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South Park was a vital part of my childhood (and possibly yours as well).

Inappropriate, I know, but I’m just stating the facts. My friends and I would have a ton of fun laughing at the insanely offensive and disgusting events that took place in the show – and nobody could stop us without breaking all of the TVs in the house.

I still remember when my mom caught me watching that one scene where Mr. Slave gets Paris Hilton into – well, you know the one.

Now that I’m no longer a kid, I appreciate the deeper social commentary and parody that South Park offers – and it’ll always have a special place in my heart.

If you also want to give South Park a special place in your next Sims 4 build, well you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s a bunch of awesome SP-themed CC to check out.


1. South Park Rug

South Park Rug for The Sims 4

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Every kid needs a rug to play on.

Sure they get dirty and may house dust mites, but if you take care of them, it’s an excellent place for kids to just sit on the floor without their temperature dropping below zero in the winter months.

It’s a bit ironic to get your kid this South Park rug considering the show is incredibly offensive and – as per the disclaimer – “nobody should watch it.”

Still, sometimes stuff slips through the cracks.

I mean, I watched South Park back in the day, and I turned out okay… well, mostly okay.


2. South Park Puffball Hats

South Park Puffball Hats / TS4 CC

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I lived in a pretty hot part of the world during my childhood. And South Park was the first time I ever saw people dressed for the snow.

The puffball hats both Stan and Cartman wear were really something.

They look ridiculous if you’re not used to them, and I can’t help but remember the show whenever I spot one of them.

This CC set includes three puffball hats for your Sims, resembling the ones worn by Cartman, Stan, and even Craig!

And they won’t just look great on South Park Sims, but really on anyone who needs some protection from the cold.


3. Kyle’s Guitar T-Shirt

Kyle's Guitar T-Shirt / Sims 4 CC

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One of my all-time favorite South Park episodes is Season 11’s “Guitar Queer-O”, where Stan and Kyle become utterly obsessed with Guitar Hero to the point of trying to become pro players.

I can’t help but burst into laughter every time they start playing from memory with unplugged GH controllers and people around them actually recognize the songs.

It’s pretty absurd, though not at all different from when my friends watch League of Legends championships and actually understand what’s going on.

This rocker Kyle T-shirt should be a great conversation starter.


4. South Park Blouses

South Park Blouses Set / Sims 4 CC

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Despite the show’s main characters being all boys, I know plenty of gals who love South Park’s crass humor.

These South Park blouses are for them.

They’re sleek and hug the body, accentuating your Sim’s curves.

This CC set includes four blouse designs featuring Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny on different-colored blouses, so you have something to wear every day of the week.

You can also go out in combination with your friends.

Let’s just hope they don’t think you’re the Cartman of the group.


5. South Park T-Shirts

South Park T-Shirts Set / Sims 4 CC

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Just like we have blouses for the gals, there are t-shirts for the boys.

These tees are simple and unpretentious.

They’re the kind of thing you might get at Walmart or a low-budget comic convention, but there’s a place for that in any Sim’s wardrobe – whether it’s pajamas, workout clothes, or just chill-out threads to hang around in their home.

The designs are super classic too, featuring Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny in their most old-school look.


6. Casa Bonita Restaurant

Casa Bonita Restaurant Lot / TS4 CC

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Here we have the Casa Bonita restaurant from the eponymous 11th episode of the show’s seventh season.

Something you might not know about the Casa Bonita restaurant is that it’s an actual location in Denver, Colorado, close to the real South Park from where the series takes its inspiration.

But you don’t have to recreate the episode to enjoy this fantastic lot.

Even if you don’t use it for anything SP-related, it’s still a gorgeous high-profile restaurant with a remarkable facade. You can even throw in some custom restaurant CC to turn this into a working business.

But just with the lot itself, going inside you’ll find a giant cave pool, fountains, a “dining cave,” and a large maze for your Sims to traverse.

There’s also a relaxing cabana in the back.


7. Kyle’s Jacket + Hat

Kyle Broflovski Jacket + Hat for The Sims 4

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I know. Most of you came here expecting a way to get the kids from South Park into your game.

Well, getting them all might be a tall order without putting in some effort in CAS, but I’ve found some excellent CC to get you started.

This Kyle CC set includes his two most essential clothing pieces: the winter jacket and hat.

You’ll still have to model a Sim to match the look, give them ginger hair, and make them idealistic-enough to still be friends with Cartman despite all the bullying – but these clothing items definitely put you on the right track.


8. Cartman’s Jacket + Hat

Eric Cartman's Jacket + Hat for The Sims 4

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I think it’s fair to say South Park wouldn’t be the same without Cartman.

All of the boys and supporting cast are key to the show, but Cartman is on another level.

Around half the episodes are about Cartman involved in some insane (nd usually offensive) shenanigans, and his unapologetic asshole attitude really brings the show together.

He’s self-centered bad apple, and your South Park in TS4 wouldn’t be whole without him.

Like our previous entry, this CC set gives you everything needed to get this public enemy into your next Sims game.

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