Sims 4 Plaid CC: Pants, Skirts, Shorts, Shirts, & More

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Finally, plaid is back in season!

Plaids have always been known for the warm and cozy feeling they give off, from warm sweaters to cute school-girl inspired skirts.

They’ve been a staple to specifically fall fashion (but winter, too!) forever and will always be a fan favorite.

Whether the season’s pack agrees with me or not, I always like to dress my Sims up like they’re living in the same world I am.

Something about channeling all the cute outfits I wish I could wear, but don’t have the right occasion for, satisfies a need inside of my heart. And if you’re into plaid that’s exactly what I have in mind the next time I go into CAS.

I plan on incorporating plaids as much as I possibly can! But first, we’ve gotta find some of the best custom outfits to snag.

So let’s go through some plaid custom content for The Sims 4. There’s sure to be something for everyone who’s looking to cozy up by the bonfire and watch the leaves change.


8. Chisami Plaid Shirt Accessory

Plaid Shirt Accessory CC for Sims 4

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Starting off today’s hunt for everything plaid, we have a staple for fall fashion- a plaid shirt.

There’s something classic and comforting about the layered look.

Especially when the weather starts to get a little colder, and one of the simplest, most loved layered-looks out there is a basic t-shirt with a flannel over it.

These plaid shirts can be worn as jackets, and come in three different color options. So you can have fun mixing and matching your layers and finding the perfect combination to keep your Sim warm and cozy.


7. Plaid Pleated Skirt

Plaid Pleated Skirt CC - Sims 4

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What I love most about plaid skirts is how much they’ve evolved over the last couple years.

Of course, these can still be worn to the office, or to somewhat more of a formal setting. But they’ve also found their way into other aesthetics to make it known to the world that they’re here to stay!

Paired with an oversized sweater, these skirts can make for a relaxed girl-next-door look. Or a more fitted top and some boots can create a well put together punk outfit, proving these skirts are versatile and functional.

Which is something we always like to see in a piece.

The best part?

These skirts not only come in 20 colors. But if you want to play around with different styles of plaid, there’s a diagonal version of the same skirt with the same colors here.


6. Tartan’s Pinafore Dress

Tartan’s Pinafore Dress Plaid CC

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This style of dress is a great option for the fall!

Not only is it plaid which instantly gives it those autumn vibes that we’re craving, but this is also another option if you want to have a layered look.

But also not looking like a marshmallow just yet (we’ll save that for the winter!)

Anything from a simple long-sleeved shirt underneath to a mock neck sweater would make this dress live up to its full potential.

And it’s a cute option for anything fall-themed activities, whether your Sim is making their way down to the season festival or spending a night at home decorating for the trick-or-treaters.

This Tartan Pinafore Dress CC is another clothing choice with a wide variety of colors. 40 to be exact.

So you’ll never feel tired of using the same dress in your Sim’s rotation over and over again.


5. Linen Men’s Shirt

Linen Men’s Shirt in Plaid

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Too often do I hear fellow Simmers talk about how it’s a lot more fun to dress up their female Sims than their male house members.

But they shouldn’t have to go without a fresh new look!

Plaid shirts are a great option for any man in the family. They can be used to help dress him up or dress him down, all while ensuring nothing but the best, comfiest styles as he tries to take his fashion to the next level.

Hats, jeans, dress pants, sneakers… the possibilities are endless for different occasions, moods, and styles.

All this can be made with a simple flannel shirt.

And that kind of opportunity can’t be passed up.


4. Kid’s Plaid Sundress

Plaid Sundress CC for girls

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We’ve talked a lot about how appealing this print is for the changing of the seasons.

But plaid can be worn at any time of year, it doesn’t have to limit your Sim’s outfits.

This plaid sundress is the perfect example of how plaid can be worn year-round.

It’s thick straps and adorable wooden buttons give it a relaxed, rustic feel, and will make sure that the younger Sims in your family have a nice dress to wear to the next wedding or house party they get dragged to.


3. Plaid Outfit Set

Plaid Outfit Set CC - TS4

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Something that always comes to mind when I think about plaid prints are school uniforms.

They get a pretty bad rep. But whether you like the style for your older Sims that haven’t been to school in a while, or for your Sims that are getting ready to finally graduate, a plaid CC skirt set is a great option to capture those school day feelings.

Modern streetwear will often tell you that school uniform-inspired outfits are in.

If you’re someone who agrees, then this plaid CC set is exactly what you need in your Sim’s wardrobe.

Paired with a sleek pair of boots and a simple bag to match, their outfit will be anything but as boring, as what we used to think when we were tired of being stuck in a classroom.


2. Julie’s Colomb Scarf

Julie's Colomb Scarf Plaid Colored

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Scarves not only add a pop of color to your outfit, but they’ve been serving their purpose of keeping your neck warm for as long as they’ve been around.

Scarves like these ones add texture. They make your Sims look warm and cozy.

And they’re one of the simplest most casual accessories that you can add to pretty much any outfit you have in mind.

What makes this scarf CC stand out is not only how warm and inviting it looks, but these 3 plaid options give us the perfect colors to get into the mood for a glass of apple cider.


1. Women’s Wide Plaid Pants

Women’s Wide Plaid Pants CC - The Sims 4

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Wider pants are a fashion choice that you could never go wrong with.

Sure, the skin-tight style is still cute.

But overall, wider flare-style pants tend to be more flattering, and work year-round.

What could make wide pants even better than they already are?

You guessed it, plaid!

With these wide plaid pants, you’ll be able to create looks for your Sims that are both casual and on the more dressed-up side of things. All without having to sacrifice style or comfort.

Not to mention, the muted color palette makes these great for that statement tee you’ve had in your collection of CC for years.

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