Sims 4 Rave CC: Clothes, Décor & More

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No one can tear it up and have a good time like Sims at a rave.

The strobe lights, pulsing beat, and questionable dance moves are super fun to watch. Letting loose in a packed club might sound awful to some of us.

But somehow, it looks super appealing when our Sims do it.

So do you plan on throwing an in-game rave?

Then read on for some aesthetic clothes, décor, and build CC that’ll make your rave into an epic night you won’t forget.


Holo Choker

Holo Choker / Sims 4 CC

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Raves are all about funky, vibrant colors.

Make sure your Sim’s dressed for the event with this holo choker from BlahberryPancake.

This thick choker looks more like a collar than anything, and comes with a super-cute padlock heart on the front. And while we’ve shared some other chokers in the past, this one definitely stands out.

There are 12 swatches here that include some solid colors, but the holographic colors definitely give off the rave vibes we’re looking for.

This choker is also unisex, base game compatible, and can be found in the necklace category of CAS.


One Piece Romper Recolor

One Piece Romper Recolor / TS4 CC

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Rave fashion is as fabulous as it is confusing.

Take OriginalMilky’s one piece romper recolor as a prime example. Your Sim will be showing off all the skin while wearing this, thanks to the huge cutouts.

There’s also two big belts – one across the bust, and the other across the stomach.

In other words, your Sim is guaranteed to turn heads in this one! Add in 16 colors that span all shades, and the outfit possibilities are endless.

Note that you will need the mesh from Dorific to use these recolors, which you can download from their Patreon here.


Rave Kimono Conversion

Rave Kimono Conversion for The Sims 4

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Fans of The Sims 2 will recognize this iconic kimono from the Nightlife expansion pack.

You know the one: one-sleeved with the short skirt and the giant bow around the waist?

It was such a fun outfit. A great ensemble to put your quirky Sims in while they danced the night away.

And now, thanks to KiaraZurk’s conversion, it’s back again for The Sims 4!

This 10 swatch dress CC is available for Teens through Elders, and can be worn as a casual, formal, or party outfit.

It’s already in my download folder because nostalgia, of course.


Glamorous Halter Top

Glamorous Halter Top / Sims 4 CC

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Sometimes the best rave ‘fits are the ones built around a single piece.

We think NitroPanic’s halter top is a great example of that.

This metallic halter top is glittery, with straps around the neck instead of the shoulders for a more risque look. The accessories you choose determine how spicy of a look you want for your raver.

Pair it with jeans and a jacket for a more low-key look, or wear a skirt or shorts to make them the center of attention.

Alpha simmers will enjoy this top’s HQ look, while everyone will appreciate the base-game compatibility and 29 color swatches.


Galaxy Glitter Floor Tiles

Galaxy Glitter Floor Tiles / TS4 CC

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Who doesn’t want to look down and see the galaxy?

Raves are all about feeling like you’re transported to a different dimension. That’s why these glittery galaxy floor tiles by CircaSuzanne are an excellent choice when building a dance floor for your rave.

Shiny and beautiful, it’ll be hard for your Sims not to stare at their feet while getting down.

And thankfully, the only requirement to use these tiles is to have your game updated. So base game players should definitely add this to their collection.


Argunfutur Laser Light

Argunfutur Laser Light for The Sims 4

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Raves. Need. Lasers.

This is an unwritten rule, but we think it should be official. If nothing else, laser lights are a staple in raves and industrial clubs.

And this laser light CC from JonSims is a fascinating futuristic laser light that’ll draw oohs-and-ahhs from partygoers.

The base of the light has a marble-like pattern, while two beams of light emanate from it. The infinity-like symbol is definitely my favorite thing about this light.

And it’s actually part of a futuristic living room set, so check it out if you like ultra-modern CC.

Or if you’re after a more futuristic build in TS4 then we’ve got the perfect list for you.


Rave Royale Lot

Rave Royale Lot / Sims 4 CC

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Moment of truth?

I hate building.

Sims 4 is the most builder-friendly installment in the series for sure. But I just didn’t get the magic touch when it comes to making my own structures.

If this sounds like you, then you might be cringing at the thought of trying to build your own rave club.

But no need for that, because here’s a fully furnished lot for all your rave and party needs!

Mlpermalino’s Rave Royale comes with a pool, VIP lounge, and so much more. This custom 30×20 lot is three stories tall and is completely CC free.

But it does require owning some packs, so double-check the creator notes before downloading.


Discotheque Mirrorball Animated

Discotheque Mirrorball Animated Object / TS4 CC

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Nothing says it’s time to dance like a sparkly disco ball.

What if I told you we have a CC disco ball that actually works?

Yep, this hidden gem from Eve28 is a fully animated discotheque mirrorball. It uses the function of the laser light show found in the base game.

By using the cheat bb.moveobjectson, you can size up the mirrorball to your liking and simply click on it to turn it on.

We also have to commend the creator for making such an awesome item Maxis-Match friendly!

Find this one in miscellaneous electronics for 375 simoleons.


Platform Rave Boots

Platform Rave Boots / Sims 4 CC

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OriginalMilky is back again with recolors of an EA item.

The Realm of Magic pack introduced a pair of platform boots likely to be found on occult Sims (think witches or even goth vampires).

However, there’s another demographic of Sims who also love a pair of platforms:


This re-meshed collection has a whopping 22 solid and glitter swatches, with both silver and gold buckles.

But you will need a little prep work before downloading:

First, make sure you own Realm of Magic.

And then you’ll need RedHeadSims’ Boots/Heels Slider Mod so the boots show correctly on your Sims.

Other than that, you’re good to go.

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