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It’s no wonder that a brand originating from the fashion capital of the world, Italy, would now rule the world. Or at least the world of fashion, that is.

The very mention of Prada usually creates an image in many people’s minds of elegant accessories, fierce bags, and luxurious clothes, all for good reason.

You don’t get a reputation like this for nothing. There’s just something so alluring about designer items. Prada has become one of the most influential companies in existence, selling an expensive (both in look and price), wide range of items.

Many of those things have inspired custom content creators, with a few pieces even being perfectly replicated.

Let’s get into the best of Prada CC that the Internet has to offer!


1. Prada Clutch Decor

Prada Clutch Decor CC for The Sims 4

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You can’t get your Sim living a lifestyle of the rich and famous without Prada bags strewn throughout their house.

And once they have this decor from euphoriasxms, everyone will want a piece of them.

Yes, that was a Britney Spears reference. Was it a little forced? Maybe.

But I was compelled to fit it in here somewhere, because that’s exactly the feeling Prada gives me.

I know money doesn’t buy happiness, but it totally will for your Sims.


2. Prada Block Heels

Prada Block Heels CC for TS4

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I really wish the game had a realistic sound effect for when your Sim wears heels.

Imagine the power of these clacking along on a wood floor or the sidewalk.

Even if you’ll just have to pretend that part, these block heels from DallasGirl still will make your Sim look like they’re unstoppable.


3. Prada Shoulder Bag

Prada Shoulder Bag CC - TS4

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Bags are the first thing I think of when I hear ‘Prada’.

This shoulder bag from badddiesims (an accurate name if there ever was one, I might add) is a simple but sophisticated way to get some designer accessories in your game.

That tiny, triangular logo will bring so much joy to so many people.


4. Prada Cloudburst Thunder Knit Sneakers

Prada Cloudburst Sneakers CC - TS4

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So, apparently Prada makes sneakers?

I honestly had no idea they made shoes before starting this list. I saw the heels and was like, okay, that makes sense.

But sneakers?! What a nice surprise. For me, anyway. I have a feeling this is old news to everyone else…

Whether you were already in the know or just catching on like me, these shoes are a solid replica of the real thing for your Sims.

I’d say I haven’t seen a recreation this exact, basically ever. Creator thedropshops4 must really love Prada! And soon all of your Sims will too.


5. Prada Flame Sandals

Prada Flame Sandals Mod - TS4 CC

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I know there’s a lot of outlandish apparel in the world of high fashion. Most of the things I see aren’t exactly casual wear, or something the average person would wear to go about their errands.

Still, nothing could have prepared me for Prada Flame Sandals.

I actually love it.

They’re the funkiest shaped sandal, and there are flames coming off the heel! I couldn’t have dreamt anything more fabulous.

Choose from the brightest, boldest shades of red, blue, pink, or yellow.

If this wasn’t amazing enough already, Prada socks are an added bonus. This is probably the only time socks will actually go well with sandals.

Why? Because Prada. That about sums it up, right?


6. Prada Hobo Bag

Prada Hobo Bag Design - TS4 CC

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Here we have another two-for-one item, this time blending two luxurious brands.

You get a Gucci shirt with the Prada bag built in!

That’s pretty cool, huh?

Two for the price of one, and the price is zero simoleons in this case. I doubt the actual companies offer deals like that though.

There are actually multiple different shirts you can choose here, ranging from plain tees to other designer ones, as well as floral and graphic tees. Eansims really covered all the bases with this CC set.

This is actually a genius idea that I wouldn’t mind seeing more of. Purses have always been an overlooked item in the Sims. I can see why, since no matter what I may have planned, my Sims wind up spending most of their time in the house.

But it’s still something fun to explore here and there with little things like this.

And if you want more Gucci CC in your Sim’s life, check out our other CC list here.


7. Velvet Milano Prada Handbag

Velvet Milano Prada Handbag in The Sims 4

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I’m the type of person who sees ‘Milano’ and immediately thinks of the cookie. But this velvet bag may have changed that.

This handbag does actually look velvet, which is a material I can always appreciate. There are five shades, ranging from white to black.

All are equally voguish, of course.

Your Sim will be Simstagram ready in no time.


8. Prada Bag

Basic Prada Bag CC for The Sims 4

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Last but certainly not least, I present this lavish bag from PlatinumLuxeSims.

It looks quite similar to many of the bag accessories listed above, but this one is a deco item! Perfect for placing in your Sim’s home, or creating a little bit of rich Sim clutter.

Really give those guests who barge in and roam your house like they pay rent something to look at.

Uh… I meant to say don’t do that. That’s too mean. Stay humble, guys.

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