Sims 4 Maxis Match Beanies For Guys & Girls

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Hats are popular for many purposes. And wearing them simply for the sake of style certainly isn’t low on the list.

Some are protective like hard hats, or were originally intended to protect your eyes. Sunhats, ballcaps, visors… there’s actually a lot of focus on that concept.

But beanies have been the ones in the spotlight for a while (basically every winter), and deservedly so.

Despite generally being some sort of knitted cap, there really are several different versions, and there’s bound to be something for every fan.

The Create-A-Sim portion of this game only gets more fun the more you have to work with. And you’ll be able to experiment endlessly with all these custom Maxis-match beanies.

Whether you see them strictly as winter wear or think they’re good throughout the year, you’ll find all that you need right here.


1. Marvinsims’ Beanie Collection

Marvinsims’ Beanie Collection for The Sims 4

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If you’re new to CC, you should know that if you ever see the word “collection”, you’ve hit the jackpot.

That always means you aren’t getting just one version of whatever it is you’re looking for, but a lot of versions.

I guess that’s the very definition of a collection, but I just really wanted to drive the point home that they’re awesome.

And so are the CC creators who go through all the effort of making them.

There’s a lot to unpack here, but on a base level, Marvinsims has done a fantastic job of editing the base game beanie. He improved the texture not just for the fabric of the hat, but the overall structure as well.

In this collection, each one has a more defined cuffed portion. And that gives it a much more typical stylish beanie look.

As cool as all that is, the sheer variety within the swatches just might be the best part.

There are many wonderful solid ones, several with plaid or striped patterns, some with tags, and even a handful with a cable knit design like a sweater.

They are available for males and females alike, so now all of your Sims can have the cozy winter gear they deserve.


2. Skater Beanie

Skater Beanie / Sims 4 CC

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Skaters have their own subculture, and with that comes some staple fashion items.

But skating often isn’t just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. And wardrobes are affected accordingly. There’s some overlap with the punk community since there’s generally a shared love of flannel and dark colors.

Since beanies aren’t just for warmth and can be a valuable but simple accessory, they’ve also joined the ranks as a staple in skater outfits.

One thing that immediately stands out to me about these custom designs?

They cover your Sim’s ears.

I could just do a happy dance! Even if it’s just a little bit, the way all EA beanies sit firmly above the ears has always bugged me. I’m sure there’s a perfectly valid & sensible reason… but as someone who’s firmly buried beneath my beanie all winter, it’s really noticeable.

That doesn’t matter much to a skater, though.

It’s all about the aesthetic. And you’ll be able to create some really cool ones with these.

Plus it’s funny that this is a mesh edit of the hat that came with Outdoor Retreat. But don’t worry, this one is base game compatible.

I just didn’t even know a beanie came with that pack because I always send my Sims camping in the summer, when there’s no risk of freezing to death.

Seriously, if they can’t even handle going to get the mail in the snow without almost dying, I’m definitely not sending them into the woods during winter!


3. Cute Beanie

Cute Beanie Set / TS4 CC

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A lot of beanies have a pompom.

That fuzzy ball is a dealbreaker for some people, a definitive part of the beanie experience, some would say.

It’s usually in the middle but this one has really revolutionized the beanie world by consisting of two pompoms, one on each side.

They look like little bear ears or something. And it’s truly melt-your-heart levels of adorable.

Especially since Sims of all ages and genders can wear this, from the tiniest tot the eldest elder.

Yes, beanie fun for the whole family!

Heck, give them matching hats if you want.

But if matching isn’t your thing, you don’t have to worry about that inadvertently happening. With a total of 54 swatches there’s definitely enough to go around.


4. Animal Beanies

Animal Beanies for The Sims 4

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Any animal lover will agree that all items are better in the shape of some cute critter.

Hats are the perfect outlet for that love, since it’s really easy to add a face, ears, and sometimes even a tail.

The new and improved version of this EA hat will have it sitting more naturally on your Sim’s head.

And it’s quite an upgrade from the original few swatches, since SimLaughLove has 37 additions here.

These are another example of just how cute beanies can get. You’ll find a nice variety of animals including bears, monsters, and monkeys.

Guys and girls of all ages can rock these beauties, from toddlers to elders.


5. Brenna Beanie

Brenna Beanie with Buttons / Sims 4 CC

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We have gotten some amazing stuff with packs. Almost every player anticipates the new additions to CAS, and The Sims 4 has done a fantastic job of offering something for everyone.

Here and there they cater to different tastes and styles, so overall we have ample options. Each pack usually has a certain aesthetic.

But they aren’t miracle workers. So not every base is going to be covered every time.

And that’s perfectly alright, because there’s almost always a Simmer out there who is skilled enough to switch things up.

Renorasims is one of those CC creators who can do amazing things with clothes and furniture alike.

Here she’s made some edits to the lovely beanie that came with Cottage Living.

Part of what makes that pack’s CAS stuff so wonderful is its abundance of buttons of flowers, and I’ve gotta say, whoever thought to add those things to a beanie is pretty genius.

Small changes go a long way, though. And Renorasim’s version, with the adjustment of the buttons and all of the new swatches, really gives it a little something extra.


6. Nutmeg Hats

Nutmeg Beanie Hats for Winter (Maxis-Match) TS4 CC

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Saurus is another creator you can always rely on for high quality content – and these beanies really emphasize that.

To me, this is like the default beanie style.

This is exactly what I think of when someone talks about them.

They look simple but thick, warm, and have a nice slouchy effect. Though colors may change from swatch to swatch, the ribbed texture that’s so iconic with this type of hat is present throughout.

I swear those ridges are what keep in the warmth!

And just like most of the CC on this list, these are unisex and for all ages.


7. Aesthetic Beanie

Maxis Match Aesthetic Beanie for The Sims 4

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There’s that “a” word again. You can’t blame us Simmers for being so enthralled by things in our game being pleasing to the eye since graphics today are so vivid.

The Sims 3 might’ve been able to get away with so-so accessories, bless its heart, but that’s not gonna fly in this day and age.

Well, the reality is that the beloved color wheel went a long way – and now CC is how we can have more personalized & specific recolors in our game.

The beanie that came with Get To Work is very popular. It captures the trendy fashionable vibe everyone wants, and there are generally no complaints.

But we can always use more swatches though. Always.

Raindrops (this CC’s creator) has added some fun new colors and little pictures on the center here. As quickly as things come in and out of style, these honestly feel more modern now, even though Get To Work only came out not too long ago.


8. Pride Beanies

Pride Beanies (Maxis-Match) Sims 4 CC

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Pride doesn’t have to end when June does.

For those within the LGBTQ+ community, that can and should go on year round.

Now your Sims can fly their own flag whenever you’d like.

These recolors of Marvinsims’ great beanies include the colors of several identities, including agender, asexual, bisexual, and more.

Schmapple really did this idea justice.

Each swatch is vibrant and beautiful. You’d never guess these originally looked like anything else!

They’re essentially a recolor of a recolor but it really works – especially for the Maxis Match style.

The quality of Marvinsims’ original version remains, and now your Sims can have more Pride gear to put on.

So this is a great example of how Simmers collaborating can be epic.

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