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SAO was a massive hit when it aired in 2012.

While subsequent sequels and movies haven’t been able to re-capture the show’s momentum, the series still enjoys a lot of popularity among anime and MMO fans.

The idea of fully immersing yourself in a virtual fantasy world has been the biggest MMO-gamer dream for the longest time, and Sword Art Online speaks to that desire.

Of course, being trapped in a game world and having to risk your life to escape might sound a bit worrying – but sometimes the real world can seem so boring, you’d be willing to take the risk.

Luckily for us humans, this still isn’t a possibility.

The closest thing we have is The Sims, where we can make copies of ourselves to live our ideal lives.

But with the following CC sets that ideal isekai life can include a fair deal of Sword Art Online merch.


1. Sword Art Online T-Shirts

Sword Art Online T-Shirts / TS4 CC

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First up, we’ve got one of the basics:

SAO tees for your anime-loving Sims.

We all love detailed and accurate armors and weapons, but this kind of apparel will see a lot more use when it comes to an everyday Sim’s life.

This set by Silerna includes two t-shirt models in six colors, available for male and female Sims of all ages.

You can choose between an exciting picture of Kirito and Asuna ready for battle or a more subtle design featuring the series’ Japanese logo.

Get the latter for a Sim who’s always carrying around their Kanji flashcards.

Learning Japanese is a full-time job.


2. More Sword Art Online Tees

More Sword Art Online Tees for The Sims 4

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The only thing better than anime t-shirts is even more anime t-shirts.

Creator Maromarunz brings us six awesome tees ranging from the series’ logo to full-size prints of Kirito, Asuna, and Sinon from the Gun Gale Online arc.

I especially like the one featuring Kirito’s most notorious weapons – the Elucidator and Dark Repulsor.


3. Sword Poses (& Swords)

Sword Poses SAO / Sims 4 CC

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Tees with swords on them are cool…

But what about actual swords?

OK I couldn’t find Kirito’s Elucidator and Dark Repulsor specifically.

But still, this fantastic CC set includes a ton of bad-ass blades that definitely fit the look and feel of Sword Art Online.

Other than the swords, this set by Lady Moriel focuses on poses your SAO-themed Sims can adopt for photoshoots and the like.

Note: the swords themselves are actually from Genshin Impact, so give it a try if you like that game too.


4. Sinon Outfit

Sinon Outfit from SAO for The Sims 4

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The world of TS4 modding is ever-changing.

Though there used to be some really great SAO character sets, many creators have disappeared over the years and taken their creations with them.

But not all.

Prolific creator Lavoieri shines a light of hope on us CC-craving gamers with this fabulous clothing set to cosplay Sinon – Kirito’s companion during the Phantom Bullet Arc taking place in Gun Gale Online.

While a bit lacking in the 3D department, it’s a very accurate outfit.

It’s also pretty sexy, so get it for a Sim who’s confident enough to wear it.


5. Asuna Cosplay Set

Asuna Cosplay Set (SAO) Sims 4 CC

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For something a bit less revealing and a lot more iconic, consider this Asuna outfit by CosplaySimmer.

This cosplay set is based on her appearance with the Knights of the Blood, featuring the guild’s symbol and recognizable red and white colors.

The contrast between the armor pieces, the somewhat militaristic top, and the coquettish pleated skirt creates a unique style that Asuna carries with grace.

The set can be be found by searching for “Asuna” at this link – although if CosplaySimmer ever puts this online again I’d absolutely recommend going through their link to support the creator.


6. Cross Room 8: Kirito & Eugeo Furniture Set

SAO Kirito & Eugeo Furniture Set / TS4 CC

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DuoDraconis’ Cross Room series has been featured on the site several times already.

And as long as they keep making excellent custom content, you’ll keep seeing them.

This time, this prolific creator brings us a room based on Kirito and Eugeo as seen on Sword Art Online: Alicization.

That said, the set does include several items that reference Kirito’s past adventures, such as a Knights of the Blood shield and several of his swords.

Kirito and Eugeo’s relationship met a tragic end in the series. But their legacy lives on in these 34 SAO-themed items, including beds, chairs, tables, a rug, and several other pieces of décor.

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