Best Sims 4 Nose & Septum Ring CC Piercings

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When it comes to body customizations, nose piercings are at the top of my “Things That I Like, But Too Chicken To-Do” list.

As beautiful as nose piercings look, it’s hard to commit to the aftercare discipline. Especially when one scratch or one moment of nose-picking can lead to a world of pain (and gushing blood).

That’s why I’m feeling more appreciative that Sims don’t feel any pain(unless we intentionally inflict it like the undiagnosed sadists that we are). Nope, they’re programmed to accept whatever customizations we have in mind – starting with a kickass nose ring.

If you wish to painlessly satisfy your nose-piercing dreams, then here are some sweet nose and septum CC to try on your Sim!


10. Orbit Nose Ring

Basic side nose ring - Sims 4 CC

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A simple hoop on the nostril is one of the most common and popular styles adopted by curious first-timers.

Personally, it’s enough to let me search for the nearest piercer, inquire about the rates, and regret having friends who are dangerous enablers of impulsive decisions.

But for my Sims, he or she would definitely be meeting a customization appointment to have that Orbit Nose Ring slotted in place.

It’s gonna look great.


9. Heart Septum

Girls heart septum ring - Sims 4 CC

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A few years back, I would’ve cringed at the idea of having a piercing through the skin between my nostrils.

But seeing this Heart Septum looking effortlessly cool and cute, it’s just depressing to realize that I won’t ever have the balls to have this on me.

You can take your pick among the 7 colors available for this pack, but this CC is best in pink.


8. Unisex Nose Piercings V2

Custom nose rings CC TS4

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No, you’re not looking at two white zits that look like they’re ready to pop.

It’s actually a fascinating nose piercing set styled in nasallang fashion.

I won’t go through the faint-inducing details on how exactly a nasallang piercing is done. It looks good, and that’s all you need to know.

Created for all genders, this pack contains 20 colors to make sure that the symmetrical piercing stands out in every way possible.


7. Trouble Piercing Set

Troublemaker style nose & lip rings CC

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The only trouble you’ll ever get from this pack is if your mom caught you wearing it in real life.

This twisted hoop ensemble from Pralinesims can be added on the bottom lip and ears, but it’s the nostril-septum combo that won me over.

Setting aside the fact that it’s a sneezing nightmare, this CC is made to adorn your Sim’s perfect nose in more ways than one.


6. Snake Septum

Snake septum ring CC - Sims 4

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Take your love for Slytherin to the next level with this Snake Septum ring that’s worthy of a nod from the Dark Lord himself!

The sinuous shape of the snake brilliantly fits the style of a septum ring (which would’ve been a smart horcrux choice for Voldemort if he had a nose).

With colors ranging from Black Death, Bloody Pulp, Green Money, and more, this CC will make a pure-blooded badass out of your Sim.

Harry Potter fans, rejoice!


5. Septum Pack No. 2

Custom septum nose rings pack - Sims 4 CC

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You know what I like seeing more than Sims getting eaten by a Cowplant?

A CC pack filled with items that are all equally stunning.

This Septum Pack No. 2 from grafity-cc has 3 septum rings with varying designs: the three-ball Leight, the translucent curved barbell of the Mermaid, and the spiked curved barbell of the Hadley.

If you’re getting lazy to search for more options, then this three-item pack deal is enough to keep your Sim styled for days.


4. Heart Nose Ring

Heart-shaped side nose ring - Sims 4 CC

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I steer clear of any jewelry shaped like a heart.

But this Heart Nose Ring hits differently.

It’s like nose rings are made to be molded in the shape of one of the cheesiest symbols on the planet.

So, I’ll give credit where credit is due. If you have a nose for great finds, then this CC is one of them!


3. Double Ring Piercing Set

Double ring nose piercing CC

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This nose ring may or may not be inspired by an atom symbol. But if it was, who would’ve thought it would look so damn fine?

And although this list is all about nose blings, the matching lip ring instantly became one of my personal favorites.

There’s no doubt that this CC is one of the most unique in this list. So there’s just one more thing left to do…

Click that download button, it’s not rocket science!


2. Firebird Nose Chain

Firebird nose chain CC - Sims 4

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For a nose ring to be even considered epic, it has got to be at the same level as this Firebird Nose Chain from Leahlillith.

Originally made for The Sims 3, creator grafity-cc did God’s work to convert this piece for The Sims 4 too.

From the lotus flower detail to the chain connecting it to a crescent moon earring, I wouldn’t mind having this on my Sim for days on end.


1. Jupiter Piercing Set

Cute Sims4 Nose & Lip Rings - Jupiter CC

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Although the Firebird Nose Chain is more dramatic by design, the simplicity of this Jupiter Piercing Set balances the focus to the face, and to the jewelry itself.

The bezel set gemstone of the ring, thankfully, does not look like a pimple. So I can consider that as a win for this CC.

This pack from 4w25 comes with a matching lip ring in the same twisting fashion that you won’t find anywhere else.

With that said, let’s start piercing shall we?

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