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Like many of you, I was a kid between the late 90s and early 00s.

The PowerPuff Girls were a crucial part of my daily routine for several years, along with other iconic Cartoon Network series like Dexter’s Lab and Johnny Bravo.

This was true for every kid with a TV at the time, making PPG a bit of a cultural phenomenon.

The 2016 reboot brought PPG back into focus while also making a squad out of the trio with the introduction of Bliss – the fourth PPG.

If you want to bring some sugar and spice and everything nice into The Sims 4, check out these amazing PPG custom creations.


PowerPuff Girls Swimsuits

PowerPuff Girls Swimsuits Set / TS4 CC

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These are not your regular licensed swimsuits with a print of the PowerPuff Girls on the back or the show’s logo – instead, they’re inspired by the girls’ fashion sense.

The black horizontal stripe running through the middle of the swimsuit is identical to the girls’ everyday dresses from the show.

You have one for each of the three classic girls, plus a purple one for Bliss.


PowerPuff Girls Beds

PowerPuff Girls Beds for The Sims 4

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Parents love decorating their children’s rooms with their favorite shows.

If your Sim children are watching a lot of PPG lately, these PowerPuff Beds are a must-have.

Creator Sandersfan22 put together eight unique bed sheet designs for each PowerPuff girl – including some unexpected additions.

These designs include everything from official artwork to unique anime fan art.

You can get eight bedsheet designs for Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles – but also Bliss and Bunny (from the Twisted Sister episode).


Powerpuff Girls Clothing Set

Powerpuff Girls Clothing & Dresses / Sims 4 CC

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Also by Sandersfan22 come these varied PPG clothing packs for Sim children to show their PPG love.

These PPG outfits are appropriate for almost any situation.

They include a casual dress for everyday life, a formal one for special occasions, and even a swimsuit for those family vacations in Sulani.

All of these follow the basic PPG pattern of solid colors with a horizontal black stripe, but they vary in the shape and cut of the fabric.

They’re also available in way more colors than the basic pink, green, and blue.

You could have an army of different-colored PowerPuff Girls living under the same roof.

It would be like the X-Men, but 10 times as cute.


Trendy PowerPuff Girls Set

Trendy PowerPuff Girls Modern Character Builds / TS4 CC

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Adult Sims who can’t let go of their fervent love for the PowerPuff Girls can turn to creator SWBoba for some trendy PPG merch.

This prolific CC maker brings us 11 crop tops and 6 high-waist jeans custom-made to celebrate the PowerPuff Girls.

My favorite items in this pack are the concentric heart tops based on the show’s iconic ending card – but there is much more to try out in this versatile set.


PPG House Lot

Powerpuff Girls House Lot for The Sims 4

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One of my favorite things about the PowerPuff Girls as a kid was their house.

Its square design and round windows contrasted with my idea of a stereotypical suburban home.

It was a bit futuristic and pushed the boundaries of the common man, which is fitting for a scientist like Prof. Utonium.

And this PPG House lot by iSandor looks just like it does in the show.

It’s also accurate on the inside, featuring everything you’d expect – such as the girls’ bedroom (with three beds) and the Prof’s well-equipped lab.


Stylish PowerPuff Girls Collection

Stylish PowerPuff Girls Clothes & Accessories / Sims 4 CC

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The PowerPuff Girls can’t stay children forever.

Time passes in TS4, and your little bundles of crime-fighting cuteness will be fully grown women in no time.

But that doesn’t mean they have to leave their PPG identity behind.

This set by EnriqueS4 gives you the tools to create teenager and adult versions of the girls, with hairstyles and accessories that evoke their childhood personality.

You’ll get three hairstyles, three hair accessories, three necklaces, and two earring pairs of the highest quality.

Everything is super stylish, and it all comes in many swatches for you to create new characters beyond PPG roleplay.

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