Best Sims 4 Reading Poses To Try (All Free)

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Although the most popular way to read a book nowadays is through a digital reader, nothing beats flipping through an actual book.

As a bonafide bookworm, I do keep a couple reading poses handy in my mods folder. Lemme share some of them with you too.


1. Reading a Book Poses by katverse

Reading a Book / Sims 4 Pose Pack

Check Out This Pose Pack

You can never go wrong with a pose pack from katverse!

One of my go-to CC creators for custom poses, their sets are always great quality.

Seriously don’t know how they can make something as mundane as reading a book look so attractive, but I’m not complaining!

There are five poses total here, and they range from passively sitting to eagerly sprawling — all with book still in hand, of course. For them to work, place the handy, dandy teleport statue in the middle of a sofa.


2. The Beauty of Reading Pose Pack by katverse

The Beauty of Reading / Sims 4 Pose Pack

Check Out This Pose Pack

Like I said, you can’t go wrong with any of katverse’s custom poses.

These perfectly convey the lazy contentment one would feel during a laid-back afternoon picnic, with nothing but a basket full of baked treats and a good book for company. Sounds like a win to me!


3. Reading Poses N1 by kiruluvtsn

Reading N1 / Sims 4 Pose Pack

Check Out This Pose Pack

How many ways can you read a book?

I’m a bit boring, really; I usually just sit down somewhere and read.

These poses by kiruluvtsn make your Sims far more adventurous (and flexible!) than I.

They’ve got them leaning against a wall, sitting on a stool, lying down with their feet propped up… the number of pose variations is actually pretty impressive, considering they’re all just doing one thing.


4. Reading Fun Pose Pack by simwithsparkles

Reading Fun / Sims 4 Pose Pack

Check Out This Pose Pack

Think of this set as custom reading poses mixed with slice-of-life events.

Simwithsparkles’ pose pack contains four situations involving more than just a single Sim and their book.

Poses one and two have two Sims bonding over what are probably some recommended good reads. Pose three involves a big fluffy dog being used as a comfortable pillow.

And pose four screams nothing but “domestic,” as it shows the reading Sim chatting animatedly – book still in hand – with their significant other as they’re sprawled on the bed.


5. With Book Pose Pack by Rethdis-Love

With Book / Sims 4 Pose Pack

Check Out This Pose Pack

Like kiruluvtsn’s Reading Poses N1 set, these poses from Rethdis-Love have your Sim sitting, stretching, and reclining all over the place as they try to finish their book.

Understandable. I can definitely name a handful (or two) of titles that I absolutely could not put down, no matter what.

Navigation is a little difficult on the page, so if you have trouble accessing the Simsfileshare link, you can download these poses directly here.


6. Reading Newspaper by Rethdis-Love

Reading Newspaper / Sims 4 Pose Pack

Check Out This Pose Pack

Who even reads newspapers these days?

You’d be surprised!

Yes, journalism has definitely embraced technology and gone full digital. But printed word media still exists.

Books, magazines, and newspapers are still being produced because there’s still a demand for it. So if your Sim still reads the paper? More power to them.

Put ‘em in these poses so they can kick back and relax with the Sunday funnies.

P.S. If you’re having trouble downloading through the creator’s website, here’s the Simsfileshare link.


7. Lovely Kid Reading Book PosePack by couquett

Lovely Kid Reading Book / Sims 4 Pose Pack

Check Out This Pose Pack

Poses for kids!

I always get excited when the TS4 CC community puts out stuff for Toddlers and Children. As the life stages that are often overlooked, Sims Toddlers and Children deserve all the custom items they can get.

These wholesome poses are specifically for kids and pets.

They narrate a quiet, comfy moment between a child absorbed in a book and their dog curling up for cuddles. Too cute!


8. Reading Posepack by mercuryfoam

Reading / Sims 4 Pose Pack

Check Out This Pose Pack

These poses by mercuryfoam are ever-so-slightly animated. They remain perfectly stationary, but their faces do all the talking.

All five of them blink every few seconds.

Pose number two raises their left eyebrow (probably didn’t like what they just read).

Poses four to five stare at the camera for a beat before offering a small smile.

Yeah, it’s a little creepy watching it in-game. Especially since the animations are slightly slowed down. But for taking library or living room shots of a well-read Sim? It’s the perfect pack.


9. Studying Poses by simsgami

Studying / Sims 4 Pose Pack

Check Out This Pose Pack

When we’re forced to do it, consuming the printed word can get tedious. And stressful.

In the face of information overload via a wall of text on paper, ones’ eyes tend to glaze over and the words simply do not register.

That’s probably what’s happening with several of the poses in this twenty-item pose pack.

Some poses show considerable effort on the Sim’s side to keep going and some poses make it look like progress is being made. But for the most part, there’s a lot of head scratching, pen chewing, and book tilting.

Honestly, the visuals are pretty cute!


10. Reading (Sitting) Poses by Akuiyumi

Reading (Sitting) / Sims 4 Pose Pack

Check Out This Pose Pack

This is part one of a two-part pose series by Akuiyumi.

This set of 27 poses (yeah it’s a lot!) keeps your Sim’s butt firmly planted on the couch (or, really, any sittable area) while they read their chosen literature.

And by the looks of their expressions, whatever they chose must be pretty riveting.


11. Reading (Stand) Poses by Akuiyumi

Reading (Stand) / Sims 4 Pose Pack

Check Out This Pose Pack

And here’s part (or variation) two of Akuiyumi’s reading pose set.

This time, they’ve got your Sim standing up.

Only eight poses for this pack, which makes it significantly less overwhelming than its partner. However, it is every bit as expressive as the creator’s Reading (Sitting) poses.

I honestly have no idea what the Sim in the preview photos is reading, but you can bet I’m curious!


12. Letter Poses by sunshineofmysims

Letter Poses / Sims 4 Pose Pack

Check Out This Pose Pack

This list is for “reading” poses — not necessarily just books and newspapers.

So I’m going to slide this pack in, because the pose still has your Sim reading something. In this case, it looks to be a riveting letter that – based on model’s expression – seems to contain good news.

This pack is more for creating a narrative than for taking pretty shots (especially since there’s an obvious progression of events), but the poses are still great quality and can yield cool photos regardless.

By the way, the Child Sim is optional for the fifth pose but non-negotiable for the sixth.

Otherwise your Sim’s hand is just going to hover awkwardly mid-air.

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