Sims 4 Wall Decor CC & Custom Paintings Mods (All Free)

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One of the most enjoyable things to do while playing The Sims, aside from playing an almighty being who controls everything, is creating and decorating your abode.

Should I put a wall here?

Will this rug go with my sofa?

Should I add stairs to the pool?

So many tough decisions!

Wall décor matters in a home, even if it’s virtual. And unless you want a home that resembles an asylum, which we’re not totally against adding some custom décor.

And here’s some of the best CC we found for user-made wall décor to get your Sim-style decorating on!


15. Kids Camping Wall Art

Kids Camping Sims 4 CC screenshot

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Kids need visual stimulation in their formative years.

Before their eyes get the real-world treatment, it’s essential to show them colorful images of happy things. After all, in The Sims they only get a maximum of 23 days of childhood!

Amp up your child’s room with more cuteness with the Kids Camping paintings by SIMcredible.

This framed image CC set has 20 variations with designs including affirmations, cutesy art, and animals blowing some gum.

We leave it to you how to explain to the kid that animals haven’t mastered the art of bubble blowing.


14. Rock Posters

Rock Posters Sims 4 CC

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If you’ve ever had a rebellious phase, you’d know that it was usually tied in with a sudden preference for rock music.

Admit it: when you were a teen who felt like the world could not understand you – you turned to rock tunes.

The more angsty, the better!

It also made you seem cooler compared to your mates who listened to… pop.

If you’ve never outgrown that rock phase, or just want to evoke memories of it, adorn your rock virtuoso Sim’s room or studio with these Rock Posters created by L’Anti.

They feature rock legends such as The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, and Pink Floyd, to name a few.


13. Wall Clutter Conversions

Wall Clutter Conversions TS4 CC

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Being bare is no fun… with some exceptions.

We’re talking about walls!

A bare wall is as dull as talking about the weather with your Simnificant other. Well if you’re not a big fan of posters or wall art, may we suggest adding a little bit of clutter?

This Wall Clutter Conversions CC by Mio-Sims, originally by BillyJean, include any knick-knacks that you probably look at and say, “Hmm, let’s’ hang that”.

It has 14 meshes that include a camera, a pair of headphones, polaroids, and so much more.

They’re all shiftable too, along with the swatches.


12. Decal Posters

Decal Posters for Sims 4

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Ah, Pinterest: where even the most design-handicapped can find inspiration and whip up a decent ambiance in just a few searches.

There seems to be a resurgence of minimalist typography and art.

If you have white walls, these Decal Posters by Pralinesims will go perfectly with it. The CC set features 36 designs, all extremely simple with just a dab of color in some posters.

The sizes also range from small to large and will fit any room!


11. Great Art Series, Vol. 1

Great Art Series, Vol. 1 Sims 4 CC

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Are you an art enthusiast?

Do you have leather-bound books and an apartment that smells of rich mahogany?

If you’re rich, bored, and only want the finer things in life, well look no further – we’re bringing you FemmeOnAMission’s Great Art Series, Vol. 1.

This set includes reproductions of some of the world’s most famous art, but with a twist. Instead of the actual art just converted for the game, they’re remade with actual Sims while staying faithful to the original.

Yes, Mona Lisa still has no eyebrows here!

These will cost you a pretty penny, though. Each artwork in this set ranges from 10,000 to 25,000 Simoleons!


10. 90s Wall Posters

90s Wall Posters Sims 4 CC

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As a 90s kid, looking back on that decade really gives me the warm fuzzies.

It makes me so happy that it’s actually making a comeback!

Do you also love the naughty nineties? You don’t have to have a Gen Y membership card to love these 90s Wall Posters, created by Talia.

Reminisce with these images bearing some unforgettable 90s icons: The Simpsons, Daria, Tupac, and even the Windows 95 logo (I bet you can still hear the startup theme in your head!)


9. Chalkboards – Bar Edition

Chalkboards – Bar Edition TS4 CC

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Of all the gin joints, in all the towns in all the world, you walk into mine.

Kidding, I don’t have a gin joint. It may look like it because I covered my Sim’s house with these Bar Edition Chalkboards by Nadilein.

The set has 24 chalkboard-drawn styles that pays homage to classic mixed drinks such as the Bloody Mary, Sangria, and a classic Margarita.

Heck, you may even learn a recipe or two with these. Put this up in your Sim’s man cave, drinking room, or their home mini-bar for a relaxed & speakeasy vibe.


8. Crescent Moon Wall Light

Crescent Moon Wall Light for Sims 4

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Has anyone promised the moon to you?

Did they deliver? …Oof.

Because you’re a strong independent Sim that doesn’t need anybody, get your own moon! Sympxls’s Crescent Moon Wall Light will illuminate even your darkest nights, in a way that no one ever did. This is a TS3 to TS4 conversion that only costs 1 Simoleon!

This light will also let you proclaim that you can love someone to the moon and back. Thank us later.


7. Vintage Travel Posters Series

Vintage Travel Posters Series Sims 4 CC

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Relive all your travels, even just in The Sims 4, with PixelateLlama’s Vintage Travel Poster Series.

Gaze upon the canals of Venice with the Europe pack, or Toronto’s CN Tower with the Canada pack, and even just Atlanta’s infamous peach.

These are all recolors of the “No. 46 Landscape” painting, and if you ask us – we’ll take these any day!


6. Ultraviolet Wave

Ultraviolet Wave Sims 4 CC

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Are you a self-confessed anime stan?

Don’t worry; we won’t ask who your waifu of choice is – we’re sure she’s very lovely!

Pixelfro’s Ultraviolet Wave anime artworks give us more of a Blade Runner vibe.

It has nine different 80’s style anime artwork that’s great to hang in your Sim’s bedroom, man cave, or if you live by the anime life – practically anywhere.


5. Marquee Letters A-Z

Marquee Letters A-Z Sims 4 CC screenshot

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Adding marquee letters to your walls is an excellent way to illuminate a space creatively.

They make a huge statement, quite literally, because you have free reign of what you want to write using them.

Use these Marquee Letters A-Z from Sanoy Sims to spell anything except “HOME” (we beg of you!).

Not only does this CC contain all letters of the alphabet as individual items, but it also includes an ampersand and an exclamation point for more impassioned quotes.

So go ahead, don’t be shy – spell anything you want. The police won’t come, we swear.


4. Neon Signs Set #4

Neon Signs Set #4 for Sims 4

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Neon bar lights remind me of nights out with friends – good conversation and even better booze.

The Neon Signs Set CC by creator Novvvas will let you recreate those bar feels, if you miss it so much!

Good conversation and booze are not guaranteed. But these lights are a surefire way to remind you of the good times.

But this pack is meant for mature Sims only, with ten phrases and designs that will probably make your momma clutch her pearls.


3. Space Travel Advertisements

Space Travel Advertisements TS4 CC

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At the rate we’re going – is space still the final frontier?

It seems like the chance of going to space seems more real by the minute. And with what’s happening on Earth, book us a ticket, please!

It doesn’t matter if you’re straight outta Sixam; you’ll love these Space Travel advertisements by Little Cakes.

You get seven prints, urging you to visit the incredible vastness of space, in Simlish. Not that you need any more urging!


2. Polaroid Photos

Polaroid Photos Sims 4 CC

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Polaroids were once relics that seemed like witchcraft to everybody!

Today, as someone once sang, everyone is shaking it like their polaroid pictures.

The fun of getting your photos developed in seconds has a certain kind of charm.

They’re also a cool way to decorate your black wall with some retro styles. And you can use these Polaroid Photos by Ruby Red Sims to get the job done.

These polaroids feature actual photos of unassuming things, shot tastefully. Some of the pieces also have tape on them to give a more laidback look. Choose from 20 images!


1. Terror Tales

Terror Tales Sims 4 CC screenshot

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Do you feel spooky, ooky, and kooky the whole year round?

For some people, terror is not just a Halloween thing but an everyday aesthetic.

As a scaredy-cat myself, I can’t imagine how that works, but you do you.. boo?

If scary movies are right up your alley, then may we interest you in these Terror Tales spoopy Simlish posters and book covers from PixelFolk?

Choose from 8 classic horror movie posters and eight pulp horror novel covers. Or why not hang them all?

They’re also in 100% Simlish that’ll make your Sim say, “Oo krem letich!”

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