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With the series coming to an end, a lot of Steven Universe fans have found themselves at a loss without their favorite Crystal Gems around anymore.

There’s not much that can compare to the first time I watched the show. Captivated from the start with an adorable main character, his unique family made up of gems and humans alike, and a colorful world that had me wanting more.

From the captivating art style and cute and catchy musical pieces, it’s hard to not find yourself wanting more of Steven Universe.

If you’re looking to bring the best of both worlds into your Sims 4 game, then stick around! Here we’re going to be covering all things Steven Universe with Sims 4 CC for you to try out.


8. Steven Universe Pictures

Steven Universe Pictures for The Sims 4

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Nothing makes a house feel more like a home than adding a little bit of personalization.

Whether it’s showcasing some of your Sim’s greatest achievements over the years, or adding some home decor that shows off their favorite shows, you really can’t go wrong with making their space feel more like who they are.

These Steven Universe pictures are beautifully drawn, come in four different character options, and are a great way to step up any room.

Throw them onto the wall in a bedroom, a gaming room, or even the living room.

Snobby art is a thing of the past – character posters all the way!


7. Steven Universe Toddler Tees

Steven Universe Toddler Tees CC for TS4

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Real talk here, one of the reasons I love Steven Universe so much is because I’ve spent a lot of my life around kids.

I’ve worked at daycares, I’ve volunteered at schools, and one of the coolest things is when they see my Lion keychain (of course I have one!) and they start gushing about how much they love the show.

For any of you Simmers out there that want your virtual children to be as big of fans as you are, these are the perfect shirts for them to be sporting.

Not only are they age-appropriate, but they come in 10 adorable designs. Perfect for whichever gem they’re trying to channel! Let’s all pretend that instead of those weird kid shows that come on in The Sims, they’re actually getting to catch up on SU.


6. Steven Universe Crop Top

Steven Universe Crop Top CC

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What can I say? I’m a big fan of graphic tees.

I love being able to wear things that are designed around the things that bring me the most joy in life.

Not only are they cute, but they’re a casual way to let everyone know about the things you like, without having to make a loud statement or get in anyone’s face about it.

In this pack we have a Steven Universe crop top CC.

Graphic tees are a staple to any Sims wardrobe for those comfy stay-at-home days, or even for a casual outing with their friends.

Well this crop top even has 10 different swatches, so there are plenty of ways for your Sim to switch up how they wear their adoration without getting bored with the selection.


5. Rose Quartz Gem Tattoo

Rose Quartz Gem Tattoo CC

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Other than the awesome abilities and armor that they sport throughout the show, my favorite things about the crystal gems are the gems they have on their bodies.

I think it’s interesting how each one is on a different spot, and is always a beautiful cut to show the audience what their gem looks like in real life.

Probably the most iconic of these gems is the Rose Quartz gem.

If you’re looking to recreate Steven or even Rose, then this gem tattoo is a must-have!

Even for a Sim who isn’t supposed to be a copycat of the character, but you think that the gem is an elegant addition to their outfit, well this CC is definitely worth checking out.


4. Lapis Lazuli Wings

Lapis Lazuli Wings CC

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Lapis has got to be one of my favorite characters in the show.

I love everything about her, from her design to her color scheme, to her attitude.

I know all of the gems are unique from one another, but hers seems to stand out to me the most.

Not a lot of the gems have wings at all, but out of the ones that do, I think that Lapis’ are not only the best in the show but one of the best pairs of wings I’ve seen anywhere.

I love the look. Being made out of the water feels like they would drip off at any minute… but I digress.

If you ask me, Lapis’ wings are essential no matter the occasion. For anyone who agrees with me, or is looking to complete a household of their favorite Crystal Gems, this is the CC to snag.


3. Pearl

Pearl Steven Universe CC - The Sims 4

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Mother of the household, long-time skilled sword fighter, and the character that had the biggest crush on Rose.

Pearl is hard to resist from her poised attitude to her failed attempts at humor, which end up being funnier than the joke she was trying to pull off in the first place.

Here we have your go-to place to get everything you need in order to complete a Pearl costume.

It comes with 7 creations, making sure that you don’t miss out on anything. Or even pick and choose what you want to make your own outfit with just a hint of everyone’s favorite over-protective gem mom.


2. Garnet

Garnet Steven Universe Mod for The Sims 4

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Not gonna lie here, when I was first introduced to Garnet, I didn’t really understand the appeal.

She looked like she had no personality. And was a character to fill a weird gap that they had in the household.

But it didn’t take long for her to prove she’s awesome.

Now that I’ve finished the show in its entirety, it’s easy for me to say that Garnet is my favorite character.

I love her backstory on being a fusion that will never be broken (well, other than a couple of times. We don’t have to talk about that.)

And how she’s incredibly strong, not only physically, but in spirit as well. And it’s a no brainer that being voiced by Estelle, all of her musical numbers sound heavenly.

Just like the Pearl set we had above, this is also a set that is complete with everything Garnet-related, from her visor to her gems!


1. Gem Trait

Gem Trait Mod for The Sims 4

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This has got to be the coolest Steven Universe-themed mod for The Sims 4: a Gem Trait!

This mod allows your Sim to… well, be a gem!

Just like the Gems themselves, this trait blocks things that hold humans back. Stuff like hunger and needing to use the bathroom.

It also blocks your Sim from aging, so they can stay as a youthful gem for all of the time.

And this trait alters your Sim’s body and how it functions, plus it will also allow your Sim to recognize others with the same trait as well. By recognizing them as a “fellow gem” in-game.

Or, in contrast, they’ll be able to pick up on “organics” or humans that are around them.

This mod is exactly what any SU fan needs to live out all of their wildest gem-related fantasies.

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