Sims 4 Mullet Hair CC: The Ultimate Collection

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Hair and fashion trends have to be the most peculiar, fast-moving things in the world.

Not all that long ago, I recall when a mullet was just the worst haircut you could possibly get. It was guaranteed to make you the butt of every joke until it grew back out.

Now, all of a sudden both guys and girls are giving themselves the “business in the front, party in the back” treatment left and right.

I will say that today’s mullets seem a little more polished and styled than those of the past, so it makes sense that with a little tweaking, this cut has made a huge comeback.

And if you want to pass that style onto your Sims, here are CCs to get you started.


1. Miley Mullet

Miley Mullet for Sims 4

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Like with most other trends, the mullet trail was blazed by a celebrity.

I may be wrong, but Miley Cyrus must have been one of the first to take the plunge.

Since she appeared with her mullet in 2020, the look has really taken off.

And this hair CC from dogsill is pretty similar, and was even named in her honor.

I’ve got to admit, there certainly is some charm to it. The choppiness and layered lengths really makes for a modern, confident style, perfect for young Sims.


2. Millie Hair

Millie Hair Sims 4 CC

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Here we have another great feminine mullet choice, this time from okruee.

If possible, this one is even messier than the last.

This creator chose to mix in some wisps and even more shagginess.

This hair is a shoulder-length cut that will frame your Sim’s face with feathery layers of mullet-y beauty.

And I know anyone can rock any style. But there’s just something about these cuts that gives a person (or Sim) an instant punk vibe.

With a mullet, you can conquer the world – or the stage. Clearly a lot of musicians are smitten with this look!


3. Blood in the Cut Hair

Blood in the Cut Hair TS4 CC

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A running theme amongst those who have (or admire) mullets is a love of a ‘messy’ appearance.

This hair is the perfect example.

It’s curly, uneven, shaggy, and most of all, awesome. You know the type of Sim wearing this isn’t uptight, concerned about bills or aspirations.

They’re free to focus on life’s true joys. Like staying up all night drinking juice and building skills.

Yes, I’m totally stereotyping. Your mileage may vary.

But really, this is closer to the ‘classic’ mullets of the ‘80s. Practical, short, and rough.


4. Not-so Mullet

Not-so Mullet Sims 4 CC

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Despite the name, this hair is still very strongly in ‘mullet’ territory.

Creator Dogsill has struck gold again here.

These slick, lengthy locks will make a bad boy out of any Sim. And if not a bad boy, then just a guy with really nice hair.

The mesh is based on one of the Laundry Day hairs (don’t worry, this is still available to those of you without that pack). I believe it’s a little longer, with more waves, and somehow a thicker appearance.

CC-creator sorcery, basically.

It’s funny to me, because most of the items in that pack have kind of a ‘slobby’ theme going. But hair like this is definitely not low-maintenance.

Time, love, and a lot of product surely went into it.


5. Not Another Mullet Hair

Not Another Mullet Hair TS4 CC

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Well, this is certainly the most extreme mullet yet.

It’s also simultaneously both the longest and shortest, as well.

And that pretty much sums up this cut. Breaking barriers and surpassing everyone’s expectations when it comes to hair CC.

This is for those Sims who really want to commit to it. The top is very short and neat, with straight bangs, but the back is long and layered.

The best news of all is that with a style like this, it’s for everything.

I sometimes feel weirdly obligated to give my Sims different ‘dos.

Most people don’t wear buns to bed or formal events, so I always spend a lot of time searching for haircuts that someone would realistically be able to do with their current hair.

You don’t have to worry about that here. A mullet is what it is, unapologetically.


6. SHIN Hair

SHIN Hair for Sims 4

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You won’t find a much smoother style than this for your cooler Sims. And yes, only the cool Sims can have a hair like this.

It’s way too good for the Landgraabs.

Ah, maybe I’m being a little mean…

Well this is another great choice for a ‘medium’ mullet. It’s sharp and shaggy, but nothing too bold.

Simply a great casual look that’ll make any Sim super cute!


7. Steve Hair

Steve Hair Sims 4 CC screenshot

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Surprisingly, almost every CC mullet out there is for women or gender neutral at best.

That’s an interesting turn of events, since at one time this was almost exclusively a guy’s haircut.

We can’t leave them out now.

Thanks to llazyneiph, your Sim fellas can have a glorious mullet all their own.

The top portion of this one isn’t quite as choppy as most of the others, creating a much more fluid, smooth look, while the back is thick and wavy.

You’ve got to love a haircut that must be split into sections to be described.

It’s also available in 49 colors, which is a really fun touch. We all get tired of using those same 18 base game swatches for everyone in the whole world sometimes.


8. Evelyn Hair

Evelyn Hair Sims 4 CC

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Here we have a much softer and subtler choice.

No harsh lines or abrupt changes in length to be found.

This hair from teanmoon simply looks fantastic all around.

I love the way the bangs and straight and very smooth, meshing seamlessly with the rest of the cut.

That doesn’t mean it’s totally flat or slicked down, however. Quite the opposite.

The little bits that stick out especially make this hair one of the most chic styles you could ever give your Sim.

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