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The Persona franchise is one of the most popular JRPG series of all time.

In the past few games, developer Atlus has put significant effort into crafting a stylish world where everything, from the menus to the characters’ attacks, looks incredibly cool.

And it’d be a blast to take some of that aesthetic into The Sims.

I’ve been looking around for Persona-themed CC that’ll quench my thirst for Persona in my TS4 sessions – and in this list I’d like to share some of my best finds.


11. Persona 5 CAS Backgrounds Pack

Persona 5 CAS Backgrounds Pack Sims 4 CC

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A great addition that’ll forever change your Sim-making process is the P5 Create-A-Sim Backgrounds Pack, which includes seven different new backdrops for your CAS screen.

With it, your character can look as if they were standing in Leblanc, the underground dungeon Mementos, or right in the middle of Shibuya as you play around with their looks.

This pack by Cryptiam also includes a still from Mona and Panther’s Showtime combo attack and the group photo used for the cut-ins at the beginning of an All-Out Attack.

It’s all pretty cool, and you won’t want to go back to the boring original backgrounds ever again.

Note: we also have a big list of CAS background mods if you wanna check that out too!


10. Sayuri Paintings

Sayuri Paintings for Sims 4

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Unlike most franchises, there really aren’t many mods adding Persona-themed decorations or posters – but that’s quite alright because I’ve just found the best thing you could hope for.

Creator Cryptiam has introduced the Sayuri – a gorgeous painting that’s pivotal to Persona 5’s story – into the game. It was originally hung in Leblanc after being recovered from Madarame’s Palace, but now, you can place it anywhere you want in your Sim’s home.

It includes both versions of the Sayuri (with or without the baby), and the frame comes in several different designs.


9. Yasogami High Female Uniform (Persona 4)

Yasogami High Female Uniform (Persona 4) TS4 CC

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Located in the rural town of Inaba, Yasogami High is the setting for most of the daytime sections of Persona 4, where most of the main characters attend school.

The school is pretty important in the Persona 4 Arena and Persona Q spin-offs, where it serves as the center for otherwordly anomalies the protagonists will have to tackle.

Regrettably, I was only able to get the girls’ uniform. You can get the bottoms here.


8. Makoto Yuki Character Set (Persona 3)

Makoto Yuki Character Set (Persona 3) Sims 4 CC

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Note: To download this CC just visit the link above, then search for the filename “”.

The main character in Persona 3 is a somewhat morose transfer student arriving at Gekkou High at the beginning of the game.

He – or she, if you’re playing P3 FES on the PSP – is an orphan and a pretty tragic character, which is awfully appropriate given the darker tone of the game’s storyline when compared to later Persona titles.

If you were an angsty teenager back when this came out, you’d have felt understood on a spiritual level.

CosplaySimmer brings us a fantastic reproduction of the character for use in The Sims 4. He won’t have a Persona, but it’ll be nice to see him living a normal life for a change.


7. Yukiko Amagi Uniform (Persona 4)

Yukiko Amagi Uniform (Persona 4) for Sims 4

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Yukiko Amagi is an elegant and brilliant student in Yasogami High during Persona 4 – and a member of the Investigation Team looking into recent murder cases through the Midnight Channel.

She’s fearless and unflinching – and she has to be, considering what the game puts her through.

This top by CilanceYourButt can be used in conjunction with the Yasogami High Bottoms to recreate the character in your TS4 – or have someone cosplay as her.

Yukiko’s parents run an inn with hot springs in the game, so make sure you’ve got some pretty nice scenery around if you plan to bring her into your game – or at least a bathtub with hot running water.


6. Persona 5 Holiday Sweaters

Persona 5 Holiday Sweaters Sims 4 CC

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There is plenty of unique holiday apparel CC to be had for TS4 – but is it Persona-themed?

Well, these Holiday Sweaters by Cryptiam definitely are.

They come in four color swatches, and they all feature the Phantom Thieves’ logo – along with stars and other details that mimic the game’s artistic choices.

Definitely beats any ugly sweaters your Sim’s grandma may have knit – and they’re available for all genders.


5. Shujin High Uniform (Persona 5)

Shujin High Uniform (Persona 5) TS4 CC

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I’ll be frank with you – I wouldn’t send my kids to Shujin High in a million years.

Not only are educators so underpaid your homeroom teacher is forced to moonlight as a maid, but there are sexual harassment scandals, student mistreatment in the sports clubs, and there was even a suicide attempt from one of the students.

That said, they do have some great-looking uniforms – especially the bottoms, which you’ll have to get separately.

Creator JujuPony also offers us the Shujin Polos they wear during the Summer. Talk about full service!


4. Goro Akechi’s School Uniform (Persona 5)

Goro Akechi’s School Uniform (Persona 5) for Sims 4

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He may be a two-faced prick and an all-around horrible person, but Akechi is still a Phantom Thieves member – and his school happens to have a sweet uniform.

Whether you want to re-create Akechi in your game or just give his stylish uniform to some other Sim, creator JujuPony has you covered.

Akechi attends an unnamed elite school due to his position as a gifted rookie detective.

The name is never mentioned, but their elegant beige uniform can be seen anytime you run into this back-stabbing psychopath.


3. Persona 5 CC Collection

Persona 5 CC Collection Sims 4 CC

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If you’re looking for a single download that will Persona-ify your CAS, then this Persona 5 CC Collection by Cryptiam is a no-brainer.

It includes around 30 different outfits and a whopping 196 swatches for you to customize your characters in Persona 5’s trendy style to your heart’s content.

A sequel for this fantastic collection is on its way – but in the meantime, you can get some of the missing pieces individually. This includes Joker’s outfit, Fox’s outfit, Skull’s outfit and even Crow’s flamboyant red and white outfit.


2. Better Computer Games

Better Computer Games for Sims 4

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Just as you like to play AAA hits like Monster Hunter: World and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, so do your Sims – so help them overcome their Tetris addiction by introducing some new titles to their library.

This mod by SimmerWellPupper replaces all the basic games in your Sims’ computers with some modern ones, and you can even watch their gameplay on the computer skin.

This mod makes it into the list because it replaces the original “Incredible Sports” with Persona 4 Golden.

Time for your Sims to learn what a good game really looks like.

There’s also the Better Console Games mod, which includes Persona 5 Royal for your Sim’s console.


1. Joker’s Mask (Persona 5)

Joker’s Mask (Persona 5) Sims 4 CC

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If there’s a single item that just screams “Persona 5” it’s Joker’s iconic mask, which will make your Sims feel like the Phantom of the Opera – or, rather, the Phantom Thief of the Opera.

It’s incredibly stylish – if a bit too much for everyday wear – but you’ll need it to hide your identity whenever you’re fighting against corrupt adults.

This wonderful piece of CC is brought to us by the legendary PralineSims – so you know it’s high-quality.

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