The Sims 4: Single Bed CC Designs To Download

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The bedroom is the most important room in our lives, next to the kitchen.

It’s where we cry, relax, zone out, and do… intimate things.

Most of all, it’s where we can comfortably shut the world out for 7-8 hours a day.

These basic human needs are what makes a bedroom vital for survival, and at the core of that is a nice cozy bed.

Most people would jump at the chance of having a super king-sized bed, but there are still advantages to going small.

Read on to find some of the best single-size bed CC that your Sims can enjoy.


10. Spoiled Rattan Bed

Spoiled Rattan Bed Sims 4 CC

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Based on a made-up statistic, 9 out of 10 people would love to live by the beach.

After all, waking up to the sound of waves is definitely less anger-provoking than having car horns as a daily alarm.

If your Sim is an urban native with a craving for sunburns and piña coladas, then this Spoiled Rattan Bed CC can give them a slice of paradise.

Tuck your Sims in a single bed mounted by a simple yet stylish rattan frame!


9. I Woke Up Like This

I Woke Up Like This TS4 CC

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Having a roommate, whether it’s a sibling or a college friend, can either be fun or downright annoying.

If it’s the latter, then I’m sure you wouldn’t want to see their face first thing in the morning.

To give you that personal border without offending said roommate, this single bed by Ravasheen can be your saving grace.

Armed with a confessional-style bed frame made from rattan, your Sim can finally rest easy knowing that their morning is safe from unsavory views.

You can also further customize your anti-roommate bed with other separated frames, making it an adaptable piece of furniture for any scenario!


8. Bedroom Baker

Bedroom Baker for Sims 4

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Sleeping alone doesn’t sound so sad when you have a luxurious single bed like this CC.

ShinoKCR’s bedroom baker looks straight out of a five-star boutique hotel, which comes with a posh centerpiece and matching furniture.

Have your Sims enjoy all the silky comforts this CC can provide by staying single and hoping they don’t end up with a blanket hoarder.


7. Zoe Wide Single Bed

Zoe Wide Single Bed Sims 4 CC

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Assuming that humans might not survive climate change and we’ll all have to live on Mars for eternity, then humankind would need futuristic furniture upgrades.

This Zoe Wide Single Bed CC may not be as advanced in functionality.

But it’s cute enough to impress our alien neighbors style-wise.

Put a pop of color in your Sim’s bedroom with this space-themed bed from Severinka!


6. Iridium Single Bed

Iridium Single Bed for Sims 4

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One important thing to note when choosing a single bed: make sure the bed frame gets all the attention.

It’s a simple trick to fool people into thinking you can sleep soundly on a hand-me-down mattress that already lost its stuffing from years of reuse.

Without that nice modern bed frame, Wondymoon’s Iridium Single Bed would go from 10 to 0 real quick.


5. Modern Toddler Beds

Modern Toddler Beds Sims 4 CC

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Even if kids don’t work for 40 hours a week, they still deserve a nice bedroom that would guarantee a restful sleep.

Get your Sim children new modern toddler beds in this CC set, come in 9 swatches to choose from.

Clean, crisp, and refreshing, this CC by Nativemoonlight is definitely ten times better than the futon I had to endure back in the day.


4. Graphic Bedroom

Graphic Bedroom TS4 CC

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The problem for most homeowners nowadays is finding more space to cram all the clutter they’ve collected over the years.

In this case, having a single bed would be the best choice to open up more room for things that your mom would’ve thrown out in a heartbeat.

Sims may not be so sentimental with the random sh*t we get them.

But at least they’ll have a bedroom worth coming home to.

Install this graphic bedroom CC set and start digging! It includes 14 items that would complement any clean & modern aesthetic.


3. Saturday Morning

Saturday Morning Sims 4 CC

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There are days where you just want to curl up into a ball, read books, and not interact with anyone (except maybe your pets).

It’s a feeling we know all too well.

And once you see a super cozy bed like this CC by cherry-sims, then you’re pretty much gone.

If I could wake up in this bedroom setup every day, I wouldn’t ever want to leave.


2. Bedroom Anel

Bedroom Anel for Sims 4

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This Bedroom Anel single bed is like those forts we used to build when we were kids.

Only this time, it’s created by adults.

This single bed has the frame of a roof over it, which feels like you’re living inside a house within a house.

It looks simple now, but once you add some fairy lights and other decors around the frame, it’ll look just as magical as our indoor forts used to be.


1. Hybrid Bed Desk Frame Set

Hybrid Bed Desk Frame Set Sims 4 CC

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With this CC by Novvvas, living tiny is a cool possibility.

This Hybrid Bed Desk Frame Set combines a functional working space, closet, and a single bed, creating a small yet portable living space.

Having a 15-square-meter room for a home may seem limiting and borderline claustrophobic.

But it’s got its perks in having less space to clean, and more room for necessities.

Get your Sims to live smart and go with this (surprisingly classy) bed/desk hybrid.

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