Sims 4: Best Toddler Mods & CC Packs Worth Downloading

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Who doesn’t love the Toddlers in TS4? Honestly, compared to previous (unmodded) versions of The Sims games, these may be the cutest iterations of this age group yet!

Which is why they deserve more love – and more mods.

I’ve split these essential Toddler mods and stuff packs into three categories:

Gameplay Mods are mods that affect, modify, or add on to the gameplay. Functional Objects are basically mods, CC, and stuff packs that contain items that can be used in-game for their intended purpose (i.e., comfort, interaction, lighting, etc.).

Non-Functional Objects/CAS Items are basically clothing items and decorations. They don’t actually affect your gameplay and they can’t be interacted with. They either add a shot of realism to your game or they’re just cute to look at.

Let’s dive in!


Toddler Gameplay Mods

1. More Autonomous Social Interactions for Toddlers by Brandi_Mane93

More Autonomous Social Interactions for Toddlers - Sims 4 CC

Check Out This CC

Have you ever left a Toddler alone to babble or talk to Blarffy in order to up their Communication skill? Players who play with Autonomy Off probably don’t realize this, but autonomous chatty Toddlers tend to become … repetitive.

Mod creator Brandi_Mane93 obviously noticed this. Hence, the birth of this mod.

And let me tell you: it does make an obvious difference.

This mode basically lets Toddlers autonomously use 11 Social Interactions (that were previously only possible when specifically selected). With this mod they can now talk about trucks, princesses, toys, parties, or their favorite color without you prompting them to. So you can kiss that monotonous and repetitive blabber goodbye.


2. Ultrasound Scan by littlemssam

Ultrasound Scan by littlemssam Sims 4 CC

Check Out This CC

Simmers who enjoy a very family-oriented style of play (as opposed to the “forever Young Adults living their best lives” style) will probably love this mod.

I happen to prefer the latter over the former, but even I found this mod cute and creative.

Littlemssam’s mod unlocks a Gynecologist that your pregnant Sims can visit during their 2nd or 3rd trimester for an Ultrasound Examination. Like a real ultrasound, this visit will tell you the number of babies to expect and their gender.

It’s a Rabbit Hole visit, so your Pregnant Sim will be gone for about 60 to 90 in-game minutes.

When they come back, you’ll find an Ultrasound Scan inside their Inventory. Hover over it to get the details of the soon-to-be-born Sim!

It gets even cuter. Like every happy, expecting parents (or parent)-to-be, your Sim can have the scans framed (mod included; 9 swatches) and hung on the wall. They can also copy the scan and send it to their family and friends as gifts.

Viewing the framed scan will even give your Sim a Happy Buff. Definite bonus!


3. Education System Bundle (Preschool Mod) by Stacie

Education System Bundle (Preschool Mod) by Stacie for Sims 4

Check Out This CC

Easily one of the more impressive mods on this list, Stacie’s Education System Bundle mod is not something to be taken lightly.

There are other mods included in this end-all-be-all bundle, but the one we want for our Toddlers is the Preschool Mod.

Yep – your tiny tots can now join their older brothers and sisters for some sun, fun, and learning (and a bit of socializing, I believe).

Toddlers will be sent off to a Rabbit Hole venue where they can build skills and character values depending on the interactions you choose for them. This is a great mod to have if you want them to pick up and develop skills but literally don’t have the time to do it yourself.

Some of these interactions include:

  • Ask for Help – increases Bladder, Attention, and Hunger. Stops Skill gain and Character Values gain
  • Play with Toys – Increases Fun, Manners, Imagination, and Movement. Stops Skill gain and Character Values gain
  • Listen to Teacher – Increases Skill gain and Character Value gain FAST. Decreases Fun FAST

A full list of available interactions and the “How to Install” info can be found in the creator’s notes. Read before you download, kids!


4. Toddlers Have Less Nightmares by Candyd

Toddlers Have Less Nightmares by Candyd TS4 CC

Check Out This CC

A sad little Toddler wanders into my Sim’s bedroom at 3AM and cries my Sim awake because they had a nightmare… that can be pretty darn upsetting.

10% because TS4 Toddlers honestly do look heartbreakingly miserable when they’re sad, and 90% because my Sim has work in 6 hours and her Energy bar is still menacingly red, dammit.


This mod is the ultimate answer to both inconveniences. As the name suggests, it drastically reduces the chances of your Toddlers getting woken up by nightmares.

Because sometimes nightlights just don’t cut it.

So the basic formula is, apparently, a 50% chance of nightmares for TS4 Toddlers.

This is divided by 5 for Toddlers with the Independent trait. And once your Toddler reaches Thinking Skill level 3, they’ll have 10 times less nightmares than before.

This mod introduces three new formulas that are a little more favorable:

  • 20% chance of nightmares (divisions and reductions still apply)
  • 10% chance of nightmares (again, still affected by Toddler’s Thinking Skill level and traits)
  • 0% chance of nightmares (if you literally can’t be bothered anymore)

Just choose which formula suits your play style better and download that flavor. I don’t recommend installing all three files, as they’re pretty much redundant and could potentially clash with each other.


5. No Puddles Under Bathtubs from Splashing Toddlers by littlemssam

No Puddles Under Bathtubs from Splashing Toddlers by littlemssam Sims 4 CC

Check Out This CC

One of the most annoying glitches in TS4 (for me, anyway) has to be the “unreachable mess” glitch. Like when your Child makes a mess and 98% the paint splatters somehow end up beneath the bed, completely unclickable – and therefore, uncleanable?

For Toddlers, it’s those pesky bath-time puddles that somehow end up under the tub.

And you know they’re there because your Neat Freak Sim is always Uncomfortable every time they use that bathroom.

Really, the only way to clean up those puddles would be to enter Build Mode, move the tub, go back to Live Mode, have your Sim mop the puddles, and then go back to Build Mode to return the tub to its original place.

Fun times.

This is why I prefer littlemssam’s mod, thanks.

It sets the base chance of puddles forming while Toddlers are splashing to 0%. No more pesky, unreachable, unmoppable puddles that make my Sim uncomfortable, no sir.


6. Let Friends Age Up by littlemssam

Let Friends Age Up by littlemssam Sims 4 CC

Check Out This CC

This is another mod I didn’t know I needed until I found it.

Though it’s not Toddler-specific, I find it would be the most useful for Toddlers since (1) there’s not a lot of them, and (2) it’s difficult to socialize with Toddlers, considering their limited interactions.

Littlemssam’s mod basically allows you to age up 20 Sims with one cake at the same time.

As long as all the Sims are on the same lot, they can be aged up using this Magically Modded Cake. Just install the mod and click on any regular Birthday Cake (as long as you can put candles in it, it counts) to age up the Sims you want.

This mod is crazy useful for Simmers (read: me) who play with aging off.

Instead of leaving behind all their Toddler friends when your Sim’s kid ages up to Childhood, they can all just Age Up at the same time. This way, you don’t need to find new friends for your Child Sim.


7. Meeting New Sibling Will Change Relationship by Szemoka

Meeting New Sibling Will Change Relationship by Szemoka Sims 4 CC

Check Out This CC

This mod is hilarious, not to mention an insanely accurate portrayal of what meeting new siblings is really like.

I didn’t mind the fact that all we really got from the Meet New Sibling interaction was a moodlet.

Until I came across this mod. And then I realized what a missed opportunity it was, because the concept is pretty freaking accurate. I have a younger sibling myself, and it took years for us to put aside our illogical beef towards each other.

This mod adds a dash of realism to the game by adjusting the Sibling’s relationship with the new Baby depending on their reception. An Unwanted Sibling automatically brings the relationship bar all the way down to the red.

And if you ever want that bar to hit green, you need to get those siblings working out their differences, stat. Classic.


8. Kiddie Pools Give Movement Skill for Toddlers by Evvi

Kiddie Pools Give Movement Skill for Toddlers by Evvi Sims 4 CC

Check Out This CC

As someone going through the 100 Baby Challenge, it pains me that we can’t use mods to help ease our suffering.

Because this mod is a delightful two-in-one kind of miracle that my current Matriarch could definitely use.

What this mod does is basically allow Toddlers to gain and develop their Movement Skill when playing in Kiddie Pools! Because, as the creator so succinctly puts it:

“Who has the time to let their toddlers have some pure, unadulterated, non-skilling fun?”

Who indeed.

I agree that since there’s movement involved in a Kiddie Pool – not just splashing and flailing, at least – it would make sense for a Toddler to be sort of fine-tune their motor skills. So this mod is a practical, sensible download that you should definitely get.

Note: You’ll need TS4 Seasons Expansion Pack for the Kiddie Pools.


9. Breastfeed Toddlers! By PolarBearSims

Breastfeed Toddlers! By PolarBearSims for Sims 4

Check Out This CC

Another practical, sensible download. Because I’m all about making your Sim’s life easier.

This mod by PolarBearSims replaces the base game Cuddle interaction with the option to Breastfeed their Toddler like they would a baby. One iconic Sims whirlwind, a few seconds of quality Parent-Toddler cuddling, and boom. Your Toddler’s Hunger bar is completely full.

(Note this is only possible between the Toddler and Parent Sim).

Way more efficient than placing them in the high chair or having to Grab a Serving. The animations of Toddlers climbing up on couches or plopping on the floor to eat are cute, but the actual process just takes way too long sometimes.

One last thing to note: this mod doesn’t have a custom animation.

So when you select the Breastfeed option, the Parent Sim and Toddler will still do the Cuddle animation. Worry not, just check the Toddler’s Hunger and Fun.

If it’s slowly filling up, the mod was installed correctly.


10. Child Can be Carried by Adults and Child can Care for Toddlers by Sofmc9

Child Can be Carried by Adults and Child can Care for Toddlers (Mod in Progress) by Sofmc9 TS4 CC

Check Out This CC

This mod might be a little confusing at first, but trust me; it’s well worth installing in your game.

What it does is basically two-fold:

  • Children can be carried by Adult Sims
  • Children can take care of Toddlers

While both are great, what I’m after is the part of the mod that lets a Child Sim take care of Toddlers.

And by “take care,” it means they can Carry Toddler, Put Toddler to Bed, and Change Toddler’s Diaper.

Now imagine you’re a busy Single Parent Sim with way too many Toddlers, just the right amount of Children, and not enough Teens. What wouldn’t you give for an extra pair of hands – or three?

While you’re off bathing Toddler Number One, your Child is changing Toddler Number Two’s diaper, saving them from a bright red Hygiene bar.

It’s brilliant, is what it is.

The creator’s notes suggest some potential animation glitches, but the mod – according to the comments – is 100% functional regardless.


Toddler Functional Objects Mods

11. Drink-o-Baby by Around the Sims 4

Drink-o-Baby by Around the Sims 4 screenshot

Check Out This CC

A mod that gives Toddler’s more things, adds realism to the game, and improves gameplay?

Yes please.

Introducing the Drink-o-Baby, an incredibly genius piece of Sims tech that functions as a bottle-warmer and smoothie/juice-maker just for Toddlers. It literally dispenses drinks for your Toddler in seconds – kind of like Quick Meals, but in baby bottles and colorful Sippy cups.

This is especially useful if your Toddler is hangry, but your Teen Sim took the last serving of Mac and Cheese.

Just walk over to the Drink-o-Baby, select your choice of beverage, and voila. An instant bottle or Capri Sun-like juice pack for your little tot.

It’ll stave off their hunger enough for you to quickly whip up a Garden Salad or some Grilled Cheese.

The actual drink selection is pretty extensive.

The most basic would be water, fruit juice, and milk in baby bottles. For more flavorful options, you can give them sippy cups (9 choices and 9 designs) or puree packs (6 variations). Possible flavors include strawberry, mango, banana strawberry, sweet potato, and blueberry apply spinach.


You can find this miracle dispenser in Kitchen Appliances when you enter Build/Buy mode.


12. Nutri-Baby by Around the Sims 4

Nutri-Baby by Around the Sims 4 screenshot

Check Out This CC

This is the Food version of Around the Sims 4’s Drink-o-Baby mod. And it is just as functional, convenient, and clever as its counterpart.

Much like Drink-o-Baby, Nutri-Baby introduces several new instant food options for the hungry Toddler that wants food, and wants food now.

To make things even more realistic, the food options are dishes that you would normally serve to a toddler in real life.

Think Gerber mush, mashed potatoes and ham, mashed carrots, and peas and pizza. Each individual dish has a custom mesh, too. No recolors of Fruitcake or Scrambled Eggs here.

Most of the meals come on vibrant food trays with little sections. The others (specifically the mush) are served on child-friendly plastic “mush plates.”

Just like the Drink-o-Baby, all you need to do is click on the Nutri-Baby and select the meal you’d like to serve your Toddler. In a matter of seconds, you have a fresh dish of food that’ll fill up your Toddler’s Hunger bar, easy.

Serve it to them on the floor or in their high chair and they’ll interact as normal.

For a stressed Sim parent rushing around managing five, six kids in one household? Trust me when I say this is a godsend.


13. Toddler Playpens by Around the Sims 4

Toddler Playpens CC - Sims 4 Mod screenshot

Check Out This CC

On this episode of “why didn’t EA think about this?,” we take a look at Toddler Playpens.

Functional toddler playpens.

As in, you can keep your Toddler in an “open-enclosed” space, and they can actually do things in said space so that they don’t feel claustrophobic.

Where do I even begin with how genius this is?

You’ll no longer have to worry about them wandering around and potentially interacting with objects (or other Sims) you don’t want them interacting with. You can keep an eye on them in this nice square-foot playpen without having to turn off their autonomy.

And did I mention that Toddlers inside the Playpen won’t create messes?

I love this mod.

To use, buy the Playpen in Build/Buy mode and set it down. Have the Parent Sim pick up their Toddler. If you click the empty space in the middle of the Playpen, you’ll get an option to Put [Toddler’s Name] Down Here. Click that, and the Parent Sim will put the Toddler in the Playpen.

In order for your Toddler to play in the Playpen, put all their toys in their own Inventory before putting them inside. Toys inside the Playpen can’t be clicked on.


14. Mini-Chairs & Mini-Tables for Toddlers

Mini-Chairs & Mini-Tables for Toddlers for Sims 4

Check Out This CC

This pack contains the teeniest, tiniest chairs and tables you ever did see, and I will never get over it.

This mod gives us perfectly Toddler-sized chairs and tables for our lovely little tots to use. They can sit, they can eat, they can enjoy a nice warm bottle of Drink-o-Baby milk.

Point is, they’re all fully functional.

And they even the playing field (literally). No more clambering up on the sofa or struggling with the couch cushions.

The animation is cute, don’t get me wrong, but come on. Teeny Toddler-sized tables are cuter.

This stuff pack also comes with what the creator calls Splat Mats and Chair Boosters. When used together, your Toddler should ideally be able to sit on regular dining chairs in order to eat at a regular dining table.

The creator includes detailed instructions on how to use the chair boosters and splat mats, so I highly recommend reading (and re-reading) everything carefully before you download.


15. Tiny Twavellers by Felixandre

Tiny Twavellers by Felixandre Sims 4 CC

Check Out This CC

When I say this gorgeous, adventure-themed stuff pack has everything and the kitchen sink, I mean it (almost) literally.

A fully-stocked custom content pack with 67 total pieces of functional objects, decorations, and everything in between. It’s downright jaw-dropping, and I almost couldn’t believe it ‘til I installed it.

This pack by Felixandre is so-called because a lot of the items are geared towards Toddlers and Children – specifically decorating their bedroom.

The theme is very “Jungle Adventure Meets Animal Safari,” given all the flavors of green, brown, wood, and animals going on.

There are (non-functional) rope swings that your Toddlers can use as seats. There are bamboo-framed couches and loveseats. There are earth-toned Toddler beds and matching adult beds with separate foam and bedframe, allowing for incredible customization.

Yes, you can mix and match the foam and frame to your heart’s content. Plenty of swatches. Plenty of combinations.

Other items of decorative note include a canvas draped like a tent, a magnifying glass, a teeny safari hat, a squishy Freezer Bunny, a Toddler-sized (toy) alligator, and a flamingo head that you can attach to the wall.

You’ll just have to download this stuff pack yourself and try it out. Because there are way too many awesome pieces to mention.


16. Pokémon Toddler Bed by NicoletteAunreel

Pokémon Toddler Bed by NicoletteAunreel Sims 4 CC

Check Out This CC

Look: even with the Toddler Stuff Pack, we still only have a handful of Toddler beds to choose from.

And each bed only has, what? Six to twelve swatches? A lot of those swatches are depressingly solid-colored, too.

My point being: toddlers need stuff in bright colors, vibrant patterns, and an obnoxious amount of cute. Any mod that can fulfill is an automatic win in my book.

These cute Pokémon beds definitely do the job. They’re colorful, highly saturated, and boast distinct, graphical characters.

One bed change, and boom: your Toddler’s room now has 200% more personality.

And if you’re looking for even more Pokémon-themed TS4 stuff? We’ve got you covered.


17. Baby Animals Toddler Beds by Shanany

Baby Animals Toddler Beds by Shanany Sims 4 CC

Check Out This CC

With swatches guaranteed to make even the manliest of men coo, these custom Toddler Beds by Shanany will melt your heart. They come in six different swatches – aka six different baby animals – that provide the perfect backdrop for any tiny Toddler, and mark my words; they will make you soft.

Your Toddler gets to nestle against an orange fox, a doe-eyed panda and their momma, a cozy penguin, a silly hedgehog, a sleeping koala (my personal favorite), or a friendly giraffe.

The graphics are literally so perfect. The bedframe colors even match the animals!


18. Plushies (Playable Freezer Bunny) by Veranka

Plushies (Playable Freezer Bunny) by Veranka for Sims 4

Check Out This CC

If you’re a long-time Simmer, then you know how iconic Freezer Bunny is. The Waldo of EA’s on-going ‘Where’s Waldo’ game with their audience, Freezer Bunny’s solid pink tush never fails to grab attention.

And thanks to Veranka’s mod, now your Toddler can grab said tush for some quality snuggles.

As someone who finds Freezer Bunny helplessly adorable, I never understood why there weren’t more toys or merch of it.

So this mod was something I never knew I wanted until I saw it.

It introduces functional (read: squeezable) plushies of Freezer Bunny, Llama (another iconic Sims thing), Sly Fox, and Kitty.

They come in two sizes. The smaller ones, your Toddlers can play with easily. The bigger versions are purely aesthetic clutter.


19. Freezer Bunny Daycare and Stuff Pack by SimDoughnut

Freezer Bunny Daycare and Stuff Pack by SimDoughnut for Sims 4

Check Out This CC

So aside from them playable Freezer Bunny plushies, I also found a truly adorable Freezer-Bunny-themed Toddler stuff pack.

And what a stuff pack it is.

Dozens of Wall Stuff, Furniture Stuff, Toys, Clutter, and so much more.

Freezer Bunny building blocks, Freezer Bunny cereal boxes, a Freezer Bunny Toddler bed, Freezer Bunny wall decals … it would be terrifying if I didn’t find that darn rabbit so endearing. If you aren’t particularly fond of him, maybe skip this download.

But if you are, trust me when I say you will not regret it.

Full explanation of the stuff pack plus a list of must-have CC (which is actually just Veranka’s playable Freezer Bunny plushie) can be found in the creator’s notes. Be sure to take a look before downloading!


20. Functional Dino Slide (with Custom Animation) by necrodogmtsands4s

Functional Dino Slide (with Custom Animation) by necrodogmtsands4s Sims 4 CC

Check Out This CC

There are one or two Toddler slides in the base game, but this Dino Slide mod is an actual functional slide with a custom animation and a Happy Mood Boost.

Sims who use the slide will sort of spring off at the end, and then run around to either get out of the next person’s way or line up for another go.

It’s pretty cute to see.

Aside from being an absolutely adorable blue slide with big dino eyes at the end and stairs painted to look like scales (or whatever those ridges on the backs of dinosaurs are called), this slide comes with its own tiny side sign. And it can be used by Toddlers, Elders, and every age in-between.

Unlike the base game Toddler slides, this happy little dino slide promises fun for the whole family!


21. Elephant Slide by ayumea

Elephant Slide for kids - Sims 4 CC

Check Out This CC

This custom slide might not have its own custom animation, but it is just as cute as the Dino Slide. I had to include it.

The design is simple; a round, Bambi-eyed baby elephant acts as the slide’s general frame (complete with weeny tusks poking out at the side). The slide itself is the baby elephant’s trunk.

If you think the description sounds cute, wait ‘til you see the slide in-game. Five delightful colors and tons of Toddler-sliding fun. Do note that you’ll need The Sims 4 Toddler Stuff pack for the mesh and animation to work, though!


22. Solace Baby Swing – TS3 to TS4 by chic4house

Solace Baby Swing – TS3 to TS4 by chic4house CC screenshot

Check Out This CC

I will always appreciate a mod that can spice up boring or repetitive base game items.

That’s why I’m a big fan of retextures and recolors. It’s so cool to see how the Sims community reimagines and conceptualizes even the most seemingly mundane objects.

What I’m trying to get at here is that this baby swing CC is utter genius.

It’s basically just a toddler high chair in disguise! It doesn’t swing back and forth, but it certainly looks like it could!

Bonus points for making the game more realistic (because I have seen many IRL toddlers gently swaying in baby swings) and for cleverly reworking the high chair into something with a little more character.


Non-Functional/CAS Objects

23. Pampers Cruisers Diapers by kratoscheky

Pampers Cruisers Diapers by kratoscheky TS4 CC

Check Out This CC

For some reason, TS4 Toddlers and Children don’t have a lot of themed stuff. I mean, where are the Freezer Bunny diapers and Llamacorn bibs?

This diaper set by kratoscheky is modeled after Pamper’s Cruisers diapers, and they fulfill my need for themed Toddler stuff just fine. They’re cute, they’re realistic, and they’ve got wide-eyed characters poking their little noses out.

The creator even went the extra mile and edited the TS4 base game Toddler clothes so that it looks like the Toddlers are wearing the diapers under the clothes.

There’s extra padding, extra lines, or extra poof, depending on the clothing style.

You can download these edited, “pampered” (get it?) clothes along with the diapers as a set .package file or you can just download the diapers. Either way, it adds a little something extra for your tiny Sim tots.


24. Superhero Onesies and Masks for Toddlers by SimsDollhouse

Superhero Onesies and Masks for Toddlers by SimsDollhouse TS4 CC

Check Out This CC

Dressing up isn’t just for Halloween anymore!

Not with these adorable Superhero onesies (and matching masks) from SimsDollhouse. I don’t like following the whole “boys love superheroes, girls love princesses,” stereotype as much as you do, but you gotta admit these onesies are cute.

Your tiny Toddler can be Superman, Green Lantern, Captain America, Batman, or The Flash.

(Bonus: you can finally get DC to work with Marvel).

Only the Superman onesie doesn’t have a matching mask, by the way. The other four masks can be found under Facepaint.

They also work for all ages, so if your Young Adult Sim ever feels like horsing around superhero-style, there is that option.


25. S77 Toddler 02 Funny Animal Onesies by Sonata77

S77 Toddler 02 Funny Animal Onesies by Sonata77 Sims 4 CC

Check Out This CC

I know we have a decent haul of Toddler onesies in the Sims 4 game.

But who’s going to say no to free clothes? Especially ones that make your Toddler look like a teeny-tiny panda.

If it wasn’t obvious yet, I highly recommend these.

I know there are some animal-themed onesies in TS4 – not to mention a full-blown Bear costume – but at least this mod gives your todd four new animals to try out: tiger, panda, giraffe, and zebra.

And they’re available for both genders, too.


26. Little Witches by StoryLegacySims

Little Witches by StoryLegacySims Sims 4 CC

Check Out This CC

Maybe I’m just really excited for Halloween, but look how cute!

Tiny, toddler-sized witch hats with matching dresses and a spoopy skeleton necklace all make for one adorable little witch fumbling and stumbling all around your Sim’s home.

Slap on some green facepaint, maybe throw in an equally-as-tiny broom (sadly, no CC for that), and fix up a trick-or-treat bag to look like a cauldron (again, no CC in this mod but I’m sure there are some out there). Voila!

Your Female Toddler can now enjoy Halloween in peak witchy style.


27. Little Pirate Set by Renorasims

Little Pirate Set by Renorasims for Sims 4

Check Out This CC

While the girls get to fly around on brooms and turn people into toads, the boys get to sail the Seven Sim Seas.

This hopelessly adorable Pirate Costume Set by Renorasims is actually a set of items from The Sims 4 Spooky Stuff SP made base game compatible, and they’ve been lovingly edited to fit our tiny tots.

Hat, earrings, costume, boots: you’ve got the whole shebang right in several – .package files!


28. Little Elsa Anna Dress by SweetDreamsZzzzz

Little Elsa Anna Dress by SweetDreamsZzzzz Sims 4 CC

Check Out This CC

Let it Go might have gotten overplayed a while back. But Elsa’s dress (from Disney’s Frozen) will always look stunning.

And on a similar note, Anna’s dress will always look cute, too.

So when I came across this CC (still on a Toddler Halloween Costume High from the other mods), I only deliberated on it for, like, five seconds.

It’s cute, it’s accurate, and who am I to stop your Toddler Sim from dressing up like Arendelle’s royals?


29. Let Me Be a Toddler (Hair for Our Sweet Toddler) by Birksche

Let Me Be a Toddler (Hair for Our Sweet Toddler) by Birksche Sims 4 CC

Check Out This CC

Now this mod pack contains four beautiful new hairstyles for your sweet Sim Toddler.

Although I do have to admit that Sims 4 Toddlers have way more hair options than Sims 3 (vanilla base game) Toddlers, I wouldn’t exactly call the current range “diverse.”

“More than a handful,” maybe, but point is that it’s not a lot.

CAS choices for Toddlers – from hair to clothes to accessories – are sadly limited. That’s why we have awesome CC like this to give our Toddlers a bit more character. And if you only like one or two out of the four hairstyle, no problem.

The hairstyles all have their own separate .package files listed.


30. Alphabet Pacifier by Simiracle

Alphabet Pacifier by Simiracle Sims 4 CC

Check Out This CC

Aren’t they cute?

Tiny little Toddler pacifiers decorated with gorgeous script letters. There are two versions: blue and pink. Each version contains all 26 letters of the alphabet. It’s cute, it’s simple, and it’s exactly the kind of thing I’d imagine a toddler having in real life.

Like a bright pink pacifier with an ‘S’ for Sam or a blue pacifier with a teeny cursive ‘A’ for Alex.

And this might not be a big deal, but I personally love that the creator didn’t limit the colors to masculine and feminine. Both male toddlers and female toddlers can access the blue and pink versions of this cute pacifier without any problems.

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