Sims 4 CC: Medieval Clothes, Hair, Furniture & More

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The Medieval era might technically span a couple hundred years.

But I don’t think anyone besides historians actually know the realities of it.

Us commoners just have an idealized version of the middle ages, with knights and castles and really weird outfits.

These are just some of the things that define the era, of course. There is certainly a lot more to it if you’d like to have a more authentic Medieval save for The Sims 4.

Clearly, Simmers already know how fun this type of play can be, since there’s a bunch of fitting CC out there to help you explore all of the best – and worst – parts of this ancient time.


1. Medieval Chain Mail

Medieval Chain Mail TS4 CC

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Knights are without a doubt one of the coolest things from the middle ages.

Imagine wearing heavy, awesome looking armor and fighting people with a sword (or from horseback) for a living.

Sure, you might get a lance through the heart or be beheaded with a sword, but it still beats most of today’s jobs, honestly.

Plus the uniforms are pretty nice.

Just look at these chainmail tops from SimsDelsWorld.

They have an awesome texture, and bright fabric overlays featuring family crests.


2. Medieval Peasant Dress & Bandana

Medieval Peasant Dress & Bandana for Sims 4

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As fun as it is to look back at Medieval times now and enjoy all sorts of games and stories set in that time, it goes without saying it wasn’t exactly an easy time to live in.

Let’s not forget there was the black plague, smallpox, subpar medical care, famines, and extreme punishments.

Even minor infractions could end with you losing a hand, or in the guillotine.

If you weren’t from a prominent family, life was just hard.

And the clothes of the time definitely reflect that.

Poor peasants (and I mean that both literally and figuratively) were stuck wearing unflattering, practical clothes.

This dress and bandana CC are prime examples.

All white portions have a lot of dirt and the rest of the dress is dark, presumably an attempt at hiding stains. The bandana would also be useful to keep hair out of a hardworking peasant’s face, although I must admit, it’s not a bad accessory.


3. Lute

Lute Sims 4 CC

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The lute and the Medieval era are interchangeable.

I don’t know or care how long the lute stuck around in the centuries after, I just know I can’t even hear the word without picturing a dimly lit stone tavern.

This item will immediately make your game look a ton more Medieval.

What’s really fun is that it’s actually functional. So your Sims will be able to play the lute, same as a guitar!

It’s a good thing too, since your Sims will be pretty bored if you want to keep your game somewhat true to life.

They won’t have TV, computers, video games, or anything else fun.

Medieval Sims shall get lutes and horseshoe pits to entertain themselves with, no more, no less.

Like I said, times were rough.


4. Medieval Braid

Medieval Braid for Sims 4

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Can you imagine how terrible it must have been having long hair in the Middle Ages?

Even now, I’m annoyed with my hair when it is long because it’s hot, gets in my eyes, and tangles easily.

I’m not even sure what haircare was like back then.

Not pleasant, probably.

But as they say, beauty is pain!

This long, thick braid is indeed pretty.

And since it is specifically converted from The Sims Medieval, it looks quite fitting – especially when paired with a good dress.

And if you don’t have the right dresses for your Sims yet, fear not, there are plenty coming up!

You can also see how this hair really has a nice…hairy texture? I’m not sure how else to put it, but any Simmer has noticed the weird “clumped” effect some styles have, and fortunately that is not an issue here.


5. Medieval Queen Bed

Medieval Queen Bed Sims 4 CC

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The Middle Ages are not a new concept to The Sims, believe it or not.

There was actually a whole Sims game specifically for this era, and much of that content has been converted over to The Sims 4 for us to use.

I will just never get tired of conversions.

Utilizing past games allows content creators so much freedom and a little less work, which makes for us having a lot more stuff, since so many concepts have already been included in past Sims installments.

Without this conversion, you wouldn’t have many appropriate bed choices for a Medieval build in The Sims 4.

It’s dubbed the Queen Bed, and that could be taken in a few ways.

Maybe it’s referring to the size, but this design is so regal, it’s definitely not something you’d find in a peasant sleeping in… unless they snuck into a castle.

This four-post bed features a canopy that matches the duvet. You can choose from a variety of swatches too, which include solid colors as well as an ornate pattern.


6. Happily Ever After Conversion

Happily Ever After Conversion TS4 CC

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Even The Sims 3 delved into Medieval stuff.

Now that I’m thinking about it, it’s almost a little strange just how much effort has been put into giving us this content.

Where’s the Colonial pack or something for rural Italy?

Oh wait, Sims 3 already went there, too. Or at least the wonderful Store did.

The Sims 4 is very “now-oriented”, focusing on today’s trends and culture. And that’s not at all a bad thing.

But clearly many players like to step into the past – and CAS is one of the biggest hurdles to do that.

Most clothes and hairstyles are, of course, very modern.

You just won’t find a 1500s kid with bleached tips or slip-on shoes.

This set, comprised of stuff that may look familiar if you’re familiar with The Sims 3 store, includes stuff for everyone child-aged and older.

For the kiddos, there are some nice villager-inspired outfits and hats.

Teens, adults, and elders will have plenty of options, from dresses and gowns to jackets and smock outfits. Everything has plenty of appropriate stitch detailing and swatches.


7. Medieval Market Stuff Pack

Medieval Market Stuff Pack for Sims 4

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Here we have some items for you to build a nice market.

Obviously grocery stores had not come into existence yet. But this is basically the same thing.

In fact, many places still have farmer’s markets today, so… the more things change, the more they stay the same, right?

These stalls are highly detailed, featuring many decorations from colorful awnings to items “for sale”.

There’s a lot of room for you to take this idea and run with it, and build your very own Medieval Market lot with all of the decorative items.

From crates of produce to hanging ducks, bags of flour and wheels of cheese, all of the staple foods are here.


8. Rustic Well

Rustic Well Sims 4 CC

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The 2020s clearly look completely different in all ways from the Medieval era, except when it comes to wells.

Pretty much nothing has changed, amazingly enough, except they aren’t usually hand-dug nowadays.

But a rustic well today was just a well when it was built, and this one really holds up.

It has a nice stone and wood composition, with a subtle mossy touch at the bottom.

No matter the time or location, the purpose remains the same: to provide water. Or if you live in a horror movie, for haunting voices to lure you towards it.

If you have Eco Living installed, this well will even be functional!

But if you don’t have Eco Living, you can still use it as a decorative item. It’s a win-win.


9. Medieval Cook Outfits

Medieval Cook Outfits for Sims 4

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One of the most fun things you could do with a Medieval save is make a prominent family, maybe royalty.

And with that comes staff.

Your precious Countess or Princess or Duke would never expect to cook their own meals – that’s just crazy!

They’d get a lowly commoner to do it for them, toss them a few coins, and call it good.

Doesn’t that sound fun?

With Vintage Glamour Life especially, you could really make this work, like you’ll be making that poor Butler work for your Sim.

They will need the right clothing, though.

And this CC set has everything you’ll need.

There are aproned outfits for both men and women, and even children.

I personally wouldn’t trust a 9-year-old to prepare and serve all of my meals, but I guess everybody had to pitch in back then.


10. Commoner Dress Corset

Commoner Dress Corset Sims 4 CC

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The majority of people wouldn’t have servants and personal chefs, or the fancy-schmancy wardrobe that came with such prominence.

A commoner’s clothes would be much more simple and practical, like this dress.

It’s a layered ensemble with puffy sleeves and a laced up corset.

Given the time period, this dress is obviously pretty modest, covering the Sim from wrist to ankle.

But honestly, with such a nice design, who could even complain?

The woman wearing it while working in the garden, probably.

But luckily, clothing has no ability to hinder a Sim’s work.


11. Medieval Storage

Medieval Storage TS4 CC

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If you like wood furniture, then this is certainly the time period for you.

They didn’t have a whole lot of materials on hand to build stuff with. So there’s plenty of wood in all parts of the home.

Here, there are two bookshelves and four dressers.

Each bookshelf is designed in a tall style: one has a more straightforward wood frame while the other has more ornate woodwork.

And then there are the dressers – my, they are beautiful!

They’re all very unique, with quite a range of wood swatches.

You can even choose from simple, plain drawers, or the ones with gold embellishments.


12. Build Set

Build Set for Sims 4

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This build set will make building castles a lot easier.

Half of the work is actually already done for you if you use this set.

Towers will be an important part to get the right look, and here there are three decorative options for you to incorporate however you want.

There are also five new windows here, and even more choices come with those.

You can use just regular decorative windows, or ones with a glowing effect.


13. Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends Sims 4 CC

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Even Medieval people had clutter.

And the 13 items in this CC set will really go a long way towards making your Sim’s ye olde home look more… well, homey.

First, there are a variety of things for you to fill up floor space with, including a bear rug, 2 chests/dressers, an urn, bookshelf, and even a bird skeleton for those wacky science-loving Sims.

Or those weirdos that just like skeletons and taxidermied animals.

Every village has one.

And for the walls, there’s a shield and a painting for you to hang up as well.


14. Fantasy Medieval Castle

Fantasy Medieval Castle for Sims 4

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If you’re going Medieval, you have to go all in.

None of the worlds we currently have would look quite right. From Willow Creek to Oasis Springs, they all have very 21st century homes and scenery.

So unless you want to see your Sim knight in shining arm with a big billboard in the distance, you may want to hunker down on some lots.

This creator made a full medieval castle, with a bit of fantasy.

The two have gone hand in hand for a long time – and it’s easy to see why here.

This castle has it all, including a courtyard and market, as well as a fully furnished interior.

It’s all pretty amazing.

There’s even a space with some herbs and a cauldron to suit your witch-related needs.


15. Medieval Bakery

Medieval Bakery Sims 4 CC

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Speaking of lots…

When it comes to making your world suitable, you won’t have a ton of options.

Gyms, libraries, and museums are out.

No vet clinics or lounges, either.

You’ll have to make up the difference by including more period-appropriate builds. But don’t worry, you don’t have to do it all yourself – plenty of Simmers have already beat you to it!

This bakery will be perfect to place in any world.

It has authentic Medieval stone and wood designs, as well as a ton of new and unique deco items. Dishes of food, hanging critters, baskets of bread – ya know, bakery stuff.

Today, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy your scone next to a wagon full of hay. But Medieval people got that luxurious ambiance.


16. Twin Barrels Tavern

Twin Barrels Tavern TS4 CC

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After a hard day tending their 7 children or working the garden, a Sim will definitely need a way to wind down.

And what better way to do that than by going to the local tavern?

Song and drink will be timeless ways to blow off steam forever.

This amazingly detailed build has plenty of flags, signs, and fitting Medieval decor.

I think this may actually be intended for modern Sims if the TV is any indication. But honestly, all you have to do is remove that and the rest it still fits, without a doubt.

It’s a beautiful tavern, with an abundance of wood furniture and fitting dishes. The tables are filled with wicker baskets and wooden mugs, and there’s even a campfire with a cooking pot.


17. 16th Century Gown

16th Century Gown for Sims 4

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Only the women among the upper echelons of Medieval society got to wear dresses this extra.

And they are indeed extra.

But I suppose when you live in an enormous castle and will never need to lift a finger since you have staff, you can wear things like this.

And who wouldn’t want to?

Even if these are a little much by today’s standards, there’s no arguing their elegance.

There are three styles, but each one has the same puffy sleeves and stiff, lacy collar.

The three swatches – Damask, Elizabethan, and Brocade – offer colorful, vibrant designs.


18. Blacksmith Set

Blacksmith Set Sims 4 CC

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Blacksmithing must be one of the coolest things ever.

Imagine creating weapons, jewelry, and armor, with nothing more than your bare hands and crude materials.

Everything you’ll need to have the wonders of blacksmithing in your game is here:

The forge, bellows, anvil, and coal.

Your Sim can even use the anvil, since it functions as a woodworking table!

The details here are really amazing.

I’m no expert, but everything looks very authentically and cleanly made.


19. Peasant Crib

Peasant Crib for Sims 4

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It goes without saying that the cutesy bassinets out Sims babies get now are a modern invention.

Peasant babies wouldn’t get such luxury.

The best they’ll have is a wooden cradle with a cloth of dubious cleanliness – which is exactly what you’ll get here.

There are four wood designs to choose from, and they certainly look well-made and not splintery.


20. Fireplace as an Oven

Fireplace as an Oven Sims 4 CC

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Once again, we have an item made of the two pillars of the middle ages: wood and stone.

This fireplace is not just a fireplace, however.

It’s actually an oven!

You won’t have to place a shiny new stove in your Sim’s Medieval home to cook, because they can use this.

And it’s much more fitting.

A large pot hangs in the middle of this, with firewood beneath.

For all of the struggles of this era, you must admit that the homes could be pretty cozy.

Poorer folks wouldn’t have as distinct rooms, so this oven could be the first thing you see when you walk in the door as part of the living room.

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