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Some brands have become synonymous with quality and certain lifestyles.

North Face is without a doubt one of them.

When you want some apparel to suit your outdoorsy needs, especially in cold weather, then you know you can turn to North Face.

Or even just as nice casualwear that shows you have taste and style – North Face will be there for you then, too.

The Sims 4, understandably, has a lack of connection to name brands. I mean, that would be a whole lot of legal stuff for some new clothes.

However, Simmers have no such hold ups. We can do as we please in the name of fun, and we have!


North Face Hoodies

North Face Hoodies for Sims 4

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First up, we have an item that you can always trust: the hoodie.

Has there ever been an article of clothing quite so usable and reliable? Probably not.

You can sleep in them, wear them for warmth, pull the hood up to protect you from the rain, carry stuff in the pockets… they’re amazing.

Everyone loves a hoodie, and even more so when they have a recognizable logo.

On this CC, the North Face logo is clear as day on the hoodie’s chest, so your Sim can rep them wherever they go.


Supreme x The North Face Jacket

Supreme x The North Face Jacket TS4 CC

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If there’s anything you can always use more of in this game, it’s coats.

Don’t get me wrong, the ones that came with Seasons are lovely!

But there’s a limited selection, and it can get a little weird if you play multiple generations.

What family really sees a mom, aunt, children, and grandchildren wear the same exact coat? Probably not many.

Unless they’re really, really frugal.

People usually develop their own distinct style and want to show that. With this Supreme x North Face jacket CC from HypeSim, your Sim will definitely be their own person.

It combines streetwear styles that are familiar and fashionable from two iconic, powerhouse brands.


Men’s North Face Apex/Elevation Jacket

Men’s North Face Apex/Elevation Jacket Sims 4 CC

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North Face is always a good choice for guys who want to be prepared for whatever the weather may throw at them, and look put together while they do it.

This one has a nice sheen to it, as though it’s waterproof.

The colors are bold with clean lines, and there are four zippers.

Imagine if all those pockets could add to the inventory… sigh, maybe one day modders will get us there.

But that’s not at all to say this jacket isn’t awesome – it is, without a doubt.

And you’ll know it’s North Face by looking at both the front and back!


Family North Face Jackets

Family North Face Jackets for Sims 4

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Like many household names, North Face is for the whole family.

It’s like a chicken and the egg situation, I’m not sure which comes first.

Do parents just wear what they like and kids want the same, or do parents decide that’s what their kids will wear after finding a durable, good brand?

Hmm. Something to ponder, I suppose.

We all know that when it comes to CAS, we just want stuff that is cute or will lend to our Sims looking more realistic.

Emagin360 has got you covered on both fronts with these jackets.

They’re available for all ages Child and older, in a nice fleece-like texture.


The North Face Jacket

The North Face Jacket TS4 CC

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When it comes to cold weather apparel, the only thing second to hoodies is puffer coats.

Something about those sectioned portions are just so aesthetically pleasing.

The ones on this coat are also in animal print, so this is basically the trifecta of modern fashion.

It has a lovely soft texture that you can practically feel, and a turtleneck sort of design.

This CC will be great for any Sims come winter. It’ll be easy and fun to incorporate into an outfit, too!


Junya Watanabe x The North Face Jacket

Junya Watanabe x The North Face Jacket Sims 4 CC

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Stepping away from cold-weather gear for a moment, this North Face varsity jacket will be a great addition to everyday outfits.

Like the Supreme x North Face Jacket (from the same creator), this jacket is based off of a real life collaboration between fashion designer Junya Watanabe and North Face.

Such collaborations rarely disappoint, and this is no exception.

For your Sims, this vibrant jacket will come with a crop top as part of the look.


Hugo Jacket

Hugo Jacket for Sims 4

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The creator of this male-only jacket, Margeh-75, is obviously well aware of North Face’s reputation for outdoor apparel and incorporated that very well.

And this jacket has a durable rainproof design, made for any occasion.

The way it’s designed really makes it look heavy-duty as well, with the overlapping structure on the front.

There are three pockets here, and one has a great zipper texture to it.

This CC comes available in three swatches, and the North Face logo is very clear.


North Face Outfit

North Face Outfit Sims 4 CC

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Here we have another hoodie.

But this time it’s in two-tone vibrant blues.

This CC is only available for those who already have the City Living pack, but I guess it makes sense.

City Sims need reliable outerwear, too.

Maybe even more, since they’re out and about and do so much walking in the wonderful world of San Myshuno.

The logo is larger here than on any other design – so there’s no mistaking who made this hoodie! And it’s complete with the classic half dome shape.

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