Sims 4 Suspenders CC For Guys & Girls

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Suspenders are another one of those fashion items that have just drifted in and out of style for decades.

At one time they were simply a necessity to keep men’s pants up while working. Then they also became a staple of both casual and formal men’s wear.

Then somewhere along the way, suspenders simply became fashionable. Nobody is concerned enough about keeping their pants high enough to warrant them being hitched to their shoulders.

Nowadays most people can agree they’re a cool accessory. Both guys and gals wear them for a variety of outfits, most of which have been made available to our Sims through CC!


1. Fiyero Suspenders

Fiyero Suspenders for Sims 4

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It’s truly a tragedy that this look isn’t more common.

I don’t care if it’s sort of reminiscent of Little House on the Prairie farming clothes.

Button up shirt rolled to the elbow, snug pants, and suspenders? Yeah, that’s a combination that will work in any Sim’s favor.

There are many color schemes available here, ranging from more old-timey looks to very modern ones.

The darker ones like brown or gray will work well for fellows in the early years of the Decades Challenge, while the brighter swatches will make any Sim just look well-dressed, no matter the time period.

You can always switch it around as well.

After seeing this, I have a lot of inspiration to make a struggling country musician in Brindleton Bay!


2. Suspender Shirts

Suspender Shirts Sims 4 CC

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Marvinsims has created a bit of a different way to give your Sims suspenders.

There are no pants connected, so you get to pair the suspenders and top with whatever bottoms you want!

This opens up a lot of possibility since depending on the pants you choose, different shoes will go better with them too.

You can really up your hipster game with some cropped jeans and sneakers. Or you can keep things classic by going with dark pants and boots.

I am obsessed with all twelve of the swatches here.

Flannel, denim, and dressy shirts for my guy Sims, with very nicely detailed suspenders? Yes, please!


3. Candy Pop Suspender Dress

Candy Pop Suspender Dress TS4 CC

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Guys don’t get to hog all the fun when it comes to suspenders anymore. Feminine clothes may even present more possibilities when it comes to suspenders, since there are so many ways you can incorporate them with dresses or skirts.

Simmer WAEKEY has created one example way here, with this adorable suspender dress CC.

This is an ingenious idea that only continues to grow in popularity.

Anyone, including Sims, can get in on the freedom of a dress without worrying about it falling down. As long as those suspenders stay on your shoulders, you’re good to go!

And the quality of this mesh cannot be raved about enough.

Everything is super smooth and perfect.

The shirt beneath the dress is almost as cute as the dress itself, coming in light colors with a heart decal.


4. Suspender Pants Outfit

Suspender Pants Outfit Sims 4 CC

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This is a more sporty look, with the suspenders attached to cargo pants.

At least I think that’s what they are – somewhere between cargo pants and sweats, perhaps?

Whatever name you want to dub them, this is an awesome streetwear outfit.

The Puma top adds to the athleisure aesthetic as well.

There are sixteen swatches, so no matter your taste, there’s surely something here to fit your Sim.

Never let it be said that CC makers don’t go above and beyond giving us a plethora of swatches.

I get that the CAS items that come with packs have a limited number of color options to help the game run smoother, but hey… I just bog it down downloading a bunch of CC to fill in the gaps anyway.

And if you love suspenders as much as I do, this is certainly a worthy addition to your mods folder!


5. Pride Overalls with High Shorts

Pride Overalls with High Shorts for Sims 4

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Participating in LGBT pride is a source of, well, pride for many people.

I know, I’m bringing you groundbreaking information here.

Well that iconic rainbow has become a beloved symbol of strength and community for millions, so it’s no wonder it has made its way to The Sims.

There’s some official content that was given to us in a patch a while ago. But if there’s anything we could all use more of in this game, it’s pride clothes.

Creator DarkNighTt has blessed us with not only that, but pride suspenders!

This whole outfit is awesome – the shorts and sleeveless shirt are already pretty cool, but the rainbow striped suspenders just kick everything up a notch.


6. Jumpsuit and Suspenders

Jumpsuit and Suspenders TS4 CC

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If you think about it, suspenders might be the most versatile accessory around.

Depending on the style you choose, they could be part of your outfit for a party, funeral, date, and everything in between.

Can that be said for any other piece of clothing?

I mean, most things really aren’t dependent solely on the color. Heels will be heels, most cuts of dresses will determine what functions they’re suitable for, and it’s the length of tops that decides what situations they’ll be appropriate in.

I really think I’m onto something here.

There’s no doubt these suspenders from CC maker bukovka are super fun, and will be a very nice choice for your Sim’s party outfit. Or maybe a choice for their everyday outfit if they’re particularly cool.

These are available in several bright swatches, and the shirts that are included all have bright, busy designs unlike anything we’ve had in the game so far.


7. T-shirt with Suspenders

T-shirt with Suspenders Sims 4 CC

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Here we have a much more casual suspender option for guys.

These are paired with loose graphic tees, and overall it’s a look that’s unexpected, but appreciated.

It’s kind of an “opposites attract” thing – bringing together the typically fancy suspenders with laidback, baggy shirts.

I especially enjoy the way the shirts are slightly bunched up against the suspender’s clips at the bottom.

That just adds something special, since usually your Sim’s clothes always go together a little too perfectly with no wrinkles or ruffles.


8. Skirt with Suspenders

Skirt with Suspenders for Sims 4

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You can use this suspender skirt with basically anything you want!

It requires an accessory top, which means unless you want your Sim running around in nothing but this skirt and their bra, you’ll have to find some CC accessory tops.

That’s one pursuit that I think is absolutely worth it.

This skirt is just so beautiful, coming in so many colorful designs.

Being able to choose your own top really highlights how many different things you can pair a suspender skirt with. Turtleneck sweaters, tube tops, and t-shirts will all look great!


9. Suspenders Outfit

Suspenders Outfit Sims 4 CC

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These suspenders are part of a more classic ensemble for your Sim guys, which includes a long sleeve button up shirt and dress pants.

Every swatch here is guaranteed to boost your Sim’s “handsome factor” by at least a hundred.

They say white goes with everything, and that’s pretty clear based on the pants they are matched with here.

Black, gray, two plaids, and one small chevron print are just some of the options available here. This outfit will make your Sim the most presentable they’ll probably ever be for a number of occasions.


10. Suspender Skirt with Crop Top

Suspender Skirt with Crop Top TS4 CC

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I’ve already mentioned a few times how many ways a person (or Sim) can wear a suspender skirt.

And CC creator chrimsimy has presented yet another way – with a crop top!

These stylish skirts made me realize how empty my Sim’s wardrobes have been without them.

And this CC offers a nice way to show a little torso skin without getting too crazy.

The plaid designs of these skirts are super classy, too. Any Sim will be well on their way to becoming a fashion icon with this fit.

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