Shepard and his companions a reality in your TS4.

Whether you plan to recreate the entire cast or just want some more unique Sci-Fi CC, you’ll find a lot to love in this collection of Mass Effect goodies.


10. Mass Effect Decorations

Mass Effect Decorations / Sims 4 CC

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First up, we’ve got the perfect way to bring a little bit of Mass Effect’s Sci-Fi aesthetic into your TS4 lots.

These Mass Effect Decorations by Raiz-on have everything a citizen of the Systems Alliance needs to meet their needs.

There’s a water cooler for hydration, a food dispenser for nutrition, a medic station to patch yourself up, and even a communication tower to keep up to date with Citadel news.

Although my favorite piece has to be the large Mass Relay statue.

I’m sure it’s a great conversation starter, and it’s good to remember our galactic history.


9. Kaidan Armor

Kaidan Armor for The Sims 4

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Kaidan Alenko isn’t the most interesting of your companions in the original Mass Effect. But little by little, he won over the hearts of many as the trilogy went on.

Suppose you want to bring Sentinel Alenko into your TS4 household.

In that case, you’ll need these Systems Alliance-issued male armor sets converted from Mass Effect 3 by creator XLD_SIMS – available in navy blue and black camo.

These were vital in keeping Kaidan alive during the events of ME3, and they’re perfect to wear to your job as a Military Officer or Covert Operator (included with the StrangerVille Game Pack).


8. Standard N7 Armor

Sims 4 Standard N7 Armor CC

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The same CC creator offers us something a bit more universal with this one – a standard N7 armor fit for any situation where avoiding damage from lasers may be necessary.

It’s Commander Shepard’s default armor during Mass Effect 3, and it kept him alive long enough to finally defeat the Reapers.

I’d say he got his money’s worth.

If you’d rather give your Sim something a little bit less armored while retaining the military authority, check out these standard Mass Effect military fatigues.


7. Miranda’s Bodysuit

Sims 4 Miranda’s Bodysuit (Mass Effect CC)

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Few characters embody the femme fatale ideal like Miranda Lawson, introduced in Mass Effect 2 as a Cerberus Officer and possible romantic interest for male Commander Shepard.

She was genetically engineered to be the perfect human – or as close as one can get.

She’s strong, fast, intelligent, and has the looks of a Greek goddess.

Her iconic bodysuit is meant to accentuate her killer figure, and this set by XLD_SIMS will do the same for your Simmies.

Make sure you also check out this hairstyle if you’re planning on making a Miranda Sim.


6. N7 Hoodies

N7 Hoodies / Sims 4 CC

Mass Effect FemShep Hoodie CC

Mass Effect BroShep Hoodie CC

If making a full-on Mass Effect character for your Sims household seems a little extreme, consider these N7 Hoodies for your simulated gamers to show their love for the franchise.

They feature a tasteful design based on the hoodie you get in Mass Effect 3, with the N7 logo on the chest and decorative red and white lines running down the arms.

Since it’s taken straight from the game, it would be a pretty immersive way to give your Systems Alliance Sims something to wear on their days off.


5. Asari Head Tentacles

Asari Head Tentacles / Sims 4 CC

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Of all the races in Mass Effect, the Asari are by far the most popular – both in-universe and among fans.

That has a lot to do with their fascinating matriarchal culture and how they reproduce by having psychic sex with other species and splicing together their DNA.

But it’s also because of their fabulous tentacle hair and alluring blue skin.

This CC set by CrazyMammoth will let you make Sims with an Asari “hairstyle”, and the tentacles will work with any skin tone.

I don’t think I’ve ever pictured anything hotter than an orange Asari.


4. Citadel Fashion

Citadel Fashion CC Set for The Sims 4

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I know you Sims players want to dress your Asari and other galactic ladies with the finest threads in the Milky Way…

And if so, you’ll find that attire in this Citadel Fashion mod by PlazaSims.

The set contains three different dress models you could see any day at the citadel. Each of them comes in seven distinct swatches, so you’ll find something for every occasion.

Everything from bold party gowns to elegant business attire, it’s here.

The same creator also made some more stuff for us: specifically these Alliance Officer Uniforms for the military-oriented and Casual Mass Effect outfits for your everyday needs.


3. Garrus Vakarian

Sims 4 / Garrus Vakarian Character CC from Mass Effect

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For someone belonging to an avian race of beady-eyed people bearing a steel carapace, Garrus has won over the hearts of a remarkable amount of fans, who favor the Turian as a romance option.

Regardless of whether you find him attractive or just see him as a friend, you’ll be happy to have him visit Earth thanks to this CC set by XLD_Sims.

The model and textures were taken from Mass Effect 3, then edited to make them more similar to Maxis’ art style.

The result is a Turian who doesn’t look out of place in San Myshuno.


2. Hyperguardian Armor

Hyperguardian Armor CC for The Sims 4

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Let’s face it:

Mass Effect Andromeda is not exactly BioWare’s magnum opus.

Still, the game has the widest variety the series has seen so far when it comes to cool armors.

These are a far cry from the flat skin-tight bodysuits of the original Mass Effect – and the game is all the better for it.

One of my favorites is the Hyperguardian Armor.

It looks stylish and sturdy, which makes sense, considering it was designed for heavy-fire situations and extreme environments.

Other remarkable CC sets by PlazaSims include the Cerberus Assault Armor, and a more generic Space Armor.


1. BMSO85’s Mass Effect Outfits

Sims 4 CC / Mass Effect Outfits Set

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Something I focus on while curating all this custom content is variety.

The more amazing custom pieces you get at once, the better.

Creator BMSO85 earns the top spot on our ranking with a massive collection of Mass Effect armors and clothing, including Quarians, Geth, Reaper Constructs, and a lot more.

It’s a real treasure trove for those of you who want to bring more alien diversity to The Sims 4 – and something true Mass Effect fans will surely appreciate.

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