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If you’ve ever touched the “interior design” part of Pinterest, then you’ve probably seen a lot of beautiful rooms featuring white or cream-colored walls, cozy-looking woven rugs, wooden furniture, and lots of geometrical-slash-nature-oriented designs (like simplified arrows, deer, flying bird silhouettes, autumn leaves, etc.)

It’s entirely possible that 90% of these rooms are done with minimalist or contemporary design concepts in mind.

The other 10% could be done using Scandinavian design ideas.

Scandinavian design has become pretty popular thanks to its use of clean lines, bare textures, and cozy colors. And also probably from IKEA stuff.

Aside from looking clean and compact, Scandinavian interiors also typically look warm and inviting.

And if that’s something you want to incorporate into your Sim’s house, I highly recommend. Because Scandinavian rooms will never not look gorgeous – especially with all this CC!


1. Japandi Dining by Pilar

Japandi Dining for Sims 4

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Set Contains: 12 Items (Furniture and Décor Objects)

I figured I’d start this article with my second-favorite CC pack (my favorite being illogicalsim’s Fanmade Stuff Pack at number 5) out of the entire haul.

I swear, this fusion concept by TS4 CC creator Pilar is genius.

The title alone gave me insanely high expectations for the set – especially since both Scandinavian and Japanese-style interiors are incredibly gorgeous – and the results did not disappoint. If anything, the creator knocked it out of the park.

Scandinavian and Japanese designs share a lot of similar principles. Clean lines, minimal extravagance, less clutter… so it makes sense that the two would complement each other.

I just didn’t realize how freaking stunning they can be together until I saw this pack.

Look at those tree-branch-style bookshelves and those beautiful wood-texture patterns and tell me you’re not hopelessly in love. It’s clean, it’s simple, and it makes for a really unique and elegant dining set.

And staying effectively true to Scandinavian principles of simplicity, every piece comes in just two color options.


2. Scandinavian Wall Set by SimFabulous

Scandinavian Wall Set / TS4 CC

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Set Contains: 6 Items (Wall Coverings)

Yeah, your furniture may be Scandinavian-chic… but what about your walls?

In a pinch, you could use the base game’s basic solid-colored wallpaper options (the pastels, the neutrals, and so on).

Or – and hear me out here – you could use SimFabulous’s Scandinavian Wall Set wallpapers and really complete the look.

Seriously, these designs are gorgeous. Minimally simple without looking boring, bland, or repetitive.

Thin diagonal cream lines over soft, earthy hues, multi-colored triangles in soft, dark, understated colors, two-toned wallpaper… you’d be hard-pressed to not find an appealing design.

I personally love the one with the feathers. It makes for a good accent wall.

All the wall coverings here go for $20, and they come in 8 color options (save for the multi-colored triangles; those come in two recolors).


3. Classic Wall Set – Cherry Blossom Birds by Peacemaker_IC

Classic Wall Set – Cherry Blossom Birds / Sims 4 CC

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Set Contains: 1 Item (Wall Coverings)

Want more Scandinavian accent wall options? Got you covered.

Or, well… more like Peacemaker_IC’s got you covered with their stunning Cherry Blossom Birds wall set.

It’s a little bit noisier than what’s usually typical of Scandinavian-style interiors. But that’s only if used as wallpaper for the whole room.

Paint one wall with this pattern and paint the rest in a complementing solid color – and maybe a softer texture – and you’ve got yourself a winning combo.

There are 6 total color variations for this wall set, and they’re all beautiful. The creator’s personal favorites are the coral and the duck-egg blue.

I like the soft yellow/cream-colored variant, but I’m going to have to agree with them on the duck-egg blue, too.


4. Vega Office Décor by Severinka_

Vega Office Décor Scandinavian CC for The Sims 4

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Set Contains: 8 Items (Décor Objects)

This Vega Office Décor pack by Severinka_ is exactly what your Sim needs for their Scandinavian-style home office.

Solid colors and sleek lines blended with soft splashes of watercolor and wooden arrows make the whole place warmer and more appealing.

There are two arrow well décor designs for you to choose from; one with three fletching clumps (all colored differently from the rest of the arrow), and one with two (colored the same as the arrowhead).

There’s also this worn wooden chalkboard framed with gorgeous sketches, two funky geometric wire figures (that genuinely look like the really expensive décor CEOs buy as a casual flex), plus a roll of drafting paper and sketches (framed and not framed) that you can lean against the wall.


5. TS4 Minimalist Bedroom Stuff by illogicalsims

TS4 Minimalist Bedroom Stuff Pack / Sims 4 CC

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Set Contains: 29 Items (25 Furniture and Décor Objects, 2 Wall Coverings, 2 Floor Coverings)

I’m trying to remain semi-professional as I write this, so I’m going to contain my excitement as best I can, but seriously. Seriously. This fanmade Sims 4 stuff pack by illogicalsims genuinely feels like a gift that keeps on giving.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that I honestly wouldn’t mind paying for this pack (but thanks to illogicalsims, for making it free!).

I mean, the concept, quality, and execution? Next level. Next freaking level.

Every piece that I put down made me want to design multiple bedrooms. And I am in no way, shape, or form, a Sims 4 builder. My Sims settle in EA builds for goodness sake.

The items are just that good. There are 25 new objects (including a single and double bed, a drawer, work table, two floor lamps, and the tiniest little potted plant), 2 new wall textures (both having this nice, soft-wood texture and color), and 2 new floor textures (that are just as dreamy as the wall).

The furniture items are all feature truly minimal designs. Very Scandinavian, to be sure. But the decorations are what got me crazy excited.

Okay, so this pack has a picture-less wooden frame that comes in four colors: oak, dark wood, light wood, and gray-blue. It also comes with several different frameless pictures (all different designs) so that you can mix, match, and customize your own wall decorations. Pretty neat.

There’s also this beautiful black-rimmed wall hanging that comes in 14 different options, and 12 of those options feature the different worlds in TS4. Cute concept? Yup! Cuter results? Yup!

And if the wall deco just isn’t doing it for you, the other major deco option in this pack is these incredibly artsy classically-minimalist picture frame designed to lean against walls or corners.

It come in two sizes (small and large) and ten variations, and I’m not kidding when I say all the design options are gorgeous.

This is getting really lengthy, so I’m gonna wrap it up here. Just… get this pack. Love this pack. Live this pack.


6. Naturalis Bedroom by SIMcredible!

Naturalis Bedroom / TS4 CC

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Set Contains: 14 Items (Furniture and Décor Objects)

SIMcredible! gives us what the TS4 base game can’t: bed customization.

I’m still of the opinion that all the beds in The Sims 4 would look better if you could change the colors of the frame, mattress, pillow, and blanket individually.

But maybe that’s just me.

That’s primarily why I fell in love with this Naturalis Bedroom pack.

I mean, it helps that the designs are beautiful, the details are on-point, and the textures are incredibly Scandinavian-classy. The three main color options of this pack – deep mahogany, white wood, and light grain – also work well with most any color scheme or theme.

But the bed is, for me, the crowning glory.

You can mix-and-match the bed frame and mattress with the pillows and the bed cover.

Yep, all separate pieces.

So you can pair the white wool mattress in a light grain frame with those deep mahogany pillows (because contrast), and then throw a gorgeous woven bed cover in light charcoal-blue over the whole thing.

If you’re a big fan of customization – and of really natural, down-to-earth, weave-and-wool fabrics – this Naturalis Bedroom set is the absolute bomb.


7. Scandinavian Style Boys Room by MXIMS

Scandinavian Style Boys Room CC for The Sims 4

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Set Contains: 6 Items (Furniture and Décor Objects)

As with SIMcredible!’s Naturalis Bedroom set, MXIMS’ Scandinavian Style Boys Room has a bed that you can cobble together to fully customize.

The box frame, mattress, pillow, and Jonesi blanket (credited by the creator to @paisleyavenueredux) are all separate.

The different color schemes, textures, and patterns all mean you can play around with complementing (or clashing) combos to your heart’s contents.

Other items include a desk-drawer unit with a matching chair, both of which look awesome in the set’s signature muted white color.

And speaking of, the color palette for this set edges towards muted neutrals and soft wood.


8. Tuomo Scandinavian Living by RightHearted

Tuomo Scandinavian Living Set / Sims 4 CC

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Set Contains: 18 Items (Furniture and Décor Objects)

This whole furniture set definitely screams modern high-end Scandinavian.

You’ve got the classic Scandinavian elements of nature-oriented textures and stylistically pure color palettes throughout. Very clean, very stripped, very minimal.

The “modern, high-end” part is due to the sweet floating wooden TV stand, the combo-DVD-player-and-games-console package, and the curved flatscreen TV.

All these items pieced together make for a cool no-frills entertainment center that works really well with the other items in the pack.

As far as customization goes, the sectional sofa is a real winner.

It’s a pretty uncommon concept that RightHearted executed perfectly. Just like the beds in MXIMS’ Scandinavian Style Boys Room and SIMcredible!’s Naturalis Bedroom, you can cobble pieces of the sofa together to create something a little more custom to your liking.

The main body of the sofa, the back pillows, and the throw pillows are all separate items with separate color options.

The throw pillows themselves even come in three different variations: big, small, and slightly bent in the middle. And you can place as many as you wish!


9. Scandinavian Living Set by seimar8

Scandinavian Living Set / TS4 CC

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Set Contains: 16 Items (Furniture and Décor Objects)

This living room set really plays up how crucial texture is in Scandinavian design.

It also amplifies the concept of “hygge”, which basically refers to the feeling of coziness and enjoying simplicity.

There’s a gingham sofa and armchair, a simple wooden coffee table, a no-nonsense, three-tiered floating shelf, and a clean, modern fireplace—among other things.

But the other items in the pack – which are mostly simple decorative objects and furniture – share the same modest & strictly functional vibe. Nothing is gaudy or over-the-top.

The decorations in this pack serve as points of contrasts and pops of color.

Their clean color palettes and simple patterns add a homely touch to the overall room without looking like unnecessary visual clutter.

It’s not as Scandinavian-modern as the other packs on this list, but it’s just as beautiful.


10. Scandinavian Dining Room by MXIMS

Scandinavian Dining Room CC for The Sims 4

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Set Contains: 10 Items (Furniture and Décor Objects)

This here is another CC pack that combines Scandinavian principles with contemporary-minimalist styles—and one arguably eclectic lightbulb chandelier.

Still, it’s in-theme with the Scandinavian classics of nature-oriented silhouettes (i.e., tree branches, birds in flight, sunrays), so it still totally belongs in the pack.

The other 9 items consist of an unassuming 2×1 dining table, three different dining chairs, and an assortment of decorative Clutter objects to liven things up, without actually making things look cluttered. Because, you know, Scandinavian.

My favorite piece here is the monogramed coffee mug with the teensy spoon and the kitchen holder clutter – because it doubles as an actual functional shelf, which is cool.


11. IKEA Mandal Bedroom Set by MXIMS

IKEA Mandal Bedroom Set / Sims 4 CC

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Set Contains: 5 Items (Furniture)

Of all the items in this pack, the separate bed headboard caught my eye.

Don’t get me wrong; all the other items are beautiful. Beautiful swatches, great texture, and stylishly compact (especially the floor mirror).

There may not be a lot of pieces in this pack. But the quality more than makes up for the dip in quantity.

But the headboard is, for me, the crowning glory. It’s made entirely of wooden slats and bordered by three small shelves on either side. And each shelf is functional.

So you could place little decorations and clutter objects on them to completely change the look of the entire bed!

This headboard expertly combines two separate Scandinavian concepts:

A) everything must be functional, and B) a multilayered bedroom is an inviting bedroom.

And this pack follows these concepts flawlessly.


12. IKEA Hemnes Bedroom by MXIMS

IKEA Hemnes Bedroom / TS4 CC

Check Out This CC

Set Contains: 5 Items (Furniture)

Similar to the IKEA Mandal Bedroom Set, this Ikea Hemnes Bedroom (by the same CC creator) contains basic furniture in the classic Scandinavian theme of contrasting neutrals, bare metal, and stripped, modest design.

It’s all very simple and straightforward—in that odd, warmly-elegant way that is characteristic of most Scandinavian interiors.

Although there’s no hint of nature-oriented patterns, textures, or silhouettes here. The creator seems to have kept to the more “stylistically pure” elements of our main design theme.

The differently-sized drawers are a nice touch too, as you can stack them across the wall to create a layered look.


13. Era Livingroom Décor by Severinka_

Era Livingroom Décor CC for The Sims 4

Check Out This CC

Set Contains: 9 Items (Décor Objects)

If your favorite principle of Scandinavian design is the nature-oriented patterns and-slash-or-silhouettes, you’ll love this CC décor pack.

Especially the funky-looking driftwood-style table decoration.

Pop it on top of a sleek black-glass coffee table or a painted metal shelf for maximum stylish contrast.

The decorative rugs are beautiful age-washed & sepia-toned pieces that you can easily place on lighter wood to create a warm, almost rustic atmosphere.

The wall lamps and ceiling lamps utilize a basic, bare metal finish to accentuate their very neutral color palette.

Propped up against darker walls, these will blend right in to create a sort of seamless look.

Against lighter walls, they’ll create pretty pops of contrast.

Definitely one of the tamer décor packs so far, but in a good way.

The items here seem like they’re designed to help quiet down a noisy room, while simultaneously keeping the color theme from slipping into monotonous territory.


14. ScandiFever Living Room by SIMcredible!

ScandiFever Living Room Set / Sims 4 CC

Check Out This CC

Set Contains: 20 Items (Furniture and Décor Objects)

If illogicalsims’ Minimalist Bedroom stuff pack was the best for creating modern Scandinavian bedrooms, SIMcredible!’s ScandiFever Living Room is hands-down one of the best packs for a Scandinavian living room.

They totally nailed the stylistically pure concept of this design with simple solid-hues color palettes, and the contrasting textures on these pieces make them look so posh and inviting (grained wood with polished brass, clean cotton with patterned textiles, woven rattan with bare metal).

The painting sets are genuinely my favorite part of this whole pack (followed closely by the cozy-looking logs basket and the really cute circle stickers/wall decals).

There are 7 design options and 4 color variations for each option.

That’s a total of 28 different painting sets that you can use here.

As for the designs, well… I am 100% weak for the whole tribal-y, nature-y, geometric-overlay type of designs. So yes, I am completely biased when I say that the designs are drop-dead gorgeous.

Deer, leaves, simplified arrows, scribbled words… totally in-line with my aesthetic. Of course I had fun placing them all over my Sim’s walls.

Paintings aside, the other furniture and décor pieces in this pack are incredibly high-quality.

No problems with the meshes, simple color variations (sticking true to the good ol’ minimalist concept), and perfectly functional.

If you have to download just one Scandi CC pack for your living room, download this one.


15. Amura Living Room by Forever Designs

Amura Living Room Scandinavian-Themed TS4 CC

Check Out This CC

Set Contains: 20 Items (Furniture and Décor Objects)

Here’s what I love about the sectional sofa in this pack:

You can build it to be as long or as short as you need it to be. Totally customizable.

It can be a lone section for just one person, or a monstrous 1×8 that spans the entirety of the living room.

Is that something I’ve always been looking for in a Sims 4 sofa? Not really.

But is that something I didn’t realize I needed?


Customizable furniture always makes for an interesting look. And I love that this one is actually functional.

The left end, the right end, and the middle section sort of snap to the grid too. So you don’t have to worry about one chunk of the couch looking wonky.

Just place and snap, snap, snap until that sofa’s the length you want it to be.

And don’t forget to pair it with the matching ottoman/living room pouf.

And yes, this set gives you the pieces to build a custom-length ottoman too. The attention to detail and versatility here is crazy.

Other points of interest in this pack are the display cabinet with really cool design, with all these different-sized boxes to go along with it.

Plus I can’t forget to mention the magazine clutter objects too!

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