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In recent years, Rick & Morty has been one of the most wildly popular shows – especially among audiences that don’t generally watch cartoons (and edgy teenagers who technically shouldn’t be watching Adult Swim).

With an unspecified number of seasons on the way, it seems Rick & Morty is here to stay.

But new episodes take ages to come out – and they’re less than half an hour long!

Sure, I could re-watch all seasons for the fifth time. But that’d take up most of my time, and I have a lot of games to play. My Sims need me.

So let’s take a look at some ways you can bring a little Rick & Morty charm into your Sims 4 adventures while we wait for a new season to drop sometime.


Pickle Rick T-Shirt

Sims 4 CC / Pickle Rick T-Shirt

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First up, we have an absolute classic of Rick & Morty apparel:

A Pickle Rick tee!

Ever since Episode 3 of Season 3 was first released by Adult Swim in August 2017, fans have taken to the internet to manifest their love for one of Rick’s most insane ideas.

Pickle Rick merch starter cropping up everywhere, allowing fans to take the revolution to the streets.

Creator MeMySumSandi offers three Pickle Rick designs, including a repeat pattern with tons of pickles and a single close-up of the pickled genius.

It’s available for both male and female Sims.


Gray Rick & Morty Tees for Females

Sims 4 CC / Gray Rick & Morty Tees (Girls)

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If you’d rather help your Sim set themselves apart from the hordes of Pickle Rick-wearing plebs, there are tons of other options to show their love for the big brain cartoon.

CC Creator Melankoliska offers us these white Rick & Morty Tees, exclusively for the ladies.

They feature simple designs reminiscent of licensed merchandise from the 90s and 00s.

These also include stills from iconic scenes, like “greeting” the battery dimension people and Morty flashing his belly to show dominance (or something like that).


Get Schwifty T-Shirt Set

Sims 4 CC / Get Schwifty T-Shirt Set

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Modder MeMySimSandi helps us stave off the Cromulons’ boredom (and our subsequent destruction) with these schwifty tees, featuring the iconic duo performing their biggest musical hit yet.

If two terrible musicians going viral and people from another dimension creating digital merch for The Sims isn’t entertaining, I don’t have anything left to show the Cromulons.

It’s hard to pinpoint what getting schwifty entails – other than making a mess on the living room carpet.

But we can assume wearing schwifty merch is schwifty as hell.


Rick & Morty Sweater

Sims 4 CC / Rick & Morty Sweater

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I love licensed graphic tees.

But sometimes, it’s too cold outside to walk around with only one layer of clothing.

Misse2Miss’ Rick & Morty custom-made sweater makes it effortless to show off your love for the series throughout the colder seasons.

Warmth-loving Sims will adore it.

This set includes two unique long-sleeved sweater designs: a black one with many Pickle Ricks, and a gray one with a bright green portal and the show’s logo.


Multiverse Rick T-Shirts

Sims 4 CC / Multiverse Rick T-Shirts

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Do you watch Rick & Morty for the grandpa or the grandson?

While Morty is an irreplaceable character that gets more “protagonism” as the show goes on, most people are interested in Rick.

He’s the one with the big brain, futuristic gadgets, and a hole in his heart as deep as the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean.

This well-equipped CC set of Ricktastic T-shirts celebrate the alcoholic genius in all of his forms – including regular Rick, Pickle Rick, Evil Morty’s fake robot Rick, and many more.

If you liked the third season episode Tales From The Citadel, and the mobile game Pocket Mortys, you’ll love these Rickshirts by Becca 8323.


Assortment of Rick & Morty Tees

Sims 4 CC / Assortment of Rick & Morty Tees

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I know, I know, more t-shirts?

Well, what did you want?

A working portal gun that’d take you to the Citadel? A spaceship? A Mr. Nimbus statue?

You’re going to have to pitch that one to EA!

I also want an all-new R&M expansion – but until then, we’ll make do with these cool t-shirt designs by TigerLilly.

These are ten of the best Rick & Morty designs I’ve seen so far.

I appreciate the psychedelic element, as well as the staples (like Pickle Rick).


White Rick & Morty Sweater Top

Sims 4 CC / White Rick & Morty Sweater Preview

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90s fashion is back in style.

And that means low-rise jeans and simple outfits.

This chic sweater by Fornoraising brings style and warmth together with love for Rick & Morty.

Its white color and classic cut make it the perfect apparel if you want to bring back the 90s through your wardrobe, without letting go of your favorite things of the 21st century.


Rick & Morty Graphic Tees

Sims 4 CC / Rick & Morty Graphic Tees Pack

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These Rick & Morty tees from creator DarlingNikki are truly stylish, and feature fun designs that make them perfect for the casual, laid-back fan.

Whereas the usual Rick & Morty shirt is white or light gray, these tees are more creative and fashionable.

They even have different-colored hems that add some spice and set them apart from the competition.

My favorites are the Extra Sour Rickz Genius Pickles shirt and the one where Rick & Morty pose for Supreme while looking like mumble rappers.


Wubba Lubba Dub Dub T-Shirt

Sims 4 CC / Wubba Lubba Dub Dub T-Shirt

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When I started writing this article, I sat in front of my laptop, sipped my tea, and exclaimed, “Show me what you got.”

And show me they did.

The one CC set that convinced me not to blow up the Earth (or at least the internet) were these graphic tees by creator Nineth.

These stand out for their rich black and navy blue color choices, along with the graphics.

The print features a trendy design highlighting iconic phrases from the show like “Get Schifty” and “Wubba Lubba Dub Dub.”

If you’re in incredible pain and crying out for help like Rick, this shirt is for you.


The Smith Residence Lot

The Smith Residence Custom Lot for The Sims 4

Check Out This Lot

Finally, we’ve reached the apex of Rick & Morty CC – and it’s not apparel.

Though, technically, it isn’t CC either.

This custom Smith Residence is a fantastic lot made for The Sims 4 and created by ItzBarbieB – with absolutely no CC.

Just download the house, drop the files in your game’s folder, and place it anywhere you want.

I’d say Newcrest is probably the most realistic, as it’s the most similar to Seattle where the Smiths live.

Except for Rick’s missing spaceship, the house looks just like it does in the show – so start making creating that Sim Smith family in CAS ASAP!

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