Trench Coat CC For The Sims 4 (Girls + Guys)

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Trench coats are basically the cool kid of any closet. I have yet to see someone wear a trench coat and not instantly look cool or trendy. Maybe it’s just me.

Maybe I just don’t have much of a fashion sense.

Whatever the case, we definitely need more of them — both in The Sims 4 and IRL.

In the case of TS4, I’ve curated this list of custom trench coats that I think would suit a variety of personal fashion styles. Enjoy!


1. Winter Trench Coat by Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla

Winter Trench Coat / Sims 4 CC

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‘tis the season to slay winterwear and, trust me; this Winter Trench Coat (by Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla) will keep your Male Sims feeling and looking hot AF.

The coat itself has this rich, thick, stylishly baggy feel to it that makes it look exclusively tailored. It comes with a long-sleeved, solid-colored turtleneck top.

Overall, the combo gives off this very sophisticated – and very attractive – vibe.


2. Long Woolen Coat by YUNSEOL

Long Woolen Coat / Sims 4 CC

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This one’s probably my favorite custom trench coat for Female frames.

It’s big, it’s slightly slouchy, and it looks equal parts comfy and stylish!

It also comes in a lot of great colors and patterns, including a soft checkered beige swatch (with a matching dusky rose turtleneck) and a beautiful, butter-yellow swatch (with the turtleneck being cream).

There are 28 color combos to choose from, so you’re sure to find one or two options that’ll look fantastic on your Sim.


3. Payne Long Trench Coat by McLayneSims

Payne Long Trench Coat / Sims 4 CC

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Here’s something a little more fitted and spiffy.

McLayneSims’ Payne Long Trench Coat features a mid-length, single-breasted coat that comes in a mix of solids and patterns.

Underneath it is a simple white shirt and tie. The tie also changes color depending on the coat swatch, but the shirt stays white.

It’s a fairly simple and straightforward ensemble that I think gives off heavy overworked detective noir vibes.


4. LIMA – Female Coat by Helsoseira

LIMA – Female Coat / Sims 4 CC

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Like the Payne Long Trench Coat, Helsoseira’s LIMA trench coat is a lot more fitted than most of the items on this list.

It’s also fully buttoned and tied closed, so there’s no shirt, blouse, or tee paired with it.

It comes in seven pretty pattern options, and the textures of each swatch is emphasized by the photoskinned look.

The belt cinches around the waist in a way that gives all Female frames – regardless of body shape and size – the illusion of curves.


5. Male Buttonless Trench Coat by HappyLifeSims

Male Buttonless Trench Coat / Sims 4 CC

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Like the McLayneSims’ Payne trench coat, HappyLifeSims’ Buttonless Trench Coat is paired with a simple white collared shirt and a tie.

It’s also neatly tied closed via the fabric belt round the waist.

Since this is specifically marketed as buttonless, I’m assuming there are clasps or extra ties on the inside, helping to preserve the seamless front.

It’s an interesting design that really stands out in-game thanks to the Maxis Match texture, so I’m wholeheartedly recommending this too. It gives off a fairly sporty vibe.


6. Spring Soon Strap Long Coat by Bed & Musae

Spring Soon Strap Long Coat / Sims 4 CC

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Before your Sim braves the streets of San Myshuno in autumn, bundle them up in these large, drop-shoulder trench coats with thick seams and detailed lining!

Choose between stylish prints or soft, plain solids paired with a sensible, dependable turtleneck in white or basic black. Bed & Musae’s Spring Soon coat gives off crazy “closet staple” vibes in the best way.

If you’re looking for something casually stylish, this would be one of my top recommendations!


7. Trench Coat by dgandy

Trench Coat / Sims 4 CC

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This short, modish, double-breasted trench coat for Female frames is an absolute stunner!

Dgandy’s Trench Coat CC only comes in four colors, but it looks oh-so fashionable in all four shades.

Definitely looks like it’s tailored more for fashion rather than function but, hey; who’s complaining? Certainly not me!

The details ‘round the hem and sleeves give it more depth and dimension. Plus, I’m living for the belt being tied at the side rather than the front.


8. Faux Shearling Coat by HappyLifeSims

Faux Shearling Coat / Sims 4 CC

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Another masterpiece by HappyLifeSims, this custom trench coat is the epitome and classy and chic!

Wide collar, structured shoulders, thick material, and a simple, smooth silhouette — all topped off with a basic turtleneck tee.

It’s a very fetching clothing item with a texture that leans more towards a Maxis Match (or slightly Maxis Mix) finish, so it shouldn’t be a problem for Laptop Mode.

It comes in seven gorgeous swatches, and the turtleneck underneath changes colors as well to compliment the coat. It’s also base game compatible!


9. Joon Longcoat by Solistair

Joon Longcoat / Sims 4 CC

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A simple yet stylish approach to a coat and tee, this Joon Longcoat ensemble by Solistair was apparently inspired by an outfit they saw someone (a complete stranger, to boot!) wear IRL.

It’s definitely not as warm and thick as some of the other coats on this list, so I’d say this getup would suit an ‘End of Spring’ or ‘Late Autumn’ vibe.

You can change the color of the trench coat and the shirt underneath it — just make sure to download and install the ShirtRecolour.package!

The trench coat comes in 13 beautifully varying shades of beige (and a couple neutrals). The shirt, on the other hand, comes in 20 solid swatches. Plus if you want a truly unique look, scarves and other Head/Body accessories can be worn without affecting the mesh.


10. Urbane Trench Coat by nucrests

Urbane Trench Coat / Sims 4 CC

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I’m not exaggerating when I say this CC pack is probably the ultimate trench coat pack for Male Sims.

It introduces three differently-designed trench coats. Each one has its own palette according to color and texture.

There are three variations:

One with a hoodie underneath, one with a denim jacket, and one with a turtleneck.

The hoodie and turtleneck each have ten velvet swatches to match the material. The one with the denim jacket underneath comes with ten denim swatches — all on top of the trench coat’s default ten swatches (for a total of 20 possible color designs).

This set is pretty freaking extensive – which is why I can’t recommend it enough. The variety is no joke!

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