Best Sims 4 Maxis Match Toddler Hair CC (Boys + Girls)

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The Sims 4: Toddler Stuff definitely made Toddlers a more enjoyable (and more playable) life stage in TS4.

However, for a stuff pack, there wasn’t a lot of new CAS stuff.

Sure, they added new pants, new rompers, and two new shoes. But we only got five new hairstyles for Toddlers.

I’m not complaining, really – I’m just saying this is exactly why the Sims CC community continues to thrive: tons of beautiful & functional stuff, for free.


1. Oscar Hair by qicc

Oscar Hair by qicc TS4 CC

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Let’s start with something simple yet stylish.

It’s a neat and tightly groomed haircut for a proper toddler.

I mean, there’s no way a hairstyle this neat would last ten seconds in real life – especially if the toddler’s got a playground session that day.

But that’s the beauty of Maxis match: things tend to stay in place.

Qicc’s Oscar hair is a medium cut with a slightly off-center parting and a fun swooshy bang on the right. It’s a very practical hairstyle that makes for a very handsome toddler.

There are about 15 color swatches available, but they’re all strictly within the Naturals category; all shades of brown, blond, brunette, and a bit of ginger. No pinks, greens, or blues to be found.


2. Pia & Pleasant Hair (Toddler/Child) by peachibloom

Pia & Pleasant Hair (Toddler/Child) by peachibloom Sims 4 CC

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This download page leads to two distinct toddler hairstyles.

One is short and curly (Pia hair), the other is long and straight (Pleasant).

I love how both hairs give off visually different personalities.

The Pia hair feels very spunky, bouncy, and energetic. It looks like it suits Independent, Silly, and Wild tots.

Pleasant hair, on the other hand, feels very soft-spoken, quiet, and charming. Not as high-energy as Pia, but still pretty playful.

I’d say the traits Angelic, Charmer, and Fussy match the vibe of the hair pretty well.


3. Trisha Tresses by savvysweet (Toddler/Child Conversion by peachibloom)

Trisha Tresses by savvysweet for Sims 4

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Seriously, how cute are these curls?

And the big silver bow nestled in all those thick layers of boing adds such an adorable touch.

Honestly, inclusivity is important in a game like The Sims. It’s got a huge following, millions of supporters, and is available in multiple regions.

Given how the game itself has become an iconic element of popular culture, it’s important that every player feels seen and represented.

The Sims 3 did a good job of diversifying skintones and hair colors by implementing the color wheel in CAS. Virtually any skin or hair color was available since literally all the colors were represented.

This isn’t the case in TS4, as I’m sure you know.

Which is why custom hair with certain looks and specific textures – like these Trisha Tresses – are important.

They ensure a decent level of representation is still covered in the game.

By the way; these tresses look stunning in pink.


4. Memphis Hair by naevys-sims

Memphis Hair by naevys-sims TS4 CC

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Lemme give you a head’s up:

You’re going to see naevys-sims’s name pop up multiple times throughout this list.

As much as I tried to include a lot of different Sims CC creators, naevys-sims just has a real talent for creating & converting Maxis Match toddler hair.

Keep skimming through the items. You’ll see.

Anyway, this is a Toddler-friendly conversion of okruee’s original Memphis hair. It looks great as an Adult/Young Adult option, but I find it so much more appealing for toddlers.

Look at that little curly bang at the front and the gentle tousled waves.

It has such a sweet Southern feel to it, and that vibe is doubled when you see it on such a small face. Too cute!


5. Curly Pigtails by leeleesims1 (Converted by neavys-sims)

Curly Pigtails by leeleesims1 (Converted by neavys-sims) Sims 4 CC

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For Sims Toddlers staying true to their age group, pigtails are pretty much a staple.

In this case, this style features two low pigtails on either side of the head, tucked behind the ears and tied off with a bright pink bow.

I don’t like stereotypes as much as the next person, but you’ve got to admit this cut fits the description of most any toddler to a T.

Still, generalization aside, it’s an adorable hairstyle that works well with pouty baby lips and squishy toddler cheeks.

It does have a fairly limited color palette (9 EA colors), but that doesn’t detract from the visual charm.


6. Naevys-sims x Notdaniella Collab Hair Pack

Naevys-sims x Notdaniella Collab Hair Pack for Sims 4

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This is a variety pack of five new toddler hairs from a collaboration project between two TS4 custom content creators.

The download page linked here leads to notdaniella’s (now solyiko on Tumblr) part of the project: the toddler hairs.

All five hairstyles could be considered as long hair, seeing as their tips end well below the tot’s shoulder blades.

They’re also all base game compatible, and four out of the five are available in EA’s standard 18-color palette.

The Cloe hair (middle part, loose waves at the bottom, no hair accessory) only has 16 color options, but it’s still a varied enough selection.

If I’m reading the description right, these hairs are converted and/or based on other CC pieces.

For instance, the first hairstyle on this list (middle part, loose curls, tucked behind ears) is actually a toddler conversion of wild-pixel’s Brianna hair.

All the other inspirations and meshes for this set are listed in the download notes. But like I mentioned, they’re base game compatible. So you don’t need to download the meshes for them to work.


7. Strangerville Conversions (Female Part by peachiiesims)

Strangerville Conversions (Female Part by peachiiesims) TS4 CC

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If you’re familiar with The Sims 4: Strangerville game pack, these hairstyles might look familiar.

Or they might not.

I mean, I don’t blame you for not noticing the CAS items. Strangerville in and of itself is a wild ride.

With the gameplay storyline exacerbated with the fairly disturbing builds, everything else in the pack just sort of takes a backseat.

But absolutely bizarre mystery mess aside, the game pack introduced these hairs for Adults and Young Adults.

Peachiiesims made sure the kids and toddlers were not left out, by creating Child and Toddler-friendly CC versions!

The fluffy hair and the double braids look especially cute on tiny Sim faces.

Plus the fluffy hair works for both Male and Female Toddler frames.


8. Rowan Hair (Converted for Children/Toddlers by stephanine-sims)

Rowan Hair (Converted for Children/Toddlers by stephanine-sims) Sims 4 CC

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Although this hair isn’t really to my taste, I can’t deny that it’s a toddler hairstyle staple.

It’s the kind of default hair that works with a lot of hair colors, face shapes, and facial features.

I mean, seriously; is it possible to go wrong with a straight, blunt-cut, shoulder-length bob?

Didn’t think so.

Add the cute side fringe the hair’s got going on and you’ve got a neat, tasteful package for a cute toddler design (if not a wee bit too vanilla).

Again, not my personal style – but I know plenty of people who’d eat this custom hair up.

It has 15 standard color options that are all natural. Blonde, brunette, grey, ginger… the works.

But the lack of crazy colors makes sense considering how sensible the cut is designed to be.


9. Sundae Hair by naevys-sims

Sundae Hair by naevys-sims for Sims 4

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I clicked for the name, I stayed for the hai.

Because look at how adorable it is!

It really does look like a little pat of ice cream right on the top of her head. And, apparently, straight bangs plus poofy hair do a precious combination make.

It’s not just the preview photo making me squeal (although the creator did a good job with the Toddler creation and pose, not gonna lie).

The hair looks just as cute in-game.

Or at least, in CAS.

My only complaint is that only comes in nine EA swatches though, and they’re all natural colors. I feel like they missed an opportunity here. A mint, strawberry, or bubblegum swatch would have been perfect for the theme.

But at the end of the day, it’s awesome free content, so I’m not complaining.


10. Lexi Hair (Toddler/Child Conversion by peachibloom)

Lexi Hair (Toddler/Child Conversion by peachibloom) TS4 CC

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Based on zebrazest’s Lexi hair (which by the way is also an awesome Maxis match piece that I downloaded for personal use), this Toddler conversion by peachibloom is every bit as charming.

There’s just something so visually appealing for me about loose to medium waves on smaller frames.

Maybe because the size difference makes the hair look bigger, softer, and fluffier.

Can’t explain it.

All I know is, I like how this turned out on my Toddler Sims in-game.

The texture, clumping, and hair accessory all translated perfectly in CAS, too.


11. Bonnie Hair by naevys-sims

Bonnie Hair by naevys-sims Sims 4 CC

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Toddlers and bangs. Name a cuter combination – I’ll wait.

Seriously, it’s no coincidence that most of the pieces I’m recommending here have bangs.

I mean, yeah; to each their own, personal preference, all that good stuff.

But I really like how bangs can frame a toddler’s tiny face.

Especially TS4 Toddlers, as they’re arguably the best Toddler models we’ve gotten from EA.

Unlike TS2 and TS3 Toddlers (that we do not speak of), you don’t need extra CC and/or mods to make a Sims 4 Toddler look cute and squishy. But I digress.

This is another one of naevys-sims’s made-for-Toddler hair conversions that was executed beautifully.

It’s also a great example of how the Maxis Match texture can enhance a hairstyle.

Like, take the jaggedness of the fringe and the sudden curling of the hair tips. They become more visually pronounced due to the clayified look of the hair overall.


12. Oakiyo Hairstyles (Converted for Toddlers by peachibloom)

Oakiyo Hairstyles (Converted for Toddlers by peachibloom) for Sims 4

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Oakiyo’s Kinder, Bobbie, and Stacey hairs are now available for smaller Toddler-sized frames.

If you don’t feel like clicking the links (especially since you won’t need the mesh for these hairstyles to work), here’s a quick cheat sheet:

  • Kinder has space buns
  • Bobbie has a half-ponytail
  • Stacey’s hair falls to just the tops of the shoulders

Their respective .package files are all separated. So you could just download one or two custom hairs that pique your interest.

But I do recommend trying all three out first, just to see how well they translate in CAS (and if they fit your Toddler).

I have a certain fondness for space buns, so; Kinder’s definitely my favorite.


13. Benjamin Hair (Seasons Conversion for Toddlers by naevys-sims)

Benjamin Hair (Seasons Conversion for Toddlers by naevys-sims) TS4 CC

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When The Sims 4: Seasons introduced this hair, I was stoked.

Aside from the fact that new CAS items for Male frames are always something to celebrate, I really liked the look and feel of the ‘do.

It was casual, it was natural, and it was representative.

Plus there’s something about the man bun that just does it for me, okay? Sue me.

It might look obnoxious on some guys, but there’s no way this cute li’l tuft of hair can look anything but delightful on a Toddler.

See the preview photos for proof.

I also have to point out how much I love the random strands that poke out.

Sending a huge thank you to the creator for keeping that detail in.

Just something about the messiness makes it look a lot less perfect and a lot more real.


14. Fae & Ellie Hairs (Converted for Kids/Toddlers by an0nymousghost)

Fae & Ellie Hairs (Converted for Kids/Toddlers by an0nymousghost) Sims 4 CC

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Playful bob with fun waves or a tiny half-bun?

Well if you can’t decide, just grab both.

This is a Kids n’ Toddlers hair conversion by an0nymousghost that introduces two short hairstyles for Female Toddlers.

I believe the Ellie hair is the one with the teeny half-bun, and the Fae hair is the simple fringe-less bob cut with several curly sections of hair.

They’re two very simple hairstyles that have a certain level of charisma to them. Especially the Ellie hair.

I’m a big fan of how small and intricate the bun looks.

Both are available in 22 colors: 18 standard EA colors and 4 extra yellow-ish blond options.

Considering this is a Maxis Match hair CC pack, I do think it’s a good move to offer lighter hair colors. The details are more emphasized that way.


15. Toddler Hair Dump (Male) by naevys-sims

Toddler Hair Dump (Male) by naevys-sims for Sims 4

Check Out This CC

Caleb, Sean, and Dean.

These three hairstyles are original CC created by zebrazest, converted for Toddler use by naevys-sims.

I unfortunately couldn’t view the original Adult/Young Adult versions, so I’m not quite sure which hair is which.

All I know is that they all look great.

Seriously, look at the little tufts, the tiny curls, and the swooshy tucked bangs.

When it comes to creating a Sim, you can never have too many hairstyle options.

That rings true for Toddler Sims too.

Why limit toddlers to nothing but angled bobs, pixie cuts, and bowl haircuts, when they can be just as fashionable as they want?

All three hairstyles in this CC come in a fairly limited color palette of nine EA swatches. But we’re already getting three hairs from one set, so I’m not too chuffed by the lack of pinks and blues.


16. Feralpoodles’ Rosie Hair (Converted for Children/Toddlers by cowversions)

Feralpoodles’ Rosie Hair (Converted for Children/Toddlers by cowversions) TS4 CC

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Feralpoodles’ Rosie hair is another interesting hairstyle that looks hopelessly charming on a smaller Toddler frame.

The braids and pigtails keep the overall cut looking cute and sweet, and there’s a certain level of appeal in the intricacy of the styling that keeps you looking.

It’s one of those Pinterest-worthy hairstyles that look like they took hours to complete.

The hair is available in EA colors (18 swatches), but I do wanna make it a point to mention how lighter color swatches will really emphasize the braided crown.

Seriously, the level of detail is great!


17. Toddler Hair Dump (Female) by naevys-sims

Toddler Hair Dump (Female) by naevys-sims Sims 4 CC

Check Out This CC

Talk about a one-stop shop.

This is another one of naevys-sims’s toddler hair dumps, only it contains six distinct hairstyles for Female Toddlers.

If none of these pieces work for you, they can at least give you an idea of what you prefer (like long hair, short hair, tied hair, etc.) and what you would rather not see (buns, braids, accessories) on your Sim’s toddler.

As with the hair dump for Male Toddlers, it’s not listed out which hair is which.

The only details I got are that these are conversions of original pieces by two other CC creators (kotcatmeow and isjao), and they’ve got names:

  • Bianca Hair
  • Kylie Hair
  • Sunnybaby Hair
  • Jane Hair
  • Rita Hair
  • Rita Short Hair

I also know that the Bianca hair comes with cute little clip-in flower accessories.

Whichever one the hairs are, I think this is an easy grab-and-go pack for Simmers looking for a few new extra hairstyles for Toddlers.

One page gives you access to half a dozen fun pieces to try.

My personal favorites are the one with the high bun (because I think “adult” styles look adorable ridiculous on toddlers) and the pulled back half-pigtails (because the pigtails are literally just small bunches of hair).


18. Conversions of Sapphire Hair by qrqr19 (Converted by stardze)

Conversions of Sapphire Hair by qrqr19 (Converted by stardze) for Sims 4

Check Out This CC

Check out this neat (literally) hairstyle for strapping young tots.

Just like stephanine-sims’s Rowan Hair conversion, this Sapphire hair is a very sensible, very practical piece.

It looks meticulously combed down and styled.

Again, this style probably wouldn’t hold up for more than an hour of playtime (I guarantee the after shot will have bangs all over the place and cowlicks galore).

But it does look for dashing on tiny Male Sims.

It also comes in 22 colors: 18 standard EA swatches and several new additions to the browns, blonds, and greys category.


19. Valentine’s Day Hair Dump by peachibloom

Valentine’s Day Hair Dump by peachibloom TS4 CC

Check Out This CC

For the fashionable, confident princess who looks good and knows it (even at her tender age), here’s a couple gorgeous hairs converted by peachibloom.

Wild-pixel’s Sana hair looks big, elegant, and beautiful on the Toddler frame.

Maybe it’s because the body wearing it is significantly smaller than the Adult/Young Adult model, but the Sana hair just looks fuller and fluffier on a toddler – and I am mesmerized.

Pinkpatchy’s Pixie hair, on the other hand, is a short, whimsical, and playful haircut that’s the definition of “cool.”

Seriously, if I were to see this cut on a kid in person, I would just know that kid is going places.

Both hairstyles are base game compatible and come in EA’s 18 color palette.


20. Lily Toddler Hair by neavys-sims

Lily Toddler Hair by neavys-sims Sims 4 CC

Check Out This CC

You know what I love about this hair?

The braids look so big and thick, they could probably act as a pillow for your Sims’s Toddler to sleep on. I’m serious.

There’s just something about the texture and the poofiness of the braids that make me consider the possibility.

But putting those theories aside, this hair is adorable.

It’s got braids, it’s got bangs, and it’s got several random wispy strands that stand out & give the hair life.

Honestly, this hair looks like it would belong on someone named Matilda or Heidi, and I mean that as a compliment. I’m sure they’re exceptionally sweet.

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