Best Traveling Pose Packs For The Sims 4 (All Free)

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Your Sims don’t need to be rich to travel. But the process may leave a little something to be desired for us players.

All we get is a loading screen, then the next thing we know, our Sims are at their destination. It’s efficient and all – but not very realistic.

With poses, you can take your Sims through every step of the process.

These pose packs are great for snapping candid photos of your Sim’s next vaca.


1. Road Trip Pose Pack

Road Trip / Sims 4 Pose Pack

Check Out This Pose Pack

Although our Sims can’t drive, they can get pretty close with this pose pack.

There’s something for the whole family, right down to toddlers (well, a toddler).

The littlest members of the fam can be secured in a car seat, while there are various poses for the adults in the vehicle.

So many different objects can serve as props and here, you’ll just need to grab the Jeep and car seat. They’ll really make a difference when you feel like sending your Sims on a trip!


2. Camping Pose Pack

Camping / Sims 4 Pose Pack

Check Out This Pose Pack

Good old Granite Falls is always a nice place to go when you’re looking to get your Sims out of the house.

With this pose pack, you can really capture the moment like never before.

Your Sims can stop by the campground sign for some cute photo ops, or gather around the picnic table.

The creator really covered all the bases, since there are a few more poses that include setting up the tent or taking a rest on the ground.


3. Girls Trip Pose Pack

Girls Trip / Sims 4 Pose Pack

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If you’ve got a couple of besties in your game, this will be perfect for them.

When it’s time for a girl’s getaway, now they can indulge in the little moments too.

A really awesome red convertible is used as part of this set – and it definitely adds to the fun, carefree feeling.

These 4 poses are fairly simple but it’s so cool to see Sims actually in a car, let alone a convertible, that they’re definitely worth trying out.


4. Airport Pose Pack

Airport / Sims 4 Pose Pack

Check Out This Pose Pack

Surprisingly, there are plenty of ways to simulate the airport experience for your Sims.

This pose pack makes use of some decorative suitcases, and you can use any lot you find as the set.

All four of these poses are really sweet and have a natural feel. They include options for 2-4 adult Sims, as well as one toddler.

Whether your Sims have just reached their destination or are on their way home, these will definitely be awesome for storytelling purposes.


5. Summer Road-Tripping Pose Pack

Summer Road-Tripping / Sims 4 Pose Pack

Check Out This Pose Pack

A summer roadtrip is a tradition for millions of people across the world.

There’s just no better time to get together, and get away.

Amazingly enough, there are a total of 22 poses included here! No matter your Sim’s age or gender, you’ll find ways to make the most of this fun pack.

Only a couple props are needed, including a camera and a truck. Then your Sims will be ready to hit the road.


6. Bon F*ckin’ Voyage Poses

Bon F*ckin’ Voyage / Sims 4 Pose Pack

Check Out This Pose Pack

Sometimes a hand gesture just says it all.

Especially when you’re about to board a plane.

It’s really up to you how your Sim feels about traveling here, since there are two choices. One will have your Sim flipping the bird, and the other has a peace sign.

Two totally different vibes, no doubt, but they’re both pretty fun nonetheless. And in either case, your Sim will be pulling a suitcase with her free hand. Never say Sims can’t multitask!


7. Starry x Insanity x Lazy – Airport Poses

Starry x Insanity x Lazy - Airport / Sims 4 Pose Pack

Check Out This Pose Pack

In this amazing collaborative effort, you’ll find everything necessary to see your Sims off at the airport.

Not only is there a specific lot available to download, but the level of detail here is very impressive.

The creators even incorporated some decorative Sims so the airport actually seems busy.

As for the poses themselves, they certainly won’t disappoint. Some are for a while family while others were made with couples in mind, but there’s something for everyone. You can even have a toddler in a stroller, and kids playing on luggage!


8. Traveling Poses from AithSims

Traveling / Sims 4 Pose Pack

Check Out This Pose Pack

From the airport to the plane, and everything in between, the whole process of flying is detailed through these poses.

Yep, thanks to the airplane seating CC set you can grab, your Sims can even be napping or chatting from the plane itself.

There are plenty of fun poses to use in the airport as well. Sims will never know the stress of missing their flight, this is all about playing with awesome, wheeled suitcases.

And since the background can often look a little empty when using poses, there are even ways to set up airport staff and pilots with these.


9. Travel Time Pose Pack

Travel Time / Sims 4 Pose Pack

Check Out This Pose Pack

Sims can enjoy the finer parts of a road trip with these poses.

They’ll work for any cute couple and allow them some time to chill off-road.

One pose even has the Sims sitting at the back of the car, drinking juice.

These provide a more laid back feel, without the hustle and bustle of other traveling methods.

Even the car really has a great look and provides some realism with the way your Sims can “use” it.


10. Packing Suitcase Pose

Packing Suitcase / Sims 4 Pose Pack

Check Out This Pose Pack

What is or isn’t packed in a suitcase can really determine how well a trip is going to go.

There are so many essentials that have to be included, it can be rather overwhelming.

It’s the least enjoyable part of traveling for sure. And it’s high time our Sims suffered as well.

How dare they just go from one place to the next with no preparation!

This single pose is a simple, straightforward way of including this tedious task in your game.

Within an open suitcase, you can place some clutter objects like clothes and shoes. Then once your Sim is in position, it’ll really look like they’re packing stuff up.

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