Best Sims 4 Custom Nose CC & Sliders (All Free)

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Needless to say, a Sim’s face is pretty important.

Not only will it play a huge rule for future generations if they have kids, but you yourself will probably have to be looking at it a lot.

As such, most Simmers take special time and care to make sure the faces of their Sims are nice and pleasing the eye.

In other words, they’ve got to look good.

And if you aren’t exactly savvy when it comes to CAS, it can be a daunting task.

There are more ways to customize your characters in The Sims 4 than ever – even more so with CC. And there truly are a surprising amount of ways you can refine your Sim’s nose.

And with presets and sliders, you’ll definitely never have to worry over creating the perfect new Sim again!


1. Four Nose Presets

Four Nose Presets Sims 4 CC

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The great thing about presets is that you know they’re going to look good.

Randomized results and genetics can sometimes let you down, but your fellow Simmers never will!

You can tell these four noses were perfectly crafted, every little detail had its moment of focus, and we all know that’s what makes a Sim look good.

But the work has already been done for you here, and any one of these cute button noses will automatically make your Sims beautiful.


2. Six Nose Sliders for Guys

Six Nose Sliders for Guys TS4 CC

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CC sliders allow you to edit your Sim’s features beyond the game’s set boundaries – which is really key for creating unique, and even perhaps more realistic, Sims.

With these six sliders, you can more accurately and deeply edit each part of your male Sim’s noses.

From the bridge, nostrils, and tip, to those parts in between that don’t have common names… you can fully sculpt things to your liking without worrying about that red blur popping up to warn you you’re going too far.


3. Nose Presets 21 – 24

Nose Presets 21 - 24 for Sims 4

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You’ll notice that with presets, they rarely come alone.

Creators tend to make them in multiples.

Which is really cool not only because you get more without needing to keep searching, but you can use them to make Sims who look related.

Genetics sometimes work the way you want, but not always.

I always think it’s fun to have Sims who look alike, but not necessarily as twins of one another.

With these four noses, you have more freedom than ever to make parents and children and siblings who look alike.

Each one is different and distinct, but they’re still similar enough that if you use them on multiple Sims in your household. The family resemblance will definitely be there.


4. Brand New Nose Slider

Brand New Nose Slider Sims 4 CC

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Even though this mod is still fairly new (as of this writing), it’s eternally known as “brand new” since that’s what the creator dubbed it.

And you know what? That’s okay!

The features available here are indeed so fresh, I think they’ll always feel new.

There are only so many ways to just mention ‘nose sliders’ without any modifiers before things get confusing, anyway.

Like the others, this slider enables you to go beyond the default noses and more fully customize your Sim’s noses.

You can better adjust the nostrils, bridge, and width of your Sim’s noses, as well as the tip.


5. Three Nose Presets

Three Nose Presets TS4 CC

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Isn’t it weird how some types of noses are more widely seen as ‘cute’ than others?

I would definitely say these are button noses, which is one term that is definitely synonymous with cuteness.

For many people, it’s even their ideal look – some will go as far as surgery to achieve this look.

Obviously, things aren’t quite as intense for your Sims.

But it’s still nice to be able to change things up so easily.

And there’s really nothing easier than presets.

Unlike sliders, which are really more for players who want to create something themselves, presets are just there and ready for the taking.

Simply select it, and… that’s it! Your Sim is ready to go with their great new nose.

These three from LutessaSims are definitely adorable choices, with an overall small appearance and variation mostly on the nostrils.


6. Bony Nose Effect Slider

Bony Nose Effect Slider for Sims 4

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For such a small portion of our faces, it’s rather odd how different one nose can be from another.

Some have very flesh ones, while others have a more visibly bony look.

This is the perfect slider to achieve that for your Sims.

It especially focuses on the bridge, and allows much more customization there than we currently have in TS4.

Even with an unmodded CAS, there are obviously more options for tweaking your Sim’s features than any other game has seen.

Personally, I’m still pretty impressed.

But paired with mods like these, it really becomes unstoppable.


7. Tilted/Broken Nose Presets

Tilted/Broken Nose Presets TS4 CC

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A broken nose tends to last for life. Once that little piece of cartilage cracks, there’s no going back.


But luckily for people and Sims, imperfection is beauty.

Simmers especially will agree that the same old facial features get old after a while – which makes unique attributes like this that much more special.

These two simple presets include the nose shifting either right or left.

They’re a distinct change of pace from so many typically flawless noses, which is pretty fun.

Another cool part is that they’re available for all ages and genders! Not all noses are, but at least every guy or gal in your family, from toddler to elder, can have a tilted nose.


8. Crooked Nose Preset

Crooked Nose Preset Sims 4 CC

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Here we have another crooked nose preset, complete with a pretty bump.

Sometimes, there’s not much distinct about a nose.

But for many Sims this can definitely be their most defined feature, which is pretty cool.

Noses with prominent bridges or bumps are called Aquiline noses, and have become quite the thing of envious young women everywhere.

I’ve especially seen people on TikTok lamenting over having ‘boring’ nose types, so it makes sense CC creators are stepping away from outdated beauty standards to appreciate all characteristics.

For this nose, the tip is slightly curved as well, which really makes for a beautiful unique nose that you can use again and again!


9. Roman and Greek Nose Presets

Roman and Greek Nose Presets for Sims 4

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I had no idea until I got into writing that noses actually have names.

Not names like Bob or Shannon, that would just be weird.

I mean names like aquiline, as I talked about above, as well as roman and greek.

Actually, I think roman and aquiline are the same thing.

Confusing, right?

Specifics aside, these are just some really nice noses tailor made for The Sims 4. They have distinct bridges with that regal bump, as well as straight, long bridges.

All options are really cute, and look great on both male and female Sims.


10. Nose Width Slider for All Ages

Nose Width Slider for All Ages TS4 CC

Check Out This CC

With this slider, I think it’s worth mentioning first that it’s available to all ages!

That’s right, this is another one that will allow you to more deeply sculpt the faces of your youngest and cutest Sims.

Since the youngsters always seem to be the Sims who look the most alike, I for one really appreciate the opportunity to switch things up.

This mod comes from TeanMoon, and was tweaked by NoNvme to be available for all ages.

Isn’t it always cool when Simmers work together like that?

Anyway, the purpose of this is to have more control when it comes to the width of your Sim’s nose. It’ll basically allow you a wider range when choosing the broadness or thinness.


11. Colors: Nose Presets

Colors: Nose Presets Sims 4 CC

Check Out This CC

Practically since the game launched, Sims 4 players have been striving for more diversity.

Whether that means hair, skin tones, or facial features, CC makers have gone above and beyond to make sure there are inclusive CAS options for all.

These presets, created specifically with people of color in mind, offer a variety of beautifully broad noses.

Some have more defined nostrils while with others, the focus mainly appears to be on the tip.

In any case, every option really is a unique addition to The Sims.

And something really fun is that the creator gave them a 20% chance to generate randomly with townies, so the diversity can go beyond CAS!


12. Male Nose Presets

Male Nose Presets for Sims 4

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I’m just gonna say it…

The Sims 4 is not kind to guys.

Almost every Simmer will tell you, women are much easier to give aesthetically pleasing appearances.

This has no bearing on real life, bear in mind. It’s just that CAS can be pretty one-note – and male features always seem to be more rigid.

Thankfully, presets can save you a lot of time.

These two noses from creator cocoables are just sweet and simple.

They’re perfectly sculpted and slightly upturned, which will give your Sim a handsome yet boyish look for life.


13. Cute Nose Preset

Cute Nose Preset Sims 4 CC

Check Out This CC

This is another cute preset, unisex and for all ages.

I’ve never known the reason why some presets only really work for one gender or can’t be used for kids, but I’m always glad to find CC that I can use for anyone.

You never know when you’ll need to make a Sim and wind up frustrated by the lack of preset options.

This one has a smooth appearance, and is another one I’d consider a button nose – rounded and compact, but downright adorable on anyone!


14. Aster Nose Preset

Aster Nose Preset TS4 CC

Check Out This CC

The creator here, simmature, describes this preset as having a wider bridge and more defined nostrils.

And that’s a pretty apt summary.

But it doesn’t do much to speak to the true beauty of this nose!

If the Roman and Greek types had a baby, this would be it.

Classy and elegant, and guaranteed to make any Sim – male or female – a stunner.


15. Expanded Nose Sliders

Expanded Nose Sliders Sims 4 CC

Check Out This CC

I’ve really gotten an anatomy lesson while searching for Sims CC.

Did you know what an alar sidewall was before finding nose sliders?

I sure didn’t.

It’s the side of the nostril, basically. At least, I think that’s what it is.

Anyways, this slider focuses on that (whatever it may be), and it focuses on the nostril itself, for ultimate freedom in CAS.

You can more accurately tweak nostril height and angle, and we all know the nostril is a pretty important part of the nose.

A bridge may get away with less attention since you can’t even tell the shape sometimes depending on the angle, but nostrils are always just right there.


16. Rudy Nose Preset

Rudy Nose Preset for Sims 4

Check Out This CC

You know, I just said earlier that noses don’t have names like humans. Yet now here we are with one named Rudy.

Or perhaps that’s just the name of the model Sim?

Hmm. Food for thought, I guess.

Anyway, this single preset is pretty special.

It features a very well-rounded nose and it has one of the thicker bridges on this list. Still very nice, no doubt!

Any Sim will look pretty as a picture with the Rudy nose, it’s guaranteed!


17. Amondi Preset

Amondi Preset TS4 CC

Check Out This CC

This is another lovely small nose, with a defined tip and short bridge.

It is indeed a very feminine trait, so it makes sense that it’s for female frames only.

That just means your ladies can really look their best thanks to this preset.

Noses usually don’t even bother me on female Sims, they’re just kind of… there.

But maybe that’s the problem – Sims should really stand out, every part of them should shine!

Especially if you’re planning on playing the same one for a while, you want to make sure it’s a face you like looking at.

Okay, that sounds really mean, but I stand by it.

Any opportunity to easily make that happen is always a good thing, and the Amondi preset will definitely go a long way in getting you there.


18. Nose Tip Slider

Nose Tip Slider for Sims 4

Check Out This CC

From the same creator who made the tilted/broken nose presets above, comes this nose tip slider, so you can do it yourself!

Not every nose is perfectly straight, after all.

And this slider will enable you to vary how crooked you want your Sim’s noses to be.

Whether it’s just a slight tilt or fully broken, you can easily do so now – and it’ll look very natural.

There are no weird lines or dents to worry about like we sometimes see while monkeying around in CAS. The nose is a pretty safe thing to mess with, fortunately.


19. Female Nose Presets

Female Nose Presets Sims 4 CC

Check Out This CC

Here we have another preset made just for the gals – two of them, as a matter of fact!

Both have fairly long straight bridges and prominent, upturned tips.

All in all, it really does make for a delicate & feminine look.

A nose like this can become your new go-to default.

I don’t know about you, but I have hardly touched the presets that came with the game for years. They just become a little too familiar very quickly.

So what better way to remedy that problem than by adding a fantastic new one, created by a fellow Simmer?


20. Remington Nose Preset

Remington Nose Preset TS4 CC

Check Out This CC

Lastly in our collection we have one more preset from ice-creamforbreakfast, a Simmer who seems to be truly dedicated to making sure our Sims have nice noses.

At this point they’re basically a Sim plastic surgeon, guaranteeing us quality fan-made facial features, without the fear of being botched!

And this is another preset that’s available to all ages and genders, but I must say it looks quite dashing on the model Sim.

The bridge has a distinguishing bump, and all around has a pretty rugged appearance – but it sure is charming.

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