Sims 4 Toilet & Bidet CC (All Free To Download)

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You might think toilets are pretty straightforward. At the end of the day, it’s just a porcelain bowl where you do your business, right?


There are a lot of different choices that can totally change the entire look of your bathroom. They’re a huge part of a home, and one of the few things that will see some usage every single day.

Not to mention, it’s a lot easier to install a new toilet in The Sims than in real life.

And our friendly CC makers out there have come up with every design of toilet you could want, so your Sims can always go in style.


1. Dama Bidet

Dama Bidet for Sims 4

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First up, we have a bidet – something entirely new to our Sims, as far as I know.

These are huge in some parts of the world, and totally unheard of in others. I’m part of the latter demographic.

I’ve never personally seen or used one. But I’ve heard many good things.

And now our Sims can experience this high-brow toiletry as well.

This bidet certainly stands out from classic toilets, with a much more rectangular and oblong shape.


2. Modern Toilet/Sink Combo

Modern Toilet/Sink Combo TS4 CC

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There are many ways different household items can be combined together, and there’s many we’ve overlooked – even in Tiny Living Stuff.

The necessary furnishings of a bathroom often take up a whole lot of space.

At the very least, you need a toilet, sink, and shower. And in The Sims 4, those fixtures (plus the room required to use) them can get out of hand rather quickly.

Well, now at least two of those functions have been combined.

This toilet and sink combo from the genius K9BD makes it possible to free up your Sim’s bathrooms.

The sink is atop the toilet, where normally there would be nothing but a useless tank. This will make for much more compact build possibilities, without having to worry about sink basins or counters sticking out.


3. Functional Toilet Stall

Functional Toilet Stall Sims 4 CC

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Of all the things to be excluded from The Sims 4, I can’t believe toilet stalls are one of those things.

It’s such a basic item of any society, and so much more practical than a single-use bathroom like all of the parks and community buildings currently have.

Don’t you miss having your Sim hang around in public bathrooms to meet new friends or potential dates?

Or was that just me that did that?

Ah, whatever. People have done weirder things in this game.

With these stalls, at least you make public bathrooms actually look like public bathrooms again, in several different colors.


4. Pyrus Toilet

Pyrus Toilet for Sims 4

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Here’s another option for more compact toilets.

This one has a very smooth rounded shape, with no tank at all!

We don’t need to worry about how it flushes or receives water, this is The Sims.

Aesthetic is king.

With all that free space above the seat, you’ll have more wall room for decorating with shelves, towel racks, or pictures.

However you choose to bring the interior of your bathroom together, this toilet will work.

It stands out as a modern choice, but it won’t become the focus of the room.


5. Golden John Toilet

Golden John Toilet TS4 CC

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So, about being the focus of the room… a solid gold toilet will do it.

I’ve heard some people refer to using the bathroom as sitting on the throne.

But that’s always just been a phrase. I think with this toilet, your Sim truly will be using a throne!

White can get pretty boring after a while, and other colors like soft blues or yellows aren’t much better.

Bright, and I mean really bright gold, is another story.

This is a toilet that says its owners are Sims of taste… and money.


6. Thorium Bidet

Thorium Bidet Sims 4 CC

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This CC is another great option for those of you who prefer bidets.

There are some more interesting swatches with this bidet vs. what you’d see with most toilets, including stony grays and browns.

You can always go with the classic white as well.

No matter the color, it’s the shape of this bidet that stands out. Like others, there isn’t much of a tank. It’s generally more compact than most I’ve seen.

Any Sim will be pleased to have this in their bathroom, I’m sure!


7. Seraph Toilet

Seraph Toilet for Sims 4

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This one is a little sneaky.

At first glance, you might note the round shape and lack of tank and think, ‘ah, another bidet’.

But you’d be mistaken!

As interesting of a design as this is, it’s a regular ol’ toilet.

Anyone can use any toilet, of course. But I think this is another one that will be perfect for those rich Sims.

Really, who else can find and install a nearly perfectly spherical toilet?

I’ve now said the word ‘toilet’ so much it doesn’t seem like a real word anymore. Let’s move on.

There are various swatches for the seat here, all of which are pretty kooky and definitely a change from the typical plastic white seats you usually see.

I guess it makes sense – who would want a cool toilet with a boring seat?


8. Bidet As It May Toilet

Bidet As It May Toilet TS4 CC

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Well, this is another switcheroo.

While most bidets don’t have much going on in terms of a seat or back section, this one has much more of a classic toilet appearance.

But it still looks a bit more modernized and clean than most of what we have in the game, so you can tell it’s something new.

I really like how the seat/bowl has a sort of rounded, rectangular shape too.

We’ve seen almost every shape a toilet could have, except triangular (and wouldn’t that be something).

But smooth corners always reign supreme!


9. Bathroom Angi Toilet

Bathroom Angi Toilet Sims 4 CC

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Ooh la la!

When it comes to going in style, this is the best thing since the Golden John!

Most of these objects have a marbled design, be it on the base or seat. That’s pretty fancy, right?

They aren’t as small as others we’ve seen, however. So these babies are here to make a statement.

What’s the statement?

Uh…clean your toilet! Nobody wants to see dirty marble, whether it’s in the kitchen or the bathroom.


10. Magnesium Toilet

Magnesium Toilet for Sims 4

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We all know technology has infiltrated every part of our lives.

From security to communication to furniture, everything has gone digital. There are even fridges with built in iPads… or at least that’s what I’ve heard.

One thing I never expected to see was a toilet that gets flushed with a button.

And here we are.

Some of the bidets on this list have something similar, but I can’t even wrap my mind around how such a thing would work.

That goes for most of what happens in The Sims, too. So it’s not that hard to accept, I guess.

And with the wood seats, the toilets in this CC have a cool mix of modern yet antique vibes.

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