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Resident Evil has been a staple in my video-game library ever since I played Resident Evil 4 on the GameCube. And I know some of you have been running around the Spencer Estate since the original 1996 game.

The series has grown into a multimedia franchise including the mainline games, several spin-offs, a live-action movie series, and many fantastic CGI-animated ones.

Recently I’ve become obsessed with zombifying my Sims 4 gameplay – and Resident Evil-themed CC has been a significant part of the process.

If you love RE as much as I do, you’ll love these wonderful TS4 mods and CC packs.


15. Resident Evil 7 T-Shirts

Resident Evil 7 T-Shirts Sims 4 CC

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If you’d like to have your Sims show their inner RE gamer love with some cool merch, these RE7 T-Shirts by Andremartinsdf will do the job.

One of them features the game’s logo just to keep things simple and let everyone know your Sim is into the survival horror genre.

The other shirt has “Welcome to the family, son” written on the front – a phrase spoken by psycho monster Jack Baker that became a bit of a meme back in 2016.

They’re the kind of shirts you’d get with a pre-order, or perhaps from a promotional event at your local Gamestop – which makes them perfect for your average gamer Sim.


14. Mikhail Viktor Outfit (RE3)

Mikhail Viktor Outfit (RE3) for Sims 4

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Introduced in Resident Evil 3 as a Captain in the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service, Mikhail Viktor is an ex-soviet army officer and a total bad-ass when zombie-killing.

His outfit is nothing less than a cool military uniform with the UBCS logo on the back.

It’ll let everyone know you’re not to be trifled with – even if zombies aren’t exactly good at judging people.

It’s nice equipment to survive the zombie apocalypse – even if it didn’t do Viktor any good against Nemesis.


13. Resident Evil 2 T-Shirts

Resident Evil 2 T-Shirts - The Sims 4

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While most of us were losing our minds waiting for Resident Evil 2 Remake to come out, creator New Era kept themselves busy working on these RE2-themed T-shirts for TS4.

These offer nine different designs available for young guys and gals.

Four of them are RPD-related, four of them are based on Claire’s “Made-In-Heaven” jacket from the 1998 original, and there’s one with RE2R’s logo so your Sims can show their love for the game.

They all come in blue, black, and red versions. Very tasteful and really representative of the game’s fandom.


12. Ada Wong’s Dress (RE2R)

Ada Wong’s Dress (RE2R) Sims 4 CC

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Ada Wong has been a mysterious character since she was introduced in Resident Evil 2.

Is she one of the bad guys? A good guy? A mere victim of her circumstances, perhaps?

Regardless of the answer, it’s clear that Leon loves her – and we do too.

This fantastic CC by Kizaragy will help you create your very own Ada Wong Sim by providing the skin-tight red dress the character can often be seen wearing.

It’s also perfect for any Sim who’s not afraid to show off their figure in a tasteful way.


11. Claire’s Original Outfit (RE2)

Claire’s Original Outfit (RE2) TS4 CC

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Claire’s old-school outfit from the original 1998 Resident Evil 2 differs considerably from her default outfit in the remake.

It’s more juvenile, creative, and it just screams “90s”.

Creator Cepzid brings us a high-quality rendition of the classic outfit, including the “Made in Heaven” vest, tight jean shorts over black spats, boots, and her little side-pouch.

It’s a bit of a weird choice if you ask me, but Claire pulls it off – and it looks easy-to-move-in, which is a crucial feature for any clothes during a zombie apocalypse.


10. Jill Valentine Retribution Outfit (RE: Res.)

Jill Valentine Retribution Outfit (RE: Res.) CC Sims 4

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If there’s something I love about modern Resident Evil games, it’s the wealth of alternate outfits offered for each character – even if you have to get them as DLC.

Brought to us by Astya96, this Retribution outfit for Jill Valentine was featured in Resident Evil: Revelations, and it gives the pioneering zombie survivor a bit of a femme fatale look.

We’d already seen some bold outfits on Jill – such as the one she wears in Resident Evil 5 – but this is simply a cut above.


9. Barry Burton Outfit (RE: Rev. 2)

Barry Burton Outfit (RE: Rev. 2) Sims 4

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Barry Burton used to be one of the funniest characters in the Resident Evil series – and he’s responsible for some of the most iconic lines in the original 1996 game.

Ever heard of the “Jill Sandwich”? That’s 100% unadulterated Burton creativity right there.

That said, his appearance in other games has taken a turn for the dark and gritty – as you can see in this outfit based on his look in Resident Evil: Revelations 2.

Now if you’re more interested in his OG outfit, creator Cepzid has CC for that too.


8. Extinction Dining Room + Living Room

Extinction Dining Room + Living Room TS4 CC

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If you’re going through all of this work to get the cast from Resident Evil into your game, you might as well have somewhere to take some post-apocalyptic screenshots.

Creator ArtVitalex brings us two collections that embody the “left behind and forgotten” aesthetic quite nicely.

They’re the After Life to the Comfort living room set, and the First Dinner after the Apocalypse dining room set.

They both include wallpapers, floors, clutter, and all sorts of furniture that’ll help you build a great base of operations for your zombie survivor cast.


7. Hunk’s Outfit (RE: ORC)

Hunk’s Outfit (RE: ORC) Sims 4 CC

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Hunk is one of those characters you can’t help but love.

He’s mysterious, wears a funny-looking mask, and he’s also a total zombie-killing machine.

If you don’t believe me, watch him spin around like a ballerina while breaking necks in this excellent run of the classic Resident Evil 4 Mercenaries Mode.

Well this outfit by Cepzid will let you bring this masked crusader into your game, ready to protect San Myshuno from any zombie outbreaks that may result from your modding.


6. Chris Redfield Outfit (RE6)

Chris Redfield Outfit (RE6) Sims 4 CC screenshot

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Straight from Resident Evil 6 comes this bad-ass military gear worn in the game by Chris Redfield while investigating a C-Virus outbreak in China.

It’s one of his most armored outfits, which is definitely appropriate for a fast-paced and violent game like RE6.

The CC has lots of pouches and room for weapons, ammunition, grenades, and other survival equipment, not that it’s totally of use in The Sims 4.

But creator Cepzid also offers us the original outfit from the first game, where he wears a green bulletproof vest over some easy-to-move-in clothes.


5. Leon & Claire Outfit Pack (RE2R)

Leon & Claire Outfit Pack (RE2R) for Sims 4

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Leon & Claire each received a slight makeover for their recent appearance in the Resident Evil 2 Remake – and they also got some sweet alternate outfits in the way of DLC.

This CC pack includes two outfits for each of them – their default ones and the “Noir” alternative, which turns the two into detectives straight out of a 1940’s Film Noir flick like The Maltese Falcon or Murder, My Sweet.

Creators PlazaSims and Astya96 also decided to include a third extra outfit for Leon exclusively, but you’ll have to try it out to find out what that is.


4. Spencer Mansion Re-created

Spencer Mansion Re-created TS4 CC

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If you’ve played through the original Resident Evil (Ior alternatively, Resident Evil 0) you know the Spencer Mansion.

This massive manor was built in the Arklay Mountains, close to Raccoon City, to serve as one of Umbrella’s main research facilities.

It’s also the primary setting for RE0 and RE1 – and the real origin of the horrors that would later consume Raccoon City.

Creator Sim4Fun took it upon themselves to re-create this colossal manor to a tee, following its floor plan with incredible accuracy and going so far as to include Umbrella’s underground labs beneath the normal-looking exterior.

The only thing it’s missing is the zombies! But we’ll take care of that soon…


3. Alternate Spencer Mansion

Alternate Spencer Mansion for The Sims 4

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If you liked the Spencer Mansion concept but just weren’t convinced by the previous entry’s less-than-stellar exterior, you can try this alternate build by creator Veronica55.

The outside of the mansion is the biggest difference to be found between the two.

This build simply looks incredible, with a gorgeous veneer and plenty of foliage surrounding the structure – which makes sense considering it’s basically in the middle of a forest.

On the other hand, it doesn’t include the secret Umbrella labs underneath. Which may be a turn-off for some die-hard fans.

No matter which one you choose, it’ll make an excellent home for any Sims you choose to put in there – though I could envision a Sim easily getting lost if you’re not careful.


2. Resident Evil Character Pack

Resident Evil Character Pack - The Sims 4

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If you’re looking for a quick but substantial Resident Evil fix for your TS4, this Resident Evil Character Pack by renowned creator PlazaSims is a no-brainer.

It’ll add everything needed to create Jill Valentine, Claire Redfield, Ada Wong, Leon Scott Kennedy, and Jake Muller in Create-A-Sim.

Inside you’ll find full-body outfits and shoes for each character, making the process as easy as loading-up CAS and choosing these two pieces.

Their faces are up to you, though.


1. Zombie Apocalypse Mod

Zombie Apocalypse Mod Sims 4

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The most impressive mod you’ll find to give your Sims 4 game a Resident Evil makeover is this Zombie Apocalypse Mod by prolific modders SacrificialMods.

Once installed, it’ll unleash a deadly zombifying virus in your Sims world, as well as provide the weapons and healing items your Sims will need to survive the slaughter.

The second major update – dubbed “Last Escape” – was recently released, making children susceptible to zombification as well.

This mod takes a lot of inspiration from the Resident Evil franchise. The best healing items are First Aid Sprays, for example, and it also adds Jill Valentine as a zombie-fighting companion.

Just be careful whenever you call her because she’s being followed by the Nemesis of RE3.

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