Sims 4 Maxis Match Athletic Wear CC (Guys + Girls)

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Fitness has come to play an unexpectedly large role in The Sims 4.

Not only did the skill and “active” outfit category carry over from past games, but we’ve got more content than ever centered around getting your Sims up and moving.

We’ve gotten little additions here and there for CAS from various packs. But if you really want to up your Sim’s athletic wear, you’ve got a sea of custom content at your fingertips.

Looking just as high quality as you’d expect from the real thing, the clothes on this list covers males & females of all ages – and it’s bound to excite any Simmer. And it all hits that Maxis Match look.

All of the latest trends can be found right here, as well as some blasts from the past.


1. Workout Empire Camo Bra

Workout Empire Camo Bra for The Sims 4

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Sports bras are among the best inventions ever.

Modern medicine and science are great and all, but have you ever tried to run without a good bra? It’s clear which issue is more pressing.

Just to be clear, I’m kidding. But it’s true that these more practical options didn’t just materialize out of thin air, the necessity and demand for something that allows women to move as freely as the fellas started decades ago.

Now we have all the options we could really ever want, in terms of style and function. What Ekinege has here is a prime example of a modern sports bra, which can be worn as a top in its own right.

This design has a criss-crossing band for an extra bit of originality, and the Workout Empire logo.


2. Bonnie Set

Bonnie Exercise Attire (girls) Sims 4 CC

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Legging and sports bra sets are the pillars of women’s athletic wear. Together, they’re bound to make a girl feel unstoppable.

They’re made with one purpose in mind: to fully enable women to exercise freely, without worrying about their clothes getting snagged, tearing, or showing sweat stains.

A lot of times, functionality comes with a cost.

You aren’t always able to get practical clothes or items that are also cute, but that’s not the case here. This set has black as a base color, but bright accents like blue, red, green, and purple really pop.

These are your standard high-waisted leggings with a quality sports bra, and they’re ideal for any physical activity.


3. Wool Sweater (Guys)

Wool Sweater (Guys) TS4 CC

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This simple top is a low key option for the guys.

When the temps drop, they can still hit the pavement and get some jogging time with Rope’s knit hoodie.

It’ll be a lot less weird then allowing them to go out in something sleeveless, which makes up so much of the athletic clothing category for men in CAS.

The sleeves here are a little shorter than an average hoodie, and are also slightly pushed up, so they stop right around your Sim’s elbows.

Something about that just makes it look like a great athletic option.

With shorts and sweats alike, the sweater will provide just enough warmth, while also serving as something convenient.

Hooded sweatshirts always have multiple purposes – and it’s easy to forget how useful they can be during workout sessions.


4. Abena Athletic Set

Abena Athletic Outfit CC for The Sims 4

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Developing a love for exercise is rarely a negative thing. That can foster a healthy mindset that’ll last forever, where being athletic is something fun, not daunting or uncomfortable.

The thought of running for an extended period of time is intimidating to a lot of adults. But for those who have been on the move since preschool? It’s a cakewalk.

This adorable CC set, consisting of a cropped sweatshirt and high waist sweatpants, will make sure your Sim’s kids are dressed to run, jump, skip, and all the rest without a second thought.

I like that the creator cut no corners here, even though it’s something for kids.

A lot of clothes for them are overly basic, like style shouldn’t be wasted on the little ones.

Well, that’s no fun! Onyx Sims has made it so the children can be as well-dressed as the adults.

The pants have two stripes in white, which look nice against all the bright colors as well as the black swatch, and the sweaters feature a variety of Simlish logos and graphics.


5. Slim Cuffed Sweatpants

Slim Cuffed Sweatpants / Sims 4 CC

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Although sweatpants have been hijacked by most of society as beloved casual wear (as well as pajamas), they’re still rooted in athletics.

As comfy as they are to lay on the couch, they’re intended to be comfortable during exercise, allowing the wearer to stretch and move freely without being confined by other less-flexible materials.

Seriously, have you ever tried to run and jump for extended periods of time in jeans? It ain’t fun.

And even the worst Sims don’t deserve that.

No, not even Eliza Pancakes.

Here’s a nice change of pace from the same old sweats we’ve had since the game launched. Just like the name says, these are slim and cuffed, and exactly what your guy Sims need when shooting hoops or showing that treadmill who’s boss.


6. Bod-E Muscle Tee (Male)

Bod-E Muscle Tee (Male) TS4 CC

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What good are muscles if you don’t show them off?

That hard work and dedication deserves to be put on full display!

Don’t hide your Sim’s killer biceps and awesome pecs beneath baggy hoodies, show it all off with a muscle tee. This top is fully body-conforming and will accentuate everything your Sim’s got.

I imagine this would even serve as motivation for a lot of people, since maintaining a “good” figure is a ton of work.

Your male Sims are sure to be the hottest thing at the gym when they’re wearing this tight-fitting Maxis-Match tee.


7. Jealousy Athletic Top

Jealousy Athletic Top CC for The Sims 4

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Exercise generally makes it hard to stay looking cute.

You get all sweaty, which can put a lot of makeup to the test. And any hairstyle more elaborate than a ponytail probably won’t make it through to the end.

So clothes really have to be top notch.

This Jealousy Top has been named very accurately, because I’m already jealous of the Sims modeling it.

It’s layered, cropped, and long-sleeved.

A lot going on in a small package. And it really works.

As if that’s not already cool enough, there are 18 swatches that are full of vibrant options to really give your Sims something fun to work out in.


8. Kid’s Jersey Tee (Throwback Fit Kit Required)

Kid’s Jersey Tee (Athletic) Sims 4 CC

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The kiddos are left out of most things in this game.

We all know Young Adults are the stars, and all other ages are lower on the totem pole.

Hey, I’m not judging. I also generally care a lot more about my YA Sims than younger life stages, because they feel so much more temporary.

But with the right clothes, hair, and accessories, you can make Child Sims something worth playing. Yes, I’m entirely basing their worth on their appearance. That’s okay to do as long as they’re not real!

Simiracle brilliantly downsized a tee from the Throwback Fit Kit so children can wear it, and the results are pretty adorable.

This jersey, complete with a clip-on fanny pack, makes it seem like the child has places to go and sports to play, as so many real kids do.

If you would also like to create the illusion that your Sim’s child has a life, then this flawless conversion is just the thing you need.


9. Only Play Leggings

Only Play Leggings TS4 CC

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All work and no play is dull no matter how you look at it.

The only time I’m bored while playing The Sims is when I’m starting a new save and my Sim’s life revolves around work, to get promotions and more money.

It’s always great to be able to leave that behind, but working out is a different story. Depending on their traits, some Sims are miserable unless you make time for athletic activities – and they see it as fun!

I can’t relate. But letting them do their thing (and maybe make some friends at the gym) is always better than waiting as they waste daylight at their crummy job.

These stylish leggings have everything a girl could want, like the Nike swoosh and a detailed cotton texture.

Multicolored stripes wrap around the legs as well as give the waistband a neat design.

I love modern athletic clothes because we get pants like these, which are just as good for jogging as they are for hitting the coffee shop after.

The outfit categories are always a little weird, and I like to make outfits that are somewhat neutral and will serve my Sim throughout the day.

You can do that effortlessly thanks to CC creator Margeh-75.

Just pair these with a tank or hoodie (depending on the weather) and your Sim is set to exercise, and set for whatever else the day throws at them.


10. Laze About Sweatshorts

Laze About Sweatshorts for Men / Sims 4 CC

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You can laze about in your sweatshorts, or you can take advantage of their durable material and get movin’.

Either choice is valid. But even for Sims, a balanced and healthy life requires a little of both.

No one will bat an eye at your Sim wearing these cool shorts wherever the wind blows them.

They’re a casual style without an overt emphasis on athletics, which actually makes them perfect for Sims who hit the gym on a casual or irregular basis.

Not everyone is a passionate gym rat with a closet full of top tier workout clothes. Peacemaker has an option here for your Sims to do their thing comfortably and fashionably.

They have a nice length, hitting mid-thigh, and are fastened at the top with little drawstrings.

The 30 swatches cover a good range of colors too, with everything from beige and gray to pink and purple.


11. Layered Athletic Tank Dress

Layered Athletic Tank Dress For Girls / Sims 4 CC

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Wearing a dress may not be the wisest choice for exercise, depending on what type of athletics we’re talking about.

But there are some options for light exercise and sports.

This CC is a darling feminine activewear option that the creator put together from different meshes.

Their work definitely paid off, because this is a really original dress.

As far as I know, there aren’t any other dresses under the “active” tag in CAS!

The sporty vibes are hard to miss. And the 20 swatches will leave you with plenty to choose from.

As for the layered aspect, that comes from the dress being layered over a sports bra, and it’s definitely a combination that’ll never go out of style.


12. Biker Shorts

Biker Shorts (Girls) TS4 CC

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Biker shorts became part of everyday fashion in a lot of circles lately.

But their original purpose has always been related to exercise.

And what’s not to like? They’re as skin tight as a good pair of leggings, but shorter. It’s as close as you can get to being unhindered by clothes while still wearing some.

Bicycles may be a fairly new concept to the game. But your Sims can rock these for whatever reason they find, whether pedals are involved or not.

Pairing them with an oversized tee will make for a cute and trendy ensemble, while sticking to the classics like sports bras or tanks will make an active outfit as good as any other.

These have a small Simlish logo on the bottom of the left leg and come in a whopping 60 swatches in all.


13. BG Athletic Pants

BG Athletic Pants for The Sims 4

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This CC creator improved the base game pants a ton by tweaking the texture and giving the legs a shorter, cuffed design.

There’s nothing particularly bad about the original version. But these just look a little better in the 2020s.

This override is more fashionable and doesn’t look nearly as mid-2000s as the base design.

MaushaSims even made the pants look smoother and more realistic. I hadn’t even noticed how bumpy the EA version seemed, but these minor edits are a simple and effective update that’s made them much more flattering for both male and female frames.

But if you still like the originals, don’t worry.

When you go to download this CC, it’s totally up to you whether you want these to replace them, or make them be a brand new standalone option in CAS.

Another great touch is that she included 30 swatches, so you’ll have more colors than ever!


14. Vintage Athletics Set

Vintage Athletics Set (Guys & Girls) Sims 4 CC

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Some things are better left in the past.

But the tacky fitness trends of the ‘80s are definitely not among that category.

And I say “tacky” with the utmost love. The short shorts for men, super tall tube socks, and varsity jackets all present a strange sense of nostalgia – for a time I’ve never even lived through.

That’s a pretty good description for most of the CAS stuff we got with Parenthood, honestly.

And this creator really took that and ran with it.

Pleyita brought the shorts into their full glory by removing the weird and unnecessary second layer.

And then we have to talk about the socks.

They’re those classic bulky ones (only even taller than you might expect), reaching clear up to your Sim’s thighs. Get To Work is required – although I can’t imagine what job these socks would be appropriate for except 1980s gym teacher.

Like all the best sets, this one offers plenty of room for you to make an outfit your own, like with accessory jackets.

Both male and female Sims can have their choice of vintage varsity jackets that can be worn with any top or outfit you want.

Each option comes with 40 swatches of deliciously retro colors, so you can use it with the rest of these clothes and it’ll fit right in.

And lastly, Pleyita also added 40 swatches to the tuckable, rolled sleeve base game tee – so even more mixing and matching is possible!


15. Annie Athletic Set

Annie Female Athletic CC Set for The Sims 4

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Here we have another set based off of edited Parenthood items. And this time it’s the layered tank for women.

That’s already one of my most used shirts, but I really like what creator Marvell did with it.

Now the layers are cropped and a little more flattering for that reason.

As for bottoms, you get two options with this set:

The sweats are fairly simple, with a drawstring and pockets. The texture is also really nice – you can just tell they’d be super soft, and there’s subtle but realistic wrinkle details.

You get also a pair of cute shorts as well, which also have a convincing cotton texture.

No matter what you choose, they’ll make for a great casual and straightforward workout.

And for every 9 of the tank top swatches, there’s a matching option with the shorts and pants.


16. Compression Leggings

Compression Leggings / TS4 CC

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Compression clothes have become all the rage in the past decade.

And these leggings for men will surely help them reach peak performance levels.

They’re basic, skintight, and low waisted. Serious athletes (in other words, Sims with the trait) will be at their best.

SYNTHSims really killed it with these.

They have an incredibly smooth appearance, they feel totally Maxis Match, and the swatches are your typical menswear palette of gray and navy blue.


17. Solshark Athletic Set

Solshark Athletic Set Sims 4 CC

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This set has everything you’ll need to give your Sims a proper athletic wardrobe with impeccable taste.

There are both long and mid-length options for the leggings, which are just perfect.

Seriously, it’s the flawless leggings everyone wants. They fit like a glove, but also don’t look like they were just painted on.

Solistair includes a shorts option as well, which is made the same as the leggings, except they’ll stop a few inches above the Sim’s knee.

All of the bottoms will accentuate your Sim’s form and will even give them a great looking butt.

You’ll really be doing them a favor letting them wear something from the Solshark collection.

But you’ll need something equally awesome uptop, so it’s a good thing a sports bra is also included here. It’s partially sheer, but the parts that need to be covered will be – and it looks fantastic.


18. Workout Tank Top

Workout Tank Top for The Sims 4

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Sugar Owl brings us back to the basics with this collection of motivational tank tops.

If something is worth believing, put it on a shirt.

That’ll really drive the message home.

These have fun designs like a Storm Trooper lifting weights and a T-Rex struggling to do push ups, plus two that reference “beast mode”. Really, what more inspiration does a guy need to get swole?

All 9 swatches are solid black, so they’re a nice neutral top that can be worn with pretty much anything.


19. Shana Hoodie Vest

Shana Hoodie Vest (Female) TS4 CC

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Being athletic can mean different things to different people.

For the hardcore athletes, only sports and gym equipment will meet their needs.

For others, light hikes and jogging with friends is enough.

Well this is the sort of attire of type that’s good enough for all of that and more.

It has the best of everything, including the practicality and style of a hood, without the sleeves that generally come with a regular hoodie.

This sensible vest will make your Sim look like she really knows what she’s doing. I don’t know why, that’s just the vibe I get – and there’s no reason to fight it!

Whether your Sim’s athletic endeavors take them no further than inside the nearest treadmill, or onto paths unknown around town, it’s a good top to have on come rain or shine.


20. Sporty Cutie Hooded Dress

Sporty Cutie Hooded Dress / Sims 4 CC

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Most kids don’t get up to anything too strenuous, so there’s no need for their outfits to be quite as elaborate or practical.

They just need something that allows a little bit of self-expression.

This short-sleeved hooded dress is just the thing.

Its length hits mid-thigh, and it’ll look adorable with all sorts of leggings and tights.

Your sporty cuties will be all set to play stickball or whatever it is the youth do these days.

Okay, so I’m not really that out of the loop. But with recent updates to The Sims 4, child-aged Sims are more capable and have more opportunities than ever.

And with this CC you’ll have a lovely new outfit option that’ll allow them to explore all the new things they can do.

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