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Nothing is more nostalgic than the classic Sailor Moon anime.

I remember being young and fascinated by everything that this show had to offer: characters that I looked up to and admired, a fun sidekick that always made me laugh, and the beautiful aesthetic that seems to have made its way back into pop culture today.

As we’ve gotten older, a lot of us still have a huge place for Sailor Moon in our hearts.

We still remember the theme song like the back of our hands. We relate to our favorite Sailor Guardian like she’s our best friend (I’ve always had a soft spot for Sailor Mars). And we would do anything to get out hands on a real Moon Wand of our own.

Thanks to The Sims 4, we can recreate a lot of our love for the show as we design our version of a perfect world, and pretend like we’re one of the Pretty Guardians, too!

Yep, it’s time to get the gang back together and drool over Tuxedo Mask. Because we’re taking a look at all the best Sailor Moon Custom Content made specifically for TS4 players.


10. Moon Stickers

Moon Stickers For Sims 4

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Nothing is quite as iconic(as far as pop culture goes) than the moon on Luna’s forehead.

One of the reasons it’s so widely loved is because it’s simple, cute, yet bold.

Adding some facepaint like Luna’s moon is a great way to add a unique touch to your Sims look, whether it’s for a one-time costume or for a cutesy outfit.

The moon sticker is a staple in any set of Sailor Moon accessories!


9. Sailor Scout Tattoos

Sailor Scout Tattoos for The Sims 4

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Tattoos are arguably one of the best ways to show off your creativity and dedication to the things you love most.

If you’re a hardcore Sailor Moon fan, but too afraid to get inked in real life, then these Sailor Scout tattoos are essential!

Or even if you’ve got tattoos in real life, then doesn’t your Sim deserve some too?

This set of small wrist tattoos comes with a couple different options, such as Usagi’s moon, Mars, and Mercury, and it’s a subtle reminder of how amazing the show truly is.


8. The Alleged Simmer – Usagi

Usagi clothes and styles pack - Sims 4 CC

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When people think of Sailor Moon, they usually think of… well, Sailor Moon herself.

This blogger has compiled 9 custom content options together, all themed around the famous Usagi Tsukino, and the adorable pink & purple shades associated with her girly, cute aesthetic.

A lot of these pieces are all subtle references to the show and to her. So they can be used to create a casual, every-day looks for you Sim, while adding a little extra flair – complete with bunnies, moons, and flowers.

Two items in the collection that stand out to me the most are the choker and headphones.

With this pack you have some clothes to choose from, but also accessories as well!


7. Cat and Kitten Cresent Moon

Kitten Cresent Moon for pets - Sims 4 CC

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Sure, we’ve talked about giving your Sim Luna’s crescent moon.

But what about re-creating Luna’s look entirely?

To do that, you would need to find a crescent moon for your pet… which is exactly what we have here.

Too often, pets in The Sims are left forgotten. But they need accessories too! And yeah there’s plenty of pets-themed mods, but I want Luna in TS4 darnit!

With this crescent moon designed CC for your cats and kittens, you can recreate Luna with no details left out.


6. Sailor Moon X Colourpop Eyeshadow

Sailor Moon X Colourpop Eyeshadow Makup Mod

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The world nearly fainted when Colourpop dropped their line of cosmetics that teamed up with Sailor Moon.

The colors were beautiful. The pallets were stunning. And their packaging was perfect for any collector, whether they actually wanted to use the makeup or not.

Well this content creator has recreated the whole line of makeup, so your Sim can have a full face reminiscent of the guardians too. And fill in the holes left in the hearts of fans like myself that didn’t get their hands on any before they sold out.


5. Sailor Moon Objects Pack 01

Sailor Moon Objects Pack - TS4 CC

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Nothing helps bring a home to life quite like unique art pieces.

If you’re having trouble finding exactly what your lot needs to bring it up a notch, then you should check out this collection of cute Sailor Moon-themed statues!

From different wands and a crystal on a royal pillow, they’re the perfect option for when you want to add some décor references to your favorite show, but don’t want to come off as cliché.

Not only are the statues beautifully made and displayed, but the Silver Crystal statue is also a lamp! This makes it a functional piece in your Sim’s home.

If you’re on the lookout for even more Sailor Moon content, be sure to check out the rest of SilverMoon Sims Tumblr page. They have a wide variety of different Sailor Moon custom content, ranging from the original show all the way to Sailor Moon Crystal!


4. Kitty Slippers

Kitty Slippers for Sailor Moon TS4 fans

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These kitty slippers made their way onto this list because… well, while there is a wide selection of Sims 4 slippers to choose from, there’s an option to have Luna-themed slippers on your Sim’s feet.

Luna slippers!

Is there a better way to wake up in the morning than dressed in these adorable fuzzies on your Sim’s feet? I think not!


3. Sailor Moon CAS Background

Sailor Moon CreateASim Background Mod

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It’s possible to incorporate Sailor Moon into The Sims in ways you might not have thought possible.

For example, instead of some boring blue background while you’re trying to make your Sims look their best, try swapping it out for a fresh new look.

Like using this background from KatVerseCC in your CAS UI.

It’s sure to put you in just the right mood while you’re planning out your Sim’s next wardrobe rotation.


2. Sailor Moon Classic Pack V2

Sailor Moon classic outfit pack v2

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This list wouldn’t complete if I didn’t offer a way to get your Sim dressed up just like your favorite guardian.

This CC pack is your go-to place to find all of the tops, skirts, accessories, shoes, really everything you need to get your recreation as accurate as possible.

Yes, even down to the smallest details imaginable.

Did anyone else immediately want to create a household full of the whole team when they saw this? Adding that onto my list of things to do this weekend!


1. Usagi Hair

Sailor Moon Usagi Hair - Sims 4 Mod

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I’m not going to lie: there are a lot of options out there for one of the most beautiful hairstyles in all of anime.

However, this particular recreation of Usagi’s hair is definitely the best one I’ve found.

Everything down to the natural-looking texture, up to the buns, it’s the perfect CC to get her hairstyle without making your Sim look like a weird freak.

This hair blends, and it blends well.

Not to mention it comes with a variety of colors too.

Maybe your Usagi got sick of the blonde and she’s ready for a change!

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