Sims 4 Prehistoric Caveman CC & Mods: The Ultimate List

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Oog, aag. Me love The Sims 4.

Was that convincing caveman talk? Eh, not really. You’re probably pretty confused if you read that without knowing what this list is about.

I do indeed love The Sims 4, and the reason why is pretty simple: creativity.

This game was born and bred of it, and continues to thrive off of player’s imaginations today.

Simmers have come up with endless new ways to play – especially involving different time periods.

One that’s really popular just so happens to be the prehistoric era, where cavemen ruled and rode sabertooth tigers and stuff. Or something like that.

If you’d like to play some Sims from the very beginning, literally, there is more than enough CC out there for you.

This list has everything you’ll need, from things that were made just for fun, to total necessities, and everything in between.


1. Sleeping Underlay

Sleeping Underlay Caveman Bed / Sims 4 CC

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This looks so familiar, and I pondered why for a solid ten minutes.

I mean, I certainly don’t have personal experience with prehistoric sleeping conditions. And I’ve never seen anything else like this in the game before.

And then it hit me: this is just like the sleeping bags in Skyrim!

Just thought I’d point that out for my fellow multi-fandom gamer nerds.

The prehistoric era obviously goes a lot farther back, but it’s not unreasonable to think a furry animal hide made a good bed before mattresses.

This one sure does look fuzzy and soft – the texture is fantastic!

Frankly, it’s a step up from some of the cheap beds we already have. So who could complain?

Given the choice between this and that air mattress from Outdoor Retreat… a furry mat seems more comfy.

The best part is that it’s functional, so you won’t have to do any kind of complicated maneuvering to get your Sim to pass out in just the right spot – this is an actual bed.

They can sit and sleep on it the same way as any of the others.


2. Prehistoric Winter Fur Outfits

Prehistoric Winter Fur Outfits / TS4 CC

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You think winter sucks now?

Imagine not having a house, heat, or modern coats and hats to protect you.

Yikes. I know, with all my heart, I would not have made it in prehistoric times.

But hey, at least they did have some sources of warmth – namely in the form of fur.

Poor cute critters.

Those were the times, and fur or hides were used for many things.

In this case, I must admit the outfit looks pretty nice.

These jackets and trousers are available for all ages child and up, and they come in five colors.


3. Stone Age Bed

Stone Age Bed for The Sims 4

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Here we have another sleeping alternative… probably a lot less comfortable than the Sleeping Underlay.

It’s literally just a stone slab. Times were hard… hehe.

But it’s a very nicely made stone slab, perfectly rendered.

There are even a couple of pillows and a blanket, all in very neutral natural-looking colors.

I don’t think cavemen had pillows, but we’ll just pretend – this is too good to pass up!


4. Ancient Kitchen Stuff

Ancient Kitchen Stuff Set / Sims 4 CC

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There are whole jobs focused on finding, digging up, and preserving what our prehistoric ancestors left behind.

Artifacts didn’t always start out as artifacts, though.

At one point, they were just tools, same as we have. Maybe a few thousand years from now somebody will discover a T-fal skillet and hang that in a museum.

That’ll be as crazy to them then as cooking with clay pots is to us now.

Trippy stuff, man.

With this set, you’ll have plenty of other items to make your caveman home or camp, whichever the case may be, look a lot less bare.

There are hanging pots as well as a decorative pot you can set anywhere, plus a clay jug, and even a mortar & pestle.

Everything comes with a variety of really fun and appropriate swatches, even a Zelda one!

Somehow it fits right in with the prehistoric stuff.


5. Natural Wall of Rock

Natural Wall of Rock for The Sims 4

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If you plan to do any long-term playing or storytelling, your Sims will definitely need more than just a campsite – even if that feels the most authentic.

It may take a bit of work, but you could build a convincing cave-like structure, which will be made easier with natural wall coverings like these.

There are six fantastic swatches of different rocky textures here.

Some are smooth and worn, like they were washed out by water millions of years ago, and some look rough and are just asking for carvings and paintings.


6. Prehistoric Drying Rack

Prehistoric Drying Rack / TS4 CC

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Millions of years ago, drying out your things wasn’t as simple as clipping them on the clothesline – although the main idea is pretty much the same.

This wooden drying rack comes complete with some linens and furs, in 10 swatches total.

You’ll be able to really make your caveman’s abode look nice and homey.

Drying linens over a wooden frame sure makes you feel at home.

And just like how kids have laid under them to play in clotheslines for decades, this is the perfect size for your Sim’s’ toddlers to chill beneath.

Won’t that be cute!?


7. Prehistoric Rock Shelter

Prehistoric Rock Shelter / Sims 4 CC

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Man, what a time it must have been to just be able to pick out a nice new rock structure and decide you’re gonna live there.

Today that would get you arrested.

Or kicked out of a park, at the very least.

But in The Sims, you can do whatever you want. That’s the whole reason it’s fun.

Even more so thanks to creators like this who have made things possible that you thought you’d never see.

You can choose either a large struce or small structure, and your Sims can actually use them!

Campfires, sleeping underlays, décor – you can all place them in here like it’s really their home.


8. Stone Age Stuff

Stone Age Stuff Pack for The Sims 4

Check Out This CC

Okay, there’s a lot to get into here, but first we have to talk about those baby cradles! OMG!

It’s too adorable, my heart can’t take it.

Sims 4 babies aren’t always fun to have in the household, but they are always cute.

Putting them in a stone age cradle is just next level.

And yes, in case you’re wondering, they’re functional!

Both the tree and stone cradles can be used just like the base game bassinet – which would look terribly out of place in prehistoric times – you just need a mod, which this creator handily links you to.

Next, there’s a tree that your Sim kids can use like monkey bars! Little Tarzans can build their motor skills that way.

And lastly, the kiddos can also play with twigs and sticks, just like the good ol’ days.

There’s a stone toy as well as a new pile of… stuff that functions as a dollhouse.

It comes in 6 swatches, including plenty of dirt and sand mounds.


9. Prehistoric Baby Defaults

Prehistoric Baby Defaults / TS4 CC

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Little cave babies weren’t wearing tiny Levi jeans and sneakers like today.

They got fur.

Just like the grown-ups.

These defaults will replace the gendered onesies babies currently wear – boys and girls alike will have a furry onesie.

Or if you’d like your cave family to be au naturel, there is a “no fur” option as well. Which I’m presuming will leave your Sim’s baby as naked as the day they were born… also known as one to three days ago.


10. Prehistoric Clothing Set

Prehistoric Clothing Set / Sims 4 CC

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Obviously, baby Sims aren’t the only ones who are going to need a wardrobe overhaul if you want to play in prehistoric times.

Without CC, it’s a real struggle to find something period-appropriate for your Sims to wear.

But the good thing is, the Simmers out there have already gone above and beyond for you!

This set includes plenty of fitting cave-people garb for all ages. There are cross tops, dresses, and gowns, all in vibrant animal print swatches.

There are even bottom and full body towel recolors as well, and they truly look awesome.

You’ll never remember they’re “supposed” to be towels once they’re on your Sim – they really do just look like typical wildling clothes.


11. Stone Cold Killers: Prehistoric Weapons Clutter

Stone Cold Killers: Prehistoric Weapons Clutter for The Sims 4

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Putting meals on the table wasn’t exactly a pleasant process in the stone age.

It required skills for hunting, trapping, and fishing, plus knowing how to kill and skin your prey… ick!

Fortunately, you get to skip over the gross parts in this game.

You can, however, decorate with the tools!

This really cool set comes from AmeyaSims. It comes with incredibly detailed harpoons, spears, bows & arrows, an axe, a knife, and even a club!

Everything is cobbled together out of stones, wood, and string.

So at least from my limited knowledge of the era, it looks very accurate. I love it!


12. Prehistoric Cave

Prehistoric Cave Object / Sims 4 CC

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You can’t really be a caveman without a cave, now can you?

I mean, it’s really just a catch-all term for prehistoric people, but you’ve got to utilize a cave at least sometimes.

This is another amazing and functional object courtesy of Historical Sims Life, who also made the above Rock Shelter and Sleeping Underlay, amongst other things.

If this structure looks familiar, you’re not crazy, it has been around.

It’s originally from The Sims 3, then was converted for use in The Sims 2, and now it’s available for the current installment.

Who knew caves would be so sought after?

But the best part is that this works just like a tent!

So your Sim can actually sleep and chill in a cave, as any prehistoric Sim should.

There are several different textures and colors for you to choose from, so heck, make a whole camp if you want.


13. Stone Age Bathroom

Stone Age Bathroom for The Sims 4

Check Out This CC

As far as I can tell, there’s no way to get around having modern plumbing in your game.

But you can at least make it look a little more… ancient.

This set includes a matching stone bathtub, sink, and toilet.

Sure, real cavemen might not have bathed this way… or at all.

But Sims are a bit more civilized and will still need to have their needs met.


14. The Land Before (Dinner) Time Set

The Land Before (Dinner) Time Set / TS4 CC

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Meal times are another must, no matter the century or even species.

Here you’ll have plenty of items to make your prehistoric lot well suited to meet your Sim’s needs.

There’s a stone “cooling shelf”, the caveman’s answer to a fridge, which will allow you to store leftovers.

Continuing with the ever-prevalent stone theme, there’s a rocky sink, grill, and table – with log seats – as well.

You’ll also get some replacement bowls, plates, and utensils, too!


15. Prehistoric Lean-To

Prehistoric Lean-To / Sims 4 CC

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A lean-to, something that’s mostly just part of survival knowledge today, was an everyday thing millions of years ago.

And it’s exactly what it sounds like: a shady, sheltered place to lean into while you rest from a hard day of hunting and fishing and all of that other caveman stuff.

And like many other items on this list, it incorporates fur.

But the creator didn’t just throw any animal print on there. She actually put thought into this!

There are 4 swatches geared towards a warmer climate, and 5 for northern climates.

This is some awesome attention to detail, and really makes a lot of sense when you think about it. Oasis Springs would probably be more suited for big cat prints, while wolf and bear prints seem more appropriate for Brindleton Bay.

Of course, you’re welcome to just choose whichever swatch you think is nicest, too.


16. Shark Fight Body Scars

Shark Fight Body Scars for The Sims 4

Check Out This CC

I assume cavemen got bruises and scrapes quite easily, as well as frequently.

When you spend your life living totally off the land and doing everything by hand, and getting in fights along the way, your body is bound to start telling the story.

These scars will depict your Sim’s hard living perfectly.

They come as a tattoo and will load up a Sim’s torso with some rough, gnarly reminders of their battles.

Even though the creator made them with a shark fight in mind for their own personal play, these will still work for plenty of other scenarios you could apply to your Sim… with a little imagination.

Maybe your Sim tangled with a bear before turning its pelt into a lean-to, or perhaps they did indeed get attacked by a shark.

They could’ve just tripped and fell down a hill, too.

But that’s probably not the story they would tell people.


17. Loin Cloth

Male Loin Cloth Set Logo / Sims 4 CC

Check Out This CC

Never let it be said that prehistoric people were prudes.

You could totally get away with letting it all hang out.

Literally. A strip of cloth over your crotch was considered appropriate apparel. Imagine that!

I guess that’s just practical, when you’re living solely outside and air conditioning won’t be invented for another million years.

Now your Sim can have bare minimal coverage as well.

This loin cloth comes in three different swatches: leaf, fur, and cloth. You can even choose between anatomically correct or more PG-13 versions.


18. Wild Grass Toilet

Wild Grass Toilet for The Sims 4

Check Out This CC

Today, they say the world is your oyster.

Well for a caveman, the world was his bathroom.

This is a pretty straightforward item:

It’s a toilet bush. Or a bush toilet.

Whatever you want to call it, this tall, grassy patch of grass functions just as you’d expect any other toilet to.

It certainly will look a lot less intrusive in a Prehistoric save compared to porcelain, that’s for sure!


19. Stone Age Toddler Bed

Stone Age Toddler Bed / Sims 4 CC

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I don’t know how historically accurate a stone toddler bed is, but it sure looks great.

You’ll definitely want your toddlers to have somewhere to get a decent night’s sleep… it’s the only time they’re quiet and not needy, after all.

This bed has a nice stone slab with a few custom swatches for blankets.

I’m pretty sure all three have a fur texture (go figure) but at least one has a sort of a stitched together, quilted design.


20. Prehistoric Hut and Dinosaur Bones

Prehistoric Hut and Dinosaur Bones / TS4 CC

Check Out This CC

With this two-for-one set, you’ll get the last items you’ll need that have not been listed yet:

Huts and dinosaur bones.

Now I know humans and dinosaurs never walked the earth at the same time, and whether or not that’s implied here is up to you.

But it’s sure fun to think about, isn’t it?

I wish there were dinosaurs around right now.

And either way, It’ll still be fun to have some signs of our favorite giant reptiles in The Sims, and it’ll definitely add a more wild & rugged appearance to the terrain.

There’s also a new hut, with a sort of patchwork exterior and tusk entryway, that comes in 8 variations.

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