Sims 4 Monster CC & Mods For Custom Creatures

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You can already do some pretty amazing things with Create-A-Sim. But throw Custom Content into the mix and you can get even crazier.

It’s fitting that a life simulation has the best way for creating realistic, fully customizable people to date.

But what if you don’t want to make perfect human Sims?

Well you’re in luck, and not alone.

Tons of players like to get even more creative in CAS, and the available CC to create monsters of any variety is plentiful.

In no time you can transform your Sim into a barely recognizable creature with fangs, wings, custom skin, or any of the other awesome things you’ll find on this list.

That’s one way to make sure your Sim is unique!


1. Alien Skins

Alien Skins Pack for The Sims 4

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If you want to really set your Sim apart from the rest, then skin is very important.

Here you’ll find several totally new skin overlays incorporating colors and textures that are definitely… different.

The creator dubs them “Alien Skins”, and there’s inspiration from reptiles in the color as well.

There’s no doubt that these will give your Sims an unsettling, monster-like appearance.

Like… really unsettling. These are truly some of the coolest overlays I’ve ever seen, but they’re quite creepy as well!

I don’t recommend turning off the lights if you give your Sim these, ever.

All eight variations have different patterns with the coloring, so feel free to make an entire freaky household. There’s no sense in your poor Sim being a pariah!


2. Cthulhu Head

Cthulhu Head / TS4 CC

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When it comes to making a Sim unrecognizable, a Cthulhu head should do the trick.

This disturbing creature is just under a hundred years old.

His creation, I mean… it’s not like he’s real and has a birthday. We’d better hope not, at least.

I’m sure when H.P. Lovecraft came up with this guy, he never imagined it would be adapted for use in The Sims. Life is crazy, y’all.

And this CC is not just a mask. It will be your Sim’s actual head.

It’s incredibly smooth and has some really nice skin details, plus it comes with 9 custom colors.

Oh, and tentacles. Can’t forget those.


3. Batty Wings

Bat Wings / Sims 4 CC

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You know what makes me batty? Wings!

Ahh, a good play on words never gets old… and no, I can’t be told otherwise.

Most of the creepiest beings have wings. They are pretty non-human attributes, so seeing them on human figures has an inherent “eek” factor.

These Maxis Match wings have a great texture, and some with two options. One is a retracted version, in other words, the wings are at rest.

And in the other version, they’re open and ready to flap and do wing-y stuff.

You won’t have to worry much about clipping, either, since both versions are fully compatible with clothing. So your Sim doesn’t have to be winged and naked, in case you were wondering.

You can dress them to be as stylish and dapper as you’d like, with a little something new in the back.


4. Demon Teeth

Demon Teeth Set / TS4 CC

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Teeth are a dead giveaway to something’s life state.

If they’re blunt and squared, you’re probably okay.

But sharp and pointy? Those things are meant for tearing flesh, run!

CC Creator Pikypikachu made this edit of the regular teeth just different enough to look menacing.

Each tooth is clearly pointed, and the top ones especially are obvious. There will be no hiding for your monster Sim – these daggers will be on full display whenever their mouth is open.

Every laugh, every time they talk… all the Sims around will be reminded your Sim is not to be messed with.

They sure do look cool, though.

And the great part about this list is that most of the things on it can be used simultaneously, so just think of all the bizarre Sims you’ll be able to make even better just by changing their teeth!


5. Accessory Spider Eyes

Spider Eyes Accessory for The Sims 4

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Okay, people joke about science going too far, but I think this is where The Sims community has gone too far.

Spider eyes on a Sim, that’s just cruel!

To be honest, that’s just my arachnophobia talking.

If you’re looking to make a monster Sim, these are seriously amazing.

At first I wondered why there were only 6 eyes, but you’ve got to include your Sim’s own two, and then you get 8.

So these legit make your Sim part spider.

It’s genius and horrific all at once.

These will be available in the hat, lip ring, or earring categories, so you can still fully give your Sim the accessories you want.

The look of the eyes themselves is rather intense. They have a glossy appearance that just perfectly says “arachnid”. And who doesn’t want that?


6. Insect Mandibles & Face Makeup

Insect Mandibles/Face Makeup CC for The Sims 4

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Things with mandibles are basically neck and neck with spiders on the creepy scale… yeesh.

Placing them on a human form just isn’t right, but that’s exactly what we’re looking to achieve with a monstrous Sim, right?

It’s like the story of Frankenstein.

Will putting these things on our Sims make them monsters, or are we the monsters for creating them?

Heavy stuff, dude.

At least mods haven’t reached a point where we can literally bring our Sims to life. I’m waiting, though.

The mandibles from this incredibly talented Simmer are close to the real thing. They’re chillingly detailed and realistic.

You can choose from two mandibles or four, and the face makeup really adds an extra layer of weirdness.

Found in the eyeliner section, the face makeup kicks everything up a notch by giving the lower portion of your Sim’s face a raw texture.


7. Spooky Wings

Spooky Wings Pack for The Sims 4

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We’ve seen some subtle, small wings, and now we’ve got these which are the exact opposite.

These are big, bold, and beautiful.

Well…maybe “beautiful” is pushing it.

They’re downright sinister, and definitely not the wings of a nice being!

You could always fight expectations and give these to a nice Sim, of course. But the spiky ends and chains give an uneasy feeling.

What you see is what you get, so it’s a good thing these are so awesome as they are.

Your Sim will look like they’re ready to take flight at any moment.

There’s no hiding these – no matter the position or clothing, they’ll always be visible.

Plus they’re also slightly transparent, which looks great.

I think they’re kind of like bat wings, thin and flesh-like. It’s rather poetic that something so intimidating is actually fragile.


8. Monster Nose Presets & Skin Overlay

Monster Nose Presets & Skin Overlay / Sims 4 CC

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The face is one area you’ll want to put a lot of focus when creating a monster.

Thanks to all of the sliders and presets out there, you’ll have the most freedom to change your Sim’s appearance here.

These nose presets provide a quick way to completely change up your Sim’s face without you having to do a ton of tweaking and sculpting yourself.

You’ll just find them with the rest of the presets already in your game, for both males and females.

They have a dramatically different appearance than “normal” noses, with heavily tweaked nostrils and a very flat bridge.

But with the included skin overlay, you can really turn your Sim’s face into something amazing.

It’ll bring out all of the deep wrinkles as well as add more shadowing and texture to the rest of your Sim’s face.

Having a textured face may seem like a negative thing now, but it’s not when you’re a monster!


9. Demogorgon Cat Hat

Demogorgon Cat Hat / TS4 CC

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What’s a more frightening creature than a cat who isn’t entirely feline?

Gasp! The horror!

While this may not be as dramatic of an alteration as many of the monster accessories for Sims, this hat is an interesting way to give the Sim kitties a scarier look.

Besides, doesn’t it make sense that if your Sim is a monster, their pet would be one too?

A demogorgon wouldn’t exactly make a nice companion – but being half feline might mellow it out.

You might recognize this creature from Stranger Things, which is what the creator based this hat on.

But demogorgons actually have a long history in mythology, and have come up in entertainment for hundreds of years.

And no matter when or why they’re brought up, it’s never a good thing.

They’re thought to be demonic and evil.

Yikes… thankfully, this is just a hat for a cat.


10. Demon Teeth + Mouth Makeup

Demon Teeth + Mouth Makeup for The Sims 4

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Here’s something that will give your Sim a downright vicious look.

The detail here is incredible, I think it’s about as realistic as you can get in The Sims 4.

This CC set comes from Sewer Sims, the same creator who brought us the insect mandible. And these teeth are just as intimidating.

They’re jagged, overlapping, and will protrude out of your Sim’s mouth.

With the included “meat” makeup, it’ll overall look like your Sim’s fangs have torn up their face. To be succinct, it’s very gnarly.


11. Siren Merman Top and Tail

Siren Merman Top & Tail / Sims 4 CC

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Aquatic monsters might be the most harrowing things out there.

You never really know what goes on below the surface, and it’s a terrible thought.

This is another creature that has a long mythological history. Sirens and mermaids actually go hand in hand more than people realize… don’t let those pretty tails and hair fool you, that’s exactly what they want.

You’ll have everything you need here to give your Sim’s body the details it needs to be a bonafide creature of the sea.

First, there’s the top, which has some amazing accents for the skin and textures. It even includes webbed fingers.

Then we have the tail, which is of course a must for any siren or merman.

The details are impressive here as well, with plenty of scales and a distinct fish-like design.


12. Supernatural Preset Pack

Supernatural Preset Pack for The Sims 4

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With this wonderfully supernatural preset pack, you’ll have some great new ways to set your Sim’s face apart from the rest.

For their nose, this bat preset will give a new look that’s definitely… well, abnormal.

Each part here has been meticulously sculpted.

The bridge is very short and choppy, the tip is incredibly bulbous, and the nostrils are the pointiest I’ve ever seen.

Then we have something for the ears, which can be a bit of an overlooked part.

This Dobby Ears preset will give them a larger, slightly curled, and floppy appearance.

And lastly, there are the Franken Eyes, which may be the most drastic preset of the bunch.

They have the classic droopy eyelid look, plus they’re uneven, which really drives the whole look home.


13. Demon Black Eyes

Dark Black Demon Eyes / TS4 CC

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If you’d like your monster Sim to be scary (so scary that you can hardly bear to look at them), then these black eyes will be perfect.

I just don’t know what it is about this that’s so deeply frightening.

All black eyes just trigger a feeling of uneasiness, almost in a primal way.

Maybe that’s something that was born out of evolution, and black-eyed humanoids aren’t as fictional as we think.

Sorry… I swear I’m not trying to keep you up at night, but playing a Sim with these just might.

This CC is pretty simple: it’s an eye color swath that will turn your Sim’s eyes entirely black.

From the whites to the iris, it’ll all be like a deep void that you can’t escape.

You may want to look away, but find that you can’t… and that’s what makes them a monster!


14. Third Eye Accessory

Third Eye Accessory / Sims 4 CC

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A creature with one eye is called a cyclops, so what’s something with three eyes called? A triclops, perhaps?

That’s probably not right but it sounds cool.

This is another simple way to alter your Sim’s face so they look less than fully human.

And even 1% non-human can be quite disturbing.

Perhaps the most disturbing part of this, however, is that it can match your Sim’s eye color and even custom recolors. The thought that this is a functioning eye is so strange!

There are two versions here: one is larger and more rough around the edges, while the second is a more “perfect” and typical eye shape.

But come on, it’s still an eye on your Sim’s forehead. Nothing is really typical.


15. Bigfoot Head & Body

Bigfoot Head & Body CC for The Sims 4

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I questioned for a moment whether or not Bigfoot is considered a monster.

But after seeing what this set looks like in the game, I can firmly say the answer is yes.

Its main purpose is to give your Sim’s body the proper proportions to look like Sasquatch, and it does that very well.

The skull will have a very elongated shape, and the body will be much taller and bulkier.

The end result is pretty dramatic.

And unless you’ve used some other mod before, your new Bigfoot Sim will be noticeably larger than any other Sims you’ve ever seen.

You can be in for some really fun times sending a Sim with these presets camping at Granite Falls.

I’d say this is a lot more unsettling than the bear suit.

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