Sims 4 CC: Best Thigh-High Socks & Boots (All Free)

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Thigh-highs are the perfect fashion choice for when you want to rock shorts and skirts despite the nippy weather.

I mean, they can be worn year ‘round. But there’s just something about the length and material that makes you think of cooler temperatures.

To celebrate the snowy season, I’ve rounded up the coolest (and cutest) thigh-high socks, plus 2 equally cool boots. All for your Sims to enjoy. Check ‘em out!


1. Socks | Kitty Paws by Saruin

Socks | Kitty Paws by Saruin Sims 4 CC
Look In: Body Accessories
Style Options: 4 (Thigh-High) | 4 (Knee-High)

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At first glance, these look like ordinary thigh-highs. Smooth material, decent length (it actually hits the thigh!), and a range of solid color swatches that would go well with most any color combo. But then your Sim actually starts walking in them and hi!

A cute surprise, right there on the pads of their feet.

This clever clothing item by Saruin is definitely one-of-a-kind. The concept’s pretty unique as far as Sims 4 CC goes (haven’t seen anything quite like it) and the execution is flawless.

The socks are cuter than they are gimmicky, which is definitely a point in their favor.

Style-wise, these thigh-highs are simple enough that they pair well with loud patterns and crazy colors. They also come in four knee-high variations.


2. Garters [Socks] BD04 by busra-tr

Garters [Socks] BD04 by busra-tr for Sims 4
Look In: Body Accessories
Style Options: 8 (Thigh-High)

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For the saucy Sim who’s stylish even in the bedroom, these thigh-high garters are for you.

Structured, elegant, and very, very flattering, this sexy little number by busra-tr definitely stands out. Sure, you’ve got a decent selection of lingerie CC out there.

But this one’s got awesome design balance. The socks are a nice, sheer texture without much fluff and fanfare.

Snip the extra straps off and you basically have dollar-store pantyhose.

But that simplicity is complemented very well with the part of the garters that sport a more textured, patterned design. The thigh bands are also an excellent touch.

Smooth, silky (looking), and comes in eight solid swatches. What more could you ask for from lingerie?


3. Mary Love Socks by LYLLYAN

Mary Love Socks by LYLLYAN TS4 CC
Look In: Body Accessories
Style Options: 8 (Thigh-High)

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A schoolgirl classic gone smooth and sheer, these Mary Love Socks by LYLLYAN are a great choice for preppy Sims who like to soften their style choices with a hint of sweetness. These are basically thigh-high tights with a solid color band right at the top and plenty of hearts splattered all over.

Think those cute heart-print socks, only stretched out.

And more attention-grabbing.

Truthfully, you could pair these with shorts or edgy leather skirts. No one’s gonna stop you. But I find that they look absolutely adorable paired with pleated or A-line skirts and some chunky Dad shoes.

There’s just something about the casual schoolgirl aesthetic, you know?


4. S4 Socks – Overknee-Leggins by Chalipo

S4 Socks – Overknee-Leggins by Chalipo Sims 4 CC
Look In: Body Accessories
Style Options: 3 (Thigh-High; Patterned) | 5 (Thigh-High; Striped, Multi-Colored)

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These thigh-highs may be absolutely perfect for the holidays (just look at those patterns!) but you don’t need to wait for sweater weather for your Sim to don these adorable striped socks.

Chalipo’s Overknee-Leggins can be enjoyed year ‘round!

Seriously, though.

The texture of these CC socks is unbelievable.

Rarely do I see thick clothing material rendered so precisely in CC items, so seeing these obviously fuzzy socks was a real treat.

If the creator was going for soft, cuddly leg warmers in fun, holiday themes (because three of them are rocking some serious ugly Christmas sweater vibes, but in the best way), they nailed it. They aimed, they shot, and they hit nothing but net.

Pair these with a baggy romper or a cute cotton jumper dress and some clunky boots. Don’t let the winter chill stop your Sim from being fashionable!


5. Stockings – Stripped (Both) – Made to Mix by Kalewa-a

Stockings – Stripped (Both) – Made to Mix by Kalewa-a TS4 CC
Look In: Body Accessories
Style Options: 20 (Thigh-High)

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This one is probably one of my personal favorites on this list (right between the secret kitten paws socks and the fuzzy Christmas Sweater socks).

These are very simple pastel thigh-highs with alternating white and colored stripes. The texture gives the impression of soft, downy material that’s quite thin and breathable.

Overall, a nice, solid design.

Simple, straightforward, and the execution is on-point.

But it’s definitely been done before, is the thing. There are dozens of striped thigh-highs CC available for download. What makes this particular one so special?

It’s in the name, but I’m gonna say it anyway: you can mix-and-match these.

Pink stripes on the right, black on the left? No problem. Baby-blue-and-white on the left, neon-orange-and-white on the right? Sure thing! Purple, white, and blue? Can do.

These stockings from Kalewa-a let you fulfill all your quirky, candy-colored fashion dreams.

There are 20 shades to choose from and over two dozen combinations to try! I also feel like the general design of the thigh-highs themselves lets you pair them with virtually any outfit. I mean, no matter how long they are, you can’t really go wrong with a nice pair of striped socks.


6. JOKO – Thigh-high – Socks by Helsoseira

JOKO – Thigh-high – Socks by Helsoseira for Sims 4
Look In: Body Accessories
Style Options: 26 (Thigh-High; Varying Designs)

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Love thigh-highs but can’t commit to a pattern? Love experimenting with some of the more colorful fashion styles (think urban street chick, casual school girl, or modern scene queen)? Think socks are more a fashion statement than they are an accessory?

Then you’re going to love these custom thigh-highs.

They’re cute, they’re effortlessly eclectic, and they come in half a dozen different designs.

It’s like getting a variety pack for thigh-highs, all extremely high quality.

My favorite design would be the cat thigh-highs, because god. Just look how cute!

They have little ears and happy kitten smiles and everything. The thick pink-and-white striped one comes in second, tying in with the Goth girl black-and-white number. It’s even got a tiny skull above the knees.


7. Star Themed Thigh-High Socks by Sacchi Sims

Star Themed Thigh-High Socks by Sacchi Sims TS4 CC
Look In: Body Accessories
Style Options: 9 (Thigh-High)

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Call me a sucker for patterned thigh-highs, because I am.

And I personally don’t think you can go wrong with celestial bodies, either.

In this regard, Sacchi Sim’s Star Themed Thigh-High Socks are two for two. Of course I had to include them.

(Also, they’re insanely cute.)

There are nine solid-colored swatches – five pastels and four neutrals – that feature graphic stars and a crescent moon, and they work for both Female and Male Sims frames.

This CC also happens to be a recolor of the base game’s sheer tights, so no extra mesh is required. Less chances of any awkward clipping or poor rendering happening in-game, too. And as someone whose ‘Laptop Mode’ option is perpetually on, I can vouch for this.


8. Cable-Knit Thigh Highs by Kedluu

Cable-Knit Thigh Highs by Kedluu for Sims 4
Look In: Body Accessories
Style Options: 8 (Thigh-High)

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(Note: the link leads to a masterpost giveaway. Scroll down ‘til you see the socks – they should be the third item.)

When comes sweater weather, who says Sim legs can’t feel some of that warmth?

Seriously, though.

If the loud patterns and cheerful holiday stripes of Chalipo’s Overknee-Leggins are too much for you, these comfy-cozy-cable-knit thigh-high socks are perfect.

The texture’s rendered so perfectly, the socks look legitimately thick. And fuzzy.

The pattern’s plenty subtle, too. Just the standard geometric pattern of a cable-knit sweater. Simple, straightforward, but still so gorgeous.

The creator describes the available color styles as “neutral-ish.” I’d have to agree – the colors are very soft and muted. But given the design of the thigh-highs, I think they’re perfect.

Between these and Chalipo’s Overknee-Leggins, there’s plenty of warm fuzziness to go around.

Pair these with a big, baggy, oversized sweater. Trust me; your Sim will look comfy and oh-so-soft.


9. Sentate – Lulu Boots by Sentate

Sentate – Lulu Boots by Sentate Sims 4 CC
Look In: Shoes
Style Options: 2 (Thigh-High; Two-Toned) | 6 (Thigh-High; Solid Swatches)

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Gotta be honest: I don’t think the Sims 4 is particularly lacking in the shoe department (at least for the Female options).

There’s a decent amount of normal, everyday shoes mixed in with the jazzy, snazzy, impractical fashion items that you’d really only wear once or twice in real life. And if you have all the packs installed, your options are plenty diverse.

However! I will also be the first to admit that sometimes, you just really want to see your Sim in a specific style of shoe that EA just didn’t deliver.

That’s where the fabulous Sims CC community comes in.

Maybe with these thigh-high, stiletto-heeled, multi-buckled Lulu Boots by Sentate, specifically.

I can confidently say they’re one-of-a-kind. There isn’t anything quite as daring or as avant-garde in the vanilla options. They’re also exclusively perfect for the femme fatale boss ladies in your Sims gallery.


10. Over Knee High Heel Boots by DarkNighTt

Over Knee High Heel Boots by DarkNighTt Sims 4 CC
Look In: Shoes
Style Options: 12 (Thigh-High)

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Whereas the buckles make Sentate’s Lulu Boots fashionably clunky, these Over Knee High Heel Boots by DarkNighTt are smooth, sleek, and svelte.

Definitely give off this soft suede sort of texture that makes them look infinitely more comfortable than they probably are.

(Don’t worry; your Sims won’t complain.)

They look simple, but it’s the small details that really sell this particular CC for me.

Like the different-colored soles (really giving off those Louboutin vibes) and the delicate cords tied quasi-corset-like at the top. The subtlety of the design makes it so that the boots are still pretty acceptable for everyday wear but unique enough to warrant being downloaded.

Pair with booty shorts for an instant Friday Night look.

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