Best Sims 4 Plugs & Gauges CC (All Free)

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I’ve got three quick facts about gauges in The Sims 4 for you. Ready?

They were first introduced in Eco Lifestyle, just shy of six years separated from the base game release.

Knox Greenberg often ends up capturing my Sims’ hearts, largely thanks to his gauges and other piercings.

And the variation of plugs and gauges that we do have in-game isn’t as plentiful as it could be.

Honestly, one style and a dozen colors just aren’t enough.

If you want some more options to expand your collection, then check out our picks for some great CC below.


Cat Ear Plugs

Cat Ear Plugs for The Sims 4

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When Eco Lifestyle and Cats and Dogs collide, you get these super-cute Cat Ear Plugs by RedHeadSims.

The design has gem-studded cat ears and whiskers, and comes in gold, silver and black.

And for your non-gauge/plug-wearing Sims, there’s a studded earring version too.

Lots to love about this fan-made CC.


Ear Plugs for Sims 4

Ear Plugs CC for Sims 4 TS4 CC

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MarideSim’s ear plugs CC set has four expressive designs to show off your Sim’s personality.

Choose from the beloved Batman symbol, an alien, a Caribbean-themed peace flag, and… well, let’s just say that the last one will be a hit if you use Basemental’s infamous mod.

This CC also uses the Eco Lifestyle gauges, so you’ll need that pack to download & install these.


Small Heart Ear Plugs

Small Heart Ear Plugs / Sims 4 CC

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Small and sweet.

These cute heart plugs by Blahberry-pancake are low-key and look great.

They’re heart-shaped plugs with a variety of colorful swatches, a total of 14 overall.

Plus these are base game compatible, and if you’re looking for plugs that are beginner friendly or just a little more subtle than other options, these are a great start.


Flesh Tunnel + Addon

Flesh Tunnel + Addon for Sims 4

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Don’t be intimidated by the name.

PlayerWonderland’s custom plugs in this set have a super-cool design that will set your Sim apart from the rest.

While the base has tunnel gauges, these have an extra accessory that looks more like traditional hoop earrings.

I love the neon green and pink swatch, but there’s also 14 others to play around with.

Grab these if you’ve only got the base game and prefer high-quality CC.


Tempo Plug Collection

Tempo Plug Collection / Sims 4 CC

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When it comes to plugs and gauges, it’s important to start with the right size.

CC Creator Pralinesims’ Tempo Plug Collection has a little of everything. But it’s the five different sizes that make this set worth having.

From XS to XL, you can simulate the gradual real-life process of working up to larger gauge sizes. And there’s four colors in total, including black and white.


Basic Ear Plug Piercing

Basic Ear Plug Piercing / TS4 CC

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It’s fair to say that Colores Urbanos’ Basic Ear Plug Piercings CC are anything but basic.

But they’re an excellent option for simplicity-loving Sims.

There aren’t too many tunnel gauges or plugs on this list. So if you’re a fan of that particular style, be sure to add to your CC folder.

Not being too big or small, these are really great for so many Sims. But the best feature of these plugs are the colorful swatch options.

From yellow to light blue, green to red, enjoy the eight vibrant shades available.


Colorful Plugs CC

Colorful Plugs CC for The Sims 4

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Colorful + curled = chic.

These custom colorful plugs by Simmaniacos are truly one of a kind, primarily thanks to the unique snake-like design.

It’s the perfect middle ground between plugs and earrings. And these come in eight fun colors, including orange and purple.


Plugs + Ear Preset + Recolor

Plugs + Ear Preset + Recolor / Sims 4 CC

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What do octopi, unicorns, and dinosaurs have in common?

You can find them all – and more – in Nemeysims and Buckgrunt’s Plugs, Ear Preset and Recolor CC set.

These plugs have 8 creative designs and two color swatches for a total of 16 variations. Plenty to dig into!

They’re also unisex and can be enjoyed by all, plus you’ll only need the base game to use them.


Ursula Ear Plugs

Ursula Ear Plugs for The Sims 4

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Your sim will be anything but poor and unfortunate while rocking the Ursula Ear Plugs by Blahberrypancake.

These are smaller gauge plugs that have an immaculate, octopus arm design.

They look like formal earrings at first glance, but with way more personality.

With 20 colors, high quality textures, and base-game compatibility, these are a seriously good find for your CC collection.


Ear Plug Add-On F&M

Ear Plug Add-On F&M / TS4 CC

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You know the infamous eyeball ring that townies just love wearing?

RedHeadSims’ earplugs CC features two inventive designs:

An ‘eight ball’ pool ball, and you guessed it, an eyeball.

Yep, these plugs are very large.

And the eyeball swatches in particular are very eye-catching (sorry, couldn’t help it).

Teens to elders can wear these in eight swatches, and you can find these under the earring category.

And hey, at least those eyeball-ring wearing Sims have a chance for a cohesive outfit theme with these in your game!

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