Sims 4 Royal Poses For Princes & Princesses

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Ever since the success of Meg Cabot’s The Princess Diaries series, the whole “secretly royalty” storyline has become pretty feasible. And pretty common.

Ergo, I wouldn’t put it past us Simmers to have one or two households with royal blood running through their digitally generated veins.

And for those who want to capture some royalty in photos, here’s a handful of pose sets you can use to really immortalize your Sim’s nobility—no matter how far removed they are from the throne.


1. Imperial Dynasty Pose Pack by Beto_ae0

Imperial Dynasty Pose Pack by Beto_ae0 TS4 CC

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Need poses that scream, “we are a noble, powerful family that you do not want to mess with.”?

Beto_ae0’s got you covered.

As the name suggests, this Imperial Dynasty pose pack is a set of poses that showcase different regal families all posing for formal photos.

Depending on how you dress them up, these poses could pass for a myriad of different places and time periods.

The creator seems to have made these with royal families in mind, but I’ve no idea how modern (or not) the clothes are.

All I know is, the whole vibe of the poses – from the Sims’ expressions to the way they carry themselves – is one of elegant, high-class nobility.


2. Historical Poses by Atashi77

Historical Poses by Atashi77 Sims 4 CC

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This isn’t a royalty-specific pose pack per se.

But all three couple poses in it involve regency in some way, so I say it counts.

Especially the knighting pose (couple pose #2, I believe)!

Couldn’t find any other Sims 4 pose pack that depicted this specific scenario, so I knew I had to include it.

The other two poses are of a male and female monarch posing a la old-style portraits—which basically means staring straight at the camera as they silently exude crazy amounts of wealth and power.

Which, for the record, I am totally down for.


3. Coronation Pose Pack by WRT

Coronation Pose Pack by WRT for Sims 4

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Supposedly inspired by Sofia’s coronation from The Crown, this pack of 13 poses beautifully depicts the coronation of a female monarch (and subsequent oath-taking of a prince consort).

I don’t watch the series myself. But I can appreciate this level of research and attention to detail.

It does look very somber and ceremonial, from the Archbishop anointing the monarch, to the look of adoration and loyalty in the prince consort’s eyes.

Meanwhile, the Queen just sits there and looks fiercely gorgeous and regal af.

Honestly? I had way too much fun dressing my Sims up to test this pack.

10/10 would recommend. Repeatedly.


4. Queen Sitting Poses Set by Flower Chamber

Queen Sitting Poses Set by Flower Chamber Sims 4 CC

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This pose pack is perfect for the self-made queen who effortlessly commands respect.

Seriously – you can feel the power radiating from her, and all she’s doing is sitting down.

Absolutely love how casual and unbothered the model looks as she gazes upon whoever decided to seek an audience with her.

Now the creator may have used a Sim dressed up in modern attire (pants, top, sexily authoritative tie), but you can easily use this pose with your Sim dressed in a skirt or gown.

Just keep in mind that some of the poses, specifically the cross-legged and open-legged ones – can warp the skirt mesh and make it look wonky.


5. 1000 Followers Special by melonsloth

1000 Followers Special by melonsloth TS4 CC

Check Out This Pose Pack

The detail in this custom-poses-plus-object pack is incredible.

Seriously, the creator practically gift wraps the entire scene for the players, and it’s beautiful.

The carriage (inspired by the Paradkalesch, apparently) can comfortably hold four Sims. There are custom poses for both Adults and Children here, and they’re all several variations of sitting while waving regally (all clearly marked in the in-game pose list).

The rest of the people that make up the scene – i.e., the horsemen and the royal guards – are all decorative objects.

So is the horse-drawn carriage.

This makes it super easy to just piece the set together, instead of generating and posing random Sims to make up the rest of the cast.


6. The Crown Inspired Posepack by threethousandplumbobs

The Crown Inspired Posepack by threethousandplumbobs for Sims 4

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This one’s probably my favorite pack out of all of them.

There are 22 poses in total in this set, and they’re split pretty evenly between solo and couple poses.

According to the preview photos, the solo poses are probably meant for Female Sims models (and because the pack was inspired, again, by the The Crown series).

The quiet, feminine, regal elegance of each pose sort of confirms that. But hey; if you want to use Male Sims models for these, you’re more than welcome to. I think it could totally work for certain personalities.

There are also a fair amount of couple poses that I enjoyed just as much as the solo shots—specifically the poses where the male monarch kisses the female’s forehead, and the one where the female monarch crowns her partner/consort (can’t be too sure; I don’t watch the show).

All great stuff, all in one handy downloadable pack.


7. Duke & Duchess of Cambridge Family Portraits by WhitmoreRoyalsCC

Duke & Duchess of Cambridge Family Portraits by WhitmoreRoyalsCC Sims 4 CC

Check Out This Pose Pack

Your TS4 versions of Prince William and Kate Middleton can now proudly pose exactly like their real-life counterparts.

The poses in this pack by WhitmoreRoyalsCC are apparently inspired by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s own family portraits.

And just between you and me, they replicated the real photos pretty damn well.

You’ll need three or four Sims to make them all work: two adults, and one to two children.

Unlike the other packs on this list, there’s no nobly arrogant air to the expressions in this one.

In fact, the smiles the models are wearing here are particularly down-to-earth—just like Prince William and Kate!


8. Aristocratic Portraits Poses by Atashi77

Aristocratic Portraits Poses by Atashi77 TS4 CC

Check Out This Pose Pack

This one’s pretty simple and straightforward, but it’s still a cool find.

As the title of the pack suggests, all twelve poses in here are meant to give off an aura of wealth, nobility, and aristocracy.

Which basically just means your Sims get to look cool and regal as heck when you put them in these poses.

All of them are unisex, I believe, but some seem better suited for Male models and others to Females (see preview photos for reference).

But at the end of the day, hey you do you. They all work.


9. Royals – A Sims 4 Posepack by Quiddity Jones

Royals – A Sims 4 Posepack by Quiddity Jones Sims 4 CC

Check Out This Pose Pack

For when royalty and nobility need to address us common folk, behold:

A pack of custom poses for solo kings, queens, and power couples alike.

There are a total of 22 poses in here.

Specifically you’ll get several individual speech poses (with varying emotions), several couple poses (standard “just smile and wave, dear; smile and wave,” expressions), and a very specific desk pose (where both monarchs silently judge you from behind their desk).

The simplicity of the pack’s concept notwithstanding, I genuinely enjoyed this pack.

It’s interesting, it’s well-made, and seeing emotions other than “what are you doing here, peasant?” on my Sims was a breath of fresh air.


10. Imperial Regalia of Russia by NormalSiim

Imperial Regalia of Russia by NormalSiim for Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

This wasn’t marketed as a pose pack. So I very nearly let this gem slip by, but thank goodness I didn’t.

The Imperial Regalia of Russia pack is a set of goodies guaranteed to make your royal Sims a hundred times more legit.

It contains a hat accessory (aka the Imperial Crown of Russia), two hand accessories (aka the Imperial Scepter and Imperial Orb of Russia, in no particular order), and 13 very cool poses.

The poses in question are quite simple – but gosh darn it do they fit this theme.

Four of them are coronation poses, and the other nine are “posing for the royal portrait” poses.

You’ll need a throne for the coronation poses, but the portrait poses can stand by themselves (no pun intended).

To complete the picture, just let your Sim wear all the accessories (make sure to find appropriately powerful clothing) and let the magic happen.

If it’s not obvious yet that I enjoyed this pack, I’ll put it plainly: I enjoyed the heck out of this pack.

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