Best Sims 4 Prom & School Dance Pose Packs

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School dances are highly anticipated by lots of teens, and prom is the holy grail of them all.

Unless some drama unfolds, it’s a night to get dressed up in your best threads, dance with that special person, and hangout with friends.

A Sim teenager’s life is tragically meaningless and hollow – but at least in this instance, you can remedy the lack of school dances by using some poses.

Normal interactions happen so quickly in the game. There often isn’t time to absorb and enjoy what’s going on. But with poses, you can make sure everything is just the way you want it, then admire the scene you’ve set & take a screenshot that’ll last forever.

With these poses it’ll be easy to create a prom night for your Sims that’ll allow them to go through it all, from pre-dance pics at home, to the various things they’ll get up to on the dance floor itself.


1. Prom Night Pose Pack

Prom Night Pose Pack / TS4 CC

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I bet if someone did the research, they’d discover that collectively, more photos are taken on prom night than any other day of the year.

I’d wager it even surpasses Christmas.

This is a special time in so many ways. Girls and boys prep their look for months, getting alterations done to the dresses or fancy tuxes.

It’s particularly hard work for the girls who go all-out and get their hair, makeup, or nails professionally done.

Then think about the lucky couples themselves.

For teenagers, asking someone to be your date (or getting asked to go) is a huge deal. This may be the first big taste of romance for many of them, so passions are certainly running high.

Last but not least, there are the proud parents behind the camera.

Their little boys and girls are practically adults, looking as beautiful and handsome as they’ve ever seen them. It’s a particularly emotional time for them, and they want photos to treasure just as much as their kids.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to snap memorable pictures with these poses.

This is a set of 5, which is definitely a good number to fully make the most of the occasional, at least as far as photos go.

The set includes four photos for a male and female couple, as well as one that’s my personal favorite that features one Sim holding a cat.

I’m not sure how it relates to prom, but I love it.


2. Before Prom Poses

Before Prom Poses for The Sims 4

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School dances in general are all about having a good time with others.

And honestly, Sims especially can use every social opportunity they can get.

It’s sad when there’s no one to invite to their wedding or party.

This pose pack is dedicated to showcasing your Sim and their friends before heading out to the dance. It has two poses for six Sims, showing them smiling and goofing off a little bit.

None of them are very intimate, so this pack will work in a variety of contexts, whether it’s three couples or just a merry band of friends.


3. Allegro Dance Poses

Allegro Dance Poses / Sims 4 CC

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The problem with attempting to hold any dance-focused event in TS4 is that your Sims are very limited when it comes time to actually dance.

The poor souls have no rhythm at all – everyone does the same few moves on a loop.

You can switch things up a bit with these poses, which will be very helpful if you plan on actually having a school dance with lots of Sims in attendance.

There are 11 individual poses here, so you can spread them out as you see fit, or let your own Sim cycle through them for ultimate coolness.

These are the kind of moves that are fitting for the upbeat music you expect for most of prom, and they’re age-appropriate.


4. Slow Dance Pose Pack

Slow Dance Pose Pack / TS4

Check Out This Pose Pack

A teen couple’s first slow dance tends to be just as anticipated as it is dreaded.

This is a sweet but intimate moment, getting to hold each other close and sway to some gentle tune.

One of the weirdest little details of The Sims 4 is that, unlike previous games, Sims can’t slow dance. It’s such a simple thing that you never even think about until the moment you need it to happen.

Well, at least you can force it.

This pose pack allows you to send your Sims through a variety of slow dancing poses. They aren’t too steamy, and will still be fitting for a school dance setting. No chaperone interference needed!


5. Prom Photos Pose Pack

Prom Photos Pose Pack for The Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

Here we have a set of 7 poses for two Sims, and you can use them on a variety of different types of couples.

Several of them were made particularly for two female Sims, and the other are for a male and female.

As always, there are no written rules as to what Sims you can use in a pose.

So for most poses on this list (and anywhere else), you can use them for same sex couples as well as straight ones – and most of the time there won’t be any discernible difference.

But it’s still really cool that the creator made these specifically for two girls, since the physical models may sometimes look a little different.

These poses are really fun, featuring lots of big smiles, hand holding, and even some finger guns.


6. Round & Round Poses

Round & Round Poses Preview / Sims 4 CC

Check Out This Pose Pack

I’ll admit, these dancing poses may not have been made specifically for prom.

But I have gotten a lot of use out of them.

They include the most Sims that I’ve ever seen in a dance pose (8 Sims total) and the results are awesome.

Each one is for eight Sims, actually. So if you happen to be playing a county save then the square dancing theme will fit in flawlessly.

But even if you aren’t, these look fantastic – and you can use them in pretty much any setting.

One pose will have all eight Sims in a circle, a few of the others will have them partnered up, and then in one, it’s four separate couples dancing on their own.

This will be a great way to make your Sim’s dance look realistically lively and fun.


7. We Can Dance Pose Pack

We Can Dance Pose Pack for The Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

Here are some more poses to get your Sims moving on the dance floor.

Only figuratively, of course.

It’s a pose so they’ll be like statues… but for photos, nobody will know the difference.

With this pose pack, there’s plenty to go around for couples and solo dancers alike.

These are more for good for times when the music is booming and upbeat. The latest pop hits and classic oldies, or whatever they play at prom nowadays.

For Sims, it’s whatever Simlish tune everyone hates the least, I think.


8. Let’s Go To Prom! Pose Pack

Let’s Go To Prom! Pose Pack / TS4 CC Preview

Check Out This Pose Pack

You can include a wider variety of Sims than ever in this prom photo session.

Because this set even includes some options for children, which can be pretty cute if you’d like to set up a middle school dance – or just don’t want them to be left out as their older siblings embark on their big night.

Most of the poses are made for those aged teen and older, though.

But these are fantastic, providing opportunities for natural and realistic looking photos for solo Sims, pairs, and even some trios.

This is the kind of pose pack that you’ll probably get use out of for Sim generations, because there’s so much to go around.


9. Prom… Posepack

Prom Posepack / Sims 4 CC

Check Out This Pose Pack

Prom…sometimes, that’s all that needs to be said.

That’s a story in and of itself, depending on the circumstances.

When these poses are used in order, they tell a story too.

It’ll show one Sim being approached by another to dance, and then they wind up kissing.

It’ll be like they’re the only two Sims in the world.

To each other, maybe they are… Aww!

It’s very sweet because in the first pose, the female Sim looks a little sad or lonely. But that doesn’t last for long once they get to dancing.


10. First Dance Pose Pack

First Dance Pose Pack for The Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

Everything in this pose pack will show your Sim going through the joyous moments of their first dance.

It’s rather funny that most people have multiple first dances in their life.

Is it really the “first” if you’ve danced before as a guest at a wedding, or at a middle school dance? I suppose that’s a matter of opinion.

But when it’s just two people who care for one another and deeply, enjoy each other’s company, it’s different. It’s magic.

And now you can capture that magic in all of its glory between your Sims!

Both Sims will be overjoyed in these poses, always smiling from ear to ear and sharing looks. It’s just the kind of passion everyone hopes to find on prom night, and it’s only fair your Sims get to experience that too.

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