Best Sims 4 Toddler Eyebrows CC (All Free)

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They say eyes are the windows to the soul.

I don’t know what eyebrows are supposed to be to the soul, but they certainly help tons when it comes to expressing.

And while toddlers shouldn’t be worrying about what their eyebrows look like and how they frame their face, EA can’t just throw three different eyebrows for Toddlers at us and call it a day.

So it is, once again, Sims CC creators to the rescue.


1. Toddler Eyebrows 02 by bob104

Toddler Eyebrows 02 by bob104 for Sims 4

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These toddler eyebrows are in a shape that’s typically found attractive and aesthetically pleasing in Asian (especially Korean) culture—straight and sad.

Notice how the inner edges curve up ever so slightly and how the whole eyebrow has roughly the same thickness all throughout.

The slight upturn and minimal (practically non-existent, actually) arch can make a person’s face look pure and innocent.

Considering these brows are for toddlers, I’d say that’s a pretty spot-on design.


2. Toddler Eyebrows 03 by bob104

Toddler Eyebrows 03 by bob104 TS4 CC

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These are sort of similar to bob104’s Toddler Eyebrows 02.

Biggest difference is that they’re visually stronger, more decisive, and just a tad messier.

Whereas bob104’s 02 eyebrows look doe-eyed and sad, these 03 brows look more pleasantly determined. Toddlers with these eyebrows are probably natural-born leaders just oozing with charisma. Bit headstrong, too.

They come in eight swatches; five naturals ranging from dark brown to beige and three light-colored ones.


3. Toddler Brows by WildlyMiniatureSandwich

Toddler Brows by WildlyMiniatureSandwich Sims 4 CC

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WildlyMiniatureSandwich said yes to age inclusivity by converting all of EA’s existing eyebrows for Adults and Children into Toddler-friendly files.

This basically gives players around 52 new brows for their tiny, often overlooked tots.

If you’re craving more variety for sculpting and designing unique Toddler Sims’ faces (as I’m sure most of us are), this conversion may very well be the solution.

The brows come in 9 standard EA colors (no Dyed and Unnatural palettes yet, sorry!) and are base game compatible.


4. Eyebrows NB18 by MSQSIMS

Eyebrows NB18 by MSQSIMS for Sims 4

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Light, feathery, and wholly natural, these brows have that oh-so enviable ability to look beautifully messy.

It’s the equivalent of someone whose bedhead looks good.

Sometimes brows that are too neat, too trim, and too tidy can look off-putting, you know?

A little bit of wild, uncombed brow hair never hurt nobody. And it looks great, so what else can you ask for? Available in six swatches.


5. Eyebrows N66 by Seleng

Eyebrows N66 by Seleng TS4 CC

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Here’s a custom brow that’s perfect for masculine features.

It’s strong, has a shallow curve, and tilts ever-so-slightly downward. Some would say that the brows look a little too mature and/or intimidating for Toddler to Children Sims faces, but I’ve seen actual kids in real life with brows that visible.

It’s pretty fascinating.

(Also, someone in the comment section said they were naming the model in the preview photo as Liam. It fits to a T.)


6. Chisami’s Little One Brows by chismi

Chisami’s Little One Brows by chismi Sims 4 CC

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These are quite popular Toddler brows in the Sims CC community.

They’re soft, they’re beautiful, and they’re all hand-drawn. Plus the variety here is incredible.

These aren’t just eight swatches for one brow, no; these are eight completely unique brows.

You’ve got thick, thin, lightly arched, lightly tilted, bushy brows, sleek but sparse—like I said; it’s pretty incredible.


7. Eyebrows N68 by Seleng

Eyebrows N68 by Seleng for Sims 4

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These brows are a statement and a half.

Placed on a toddler’s face, the thickness is made even more prominent.

I love how neat and groomed it looks, and I think the low arch works very, very well with doe eyes (see; preview photos). It makes the model look sweet and bright-eyed.

There are six swatches of these brows, and I’d say they’re all pretty firmly in the Naturals category (minus the red-brown one, which is a little too red to be a natural brow).


8. Eyebrow RPL15 by RobertaPLobo

Eyebrow RPL15 by RobertaPLobo TS4 CC

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These are small, straight, wispy little things that come in ten swatches.

Good mix of natural and unnatural options for the palette, but I have no idea when a toddler would ever get pink eyebrows.

But hey. It’s not like we play TS4 strictly for realism (else we’d believe llamas are an everyday occurrence).

If your Sims baby wants pink brows, you can totally give them pink brows.


9. Base Game WMS Toddler Eyebrows by bahama llama sims

Base Game WMS Toddler Eyebrows by bahama llama sims Sims 4 CC

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Remember Wildly Miniature Sandwich’s conversion of all EA eyebrows into Toddler-friendly packages?

Bahama llama sims added on to that by recoloring all 52 new brows in faded-springs’ Sundance palette.

This adds a total of 36 new color swatches for each new brow.

What’s 52 multiplied by 36? No idea.

I just know that this is exactly the kind of content we need: quality and quantity.

All the brows with their brand-spanking-new colors are merged into one convenient .package file. This means you can’t really pick and choose which brows you want, but why limit yourself when you can have them all?


10. WM TS4 Eyebrows T 20170 by S-Club

WM TS4 Eyebrows T 20170 by S-Club for Sims 4

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These are some very light, very soft, and fairly realistic baby brows.

The tails in particular are scarily accurate; they remind me of my own on bad brow days (when there isn’t a spoolie in sight).

The arch is pretty full – but not scarily so – and the thickness feels very in-the-middle.

Not too boxy, not too thin, and no unnatural shapes or angles.

These brows come in ten swatches, the majority of which are natural colors. The orange swatch may look kinda neon in the preview photo, but I promise it looks fine in CAS.


11. SAC_t_eyebrows_01 by SAC

SAC_t_eyebrows_01 by SAC TS4 CC

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Straight, narrow, and ever-so-slightly tilted downwards, these eyebrows are the equivalent of a particularly fussy pout.

Not sure if it’s because of the Toddler model used in the preview photo or if it’s the brows themselves, but still. Definitely one of the softer and less aggressive brows on the list.

The subtle taper of the tails really helps shape this one.


12. SAC t_eyebrows_02 & 03 by SAC

SAC t_eyebrows_02 & 03 by SAC Sims 4 CC

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Literally a two-for-one, you get two different eyebrows on one download page! SAC t_eyebrows_02 are thin, neat, and very slender brows.

Honestly, best words I can use to describe them are “delicate” and “dainty.”

These brows look like they belong to a young, proper lady whose been taught formal etiquette since she could walk.

Did I just come up with a Sims storyline? Sure.

But that doesn’t detract from the fact that these eyebrows are so incredibly groomed.

SAC t_eyebrows_03 are just as neat and groomed, but not as slender or as dainty as 02. They taper more towards the inner corners than they do at the tails, which is an interesting shape.

Both can frame the face in different (but flattering!) ways, so it’s really just a matter of preference.


13. Eyebrows N67 by Seleng

Eyebrows N67 by Seleng for Sims 4

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Soft, wild, and wispy, these are brows that are in serious need of a good plucking. But I like that!

I can appreciate how true-to-life this is, because I don’t know of any toddler that would enjoy any form of eyebrow tweezing, waxing, or – God forbid – threading.

So it makes sense for a toddler (or child, because these eyebrows are both Toddler- and Child-compatible!) to have unkempt brows.

The shape is incredibly interesting as well. It’s one of the few CC brows on this list that isn’t perfectly groomed.


14. Louisa Eyebrows by MSQSIMS

Louisa Eyebrows by MSQSIMS TS4 CC

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These are the definition of bold brows.

They’re thick, they’re blocky, and they’re expressive as heck. I am absolutely in love with the shape, the tilt, and the design.

Like, the eyebrow hairs are all over the place, the tail taper is not perfectly groomed, and the overall brow just looks so natural and so realistic.

It comes in ten colors that are all natural. I’m talking brown, ginger, charcoal, etc.


15. Toddler Eyebrow Recolor n2 Set by jeisse197

Toddler Eyebrow Recolor n2 Set by jeisse197 Sims 4 CC

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This is a set of 14 eyebrow recolors by jeisse197.

Basically, the creator recolored a couple of base game hairs (as much as I can tell) and then decided to recolor 14 base game Toddler eyebrows to match the recolor palette.

There are nine colors in the recolor palette, and they are all wildly unnatural (and very, very fun). I’m talking bright pink, forest green, teal, pastel purple… all the fun hair dyes.

Each brow has its own TSR page so you can’t exactly download them as a merged .package file, but at least you can pick and choose your favorite shapes.

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