Sims 4 Best WooHoo Mods: The Ultimate Collection (SFW)

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WooHoo makes the world go round.

Well, not really. But also yes?

It’s confusing, I know, but WooHoo as well as its real life counterpart play a huge role in almost everything.

We’re not talking about this in the context of humans, though. This ain’t a middle school health class. We’re talking about The Sims, where things are a lot less complicated.

On a basic level, WooHoo is quite simple.

But beyond that, once you finally do that WooHoo interaction to go through successfully, it’s always the same. They duck under the covers, little heart shapes fly around, and the rest is a mystery.

Unless you have mods. Then things can certainly take a turn.

Note: this article is Safe For Work (SFW) and all images here are PG-13 or cleaner. That said, many of these mods in your game will not be so clean – but if that’s what you’re looking for then you’re in the right place.


1. Wicked Whims

Wicked Whims / Sims 4 Mod

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You just can’t talk about WooHoo in The Sims 4 community without Wicked Whims coming up.

This is quite possibly the most widely used and well-known mod out there. It’s like the definitive starter kit for bringing more accurate, adult visuals to your Sim’s bedroom.

Wicked Whims brings you the good, bad, and the ugly of WooHoo.

Not only does this include quite an extensive library of poses and animations to really spice up your Sim’s lovemaking, but also very realistic reimaginings of certain related topics, like pregnancy, birth control, and diseases.

But more than likely, you’re here for the WooHoo stuff. And there’s no shortage of that.

Your Sims will get to experience the full shebang from start to finish – and without the pesky censor box.

A major perk to this is that you get to personally download the animations and poses of your choosing, as well as pick exactly how your Sim looks when the censor is removed.


2. Risky WooHoo & Try For Baby Chances

Risky WooHoo & Try For Baby Chances / Sims 4 Mod

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WooHoo and babies go hand in hand.

This is just an inescapable fact of life, barring certain health conditions of course.

Pregnancy is almost always a risk, no matter how slim. That’s partially why the birds and bees talk is such a big deal.

How amazing is it there’s actually an interaction in this game for parents to “have the Woohoo talk” with their teens?

It’s only fair they suffer through that rite of passage like everyone else.

This mod will make the associated risks more impactful. As it is, you’re the captain of whether or not your Sims get pregnant.

Unless it fails or they get impregnated by an alien, they’re simply limited to WooHoo or Try For Baby.

Not very nuanced, right? PolarBearSims has fixed it.

With this mod, there will be a lot more possibilities and factors involved. Location and traits will play a part in your Sim’s pregnancy chances too, and each Sim has a different fertility level.


3. Pillow Talk After WooHoo Mod

Pillow Talk After WooHoo / Sims 4 Mod

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Nobody wants to feel like they’re just another notch on somebody’s bedpost, not even a Sim.

Even in past games, Sims would cuddle once they were through with the WooHoo. It was cute. But now they either hop right out of bed and get back to whatever they were up to before, or go straight to sleep.

Thankfully, this mod will make it so your Sim’s intimacy doesn’t come to a screeching halt once the WooHoo interaction is over.

Instead they stay under the blankets a little longer and share some kisses, snuggles, tickles, and whispers.

Yes, it’s quite a lot.

But it’s still a better ending than going straight to sleep, and certainly more romantic.


4. WooHoo Lover Trait

WooHoo Lover Trait / Sims 4 Mod

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Sim’s attitudes towards WooHoo should vary just as much as a real person’s do.

For some, it is a huge part of life, while for others it’s just something to pass the time like playing checkers.

It’s true that feelings towards this cover a massive range.

But when WooHoo is a big part of a Sim’s life, it only makes sense that their personality is part of that too.

Tons of players already go along as though their Sim already has this trait – so I imagine a lot of people will be thrilled to actually make it a reality.

You can simply select this for your Sim in CAS like any other trait, and then their whims and buffs will be appropriately affected.


5. Prostitution Mod

Prostitution Sims 4 Mod

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We really don’t have a whole lot of career paths in The Sims 4.

There are a lot of niche jobs related to skills or the classic ones you’d expect, like science-related fields or business.

But that’s not for everyone.

Life is rough, and there’s one way to make a lot of money that’s a little taboo. Sims, however, are blessed to not have to worry about such matters.

Their neighbors and acquaintances know how to mind their own business for the most part. So your Sim can really live their best life, no questions asked.

This mod adds a unique new way for your Sim to earn a living, by offering WooHoo for Simoleons.

You can even decide whether you want the easy path, where their propositions will never be turned down, or a little more of a challenge where there’s only a 20% chance a Sim will agree.


6. Glory Hole

Glory Hole Sims 4 Mod

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What your Sims do when they’re getting hot and heavy is concealed beneath their blankets.

There’s no telling what goes on under there – but from some perspectives, it may seem a little boring.

And if you need more, you’re in luck as long as you’re cool with mods.

This one works in conjunction with Wicked Whims to even include animations, as well as some other sources.

A hole in the wall isn’t just for mice.

Whoever came up with this concept was really thinking outside the box.

You as the player can also be free of your inhibitions. Once the interaction is over, you won’t have to worry about your Sim running into their hook up again, because they’ll never see each other’s faces.


7. Babies For Everyone

Babies For Everyone / Sims 4 Mod

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Despite what some parents may like to tell their kids, babies aren’t dropped off by storks or grown in a cabbage patch.

Pregnancy and WooHoo are closely linked, even in The Sims.

But there are sound biological boundaries that just can’t be surpassed in real life – yet modders have easily made it possible in the game.

Now your Sim’s WooHoo escapades will be even riskier, since anyone can get pregnant with this mod.

Yes, anyone.

Elderly Sims, men, elderly male Sims… that’s right, you can go there if you want.

But a fun part of this mod is that it makes it possible for same-sex couples to have biological kids, and there’s an element of surprise. You won’t be able to choose who gets pregnant.

It can be one, both, or neither, regardless of gender.

What a fun world it would be if that was a reality.

Like Russian Roulette, but with baby making – and way more risky.


8. Teen WooHoo/Pregnancy

Teen WooHoo/Pregnancy / Sims 4 Mod

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For many people, this mod may seem taboo on the surface.

But when handled maturely and appropriately, there doesn’t have to be anything scuzzy about this concept.

This is especially useful for those of you playing the Decades Challenge (or any sort of variation). About a century ago, there was absolutely nothing abnormal about a person being married and a parent before their 18th birthday.

That may not be the norm anymore, but it still does happen. You can actually give your Sim teens more realistic, meaningful lives with intimacy and pregnancy scares thrown into the mix.


9. WooHoo Custom Holiday

WooHoo Custom Holiday / Sims 4 Mod

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I can never sing enough praises about the Seasons expansion pack.

None of the others impact your gameplay quite as deeply and constantly as that one, and it’s just a whole lot of fun all around.

Some may argue that it’s one of those things that should be available from the base game. After all, the weather and changing of the seasons is a consistent part of our actual lives, not something that’s a choice.

Well, one thing we can’t do in the real world is just make up holidays willy-nilly.

But you can with Seasons.

This is an awesome feature that a lot of Simmers have utilized in awesome ways, but none are quite as genius as WooHoo Day.

That’s right, you can install a whole day on the calendar in your game dedicated to your Sims getting down and dirty.

This incorporates everything related to WooHoo, including a No-Strings-Attached tradition, and even some extras that work with the Wicked Whims mod.


10. WooHoo Wellness

WooHoo Wellness / Sims 4 Mod

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If you’d like a dose of reality added to your game, then WooHoo shouldn’t be the one-and-done interaction that it currently is.

There are consequences any responsible person knows about and handles.

This is another mod that also adds some more developments to pregnancy. Not only does this include an overhaul for the process itself, but new moodlets too.

After all, pregnancy announcements are not always met with smiles and excitement, unfortunately.

By the way, how weird is it that the dads in this game have the same reaction as anyone else when their partner tells them they’re expecting?

I just think a guy who has been informed he’s gonna be a father should react more than an awkward pat on the shoulder!

But if there’s an override for that, I don’t know of it.

This mod covers everything else, though, including fun paternity matters and pregnancy wellness, plus the unpleasant matter of transmittable WooHoo diseases.


11. Any Caregiver Can Give The WooHoo Talk

Any Caregiver Can Give The WooHoo Talk / Sims 4 Mod

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The key to avoiding unexpected pregnancies and pesky diseases is education.

It’s never pretty or pleasant. But this is stuff everyone needs to know, even Sims.

But not all parents are up to the task. Some just don’t care, or some feel they can’t handle it.

When that’s the case, someone else may feel the responsibility to step up.

And now any person in your Sim teen’s life who’s a caregiver can give them “the talk”.

Dubbing a Sim a caregiver is usually a matter of a few clicks, so this will be a great little tweak for storytelling purposes – or just to switch things up in your game.

Does your Sim’s teen have a kooky aunt that is dying to give them all the details, or an older friend who just wants to brag?

Now everyone has the potential to spoil their innocence.


12. Be Romantic & WooHoo Despite Mood

Be Romantic & WooHoo Despite Mood / Sims 4 Mod

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Most of the time, people want to be in the moment and actually feel like doing what they’re doing.

But that’s just downright inconvenient in The Sims.

There’s nothing more frustrating than having a set plan in mind for your Sims, trying to progress their relationship, but one of them won’t hop in the sack for one reason or another.

That’s the bane of any player’s existence and a waste of time. Luckily, there’s a fix.

Manderz0630 has made it so a Sim’s mood will not affect their will to WooHoo.

If that’s what you tell them to do, they’ll dang well do it!


13. Shower WooHoo Tweaks

Shower WooHoo Tweaks / Sims 4 Mod

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As we’ve already established, Sims have rather boring WooHoo lives without mods.

It gets even worse if you just have the base game, since the ability to WooHoo elsewhere like in the shower, bushes, or dumpsters only comes with packs.

Using the shower instead of the bed became available with the Discover University pack. I guess an education ain’t all your Sims discover in Britechester…

But with vanilla it’s still a little lackluster, since they still hop into the shower wearing towels.

MizoreYukii added some minor tweaks with this mod to improve this interaction.

Now your Sims will be fully unclothed before they get in the shower together. As they should be.

This also makes it so your Sim’s hygiene will be fully replenished along the way. And you know that weird cheer your Sims do when their WooHoo proposal is accepted? That will go away and be replaced with a more flirty animation.

And it couldn’t have come soon enough.

The way Sims clap and jump around before WooHoo as though they just won the lotto has always been out of place.

When they’ve been married for years and years, it’s definitely not that big of a deal anymore!


14. Sugar Life Mod

Sugar Life / Sims 4 Mod

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There are many ways to monetize WooHoo.

As unique as this seems, this type of relationship is actually on the rise. Plus there’s a ton of CC dedicated to this lifestyle.

In any case, it’s really not a bad avenue to consider for your Sims, since this is a very unique mod.

Everyone is familiar with the concept of sugar babies. This has been a thing for a long time now.

And with this mod you’ll just need to apply the right trait in CAS, then a whole new world of options will be available to your Sims.

They can earn money just by asking for it, but the rewards are a whole lot better if WooHoo is involved.

Sims will need to have a strong romantic relationship level – and then you can do as you please. This isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, but it’s worth exploring to see just how many options you have here.


15. WooHoo Interaction Hider

WooHoo Interaction Hider / Sims 4 Mod

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At first glance, you may think this mod takes away the ability for your Sims to WooHoo.

But you’re not actually losing anything.

On the contrary, this mod actually gives added depth and considers a Sim’s emotions much more.

It’ll all depend on their current state of mind whether or not they’re down to WooHoo, which is understandable.

This may be a little inconvenient if you’re a player who likes to keep things moving, but this still adds a lot more nuance than the vanilla game, honestly.

Minor unpleasant occurrences can just wreck your Sim’s whole day, and leave them unreceptive to their spouse – or unwilling to build their skills for work.

That’s way more inconvenient than their emotions contributing to whether or not they’re “in the mood”. This is like the opposite of Manderz0630’s “Be Romantic And WooHoo Despite Mood” mod, adding more complexities to your Sim in regard to their love life.

There are three different versions you can download here, which can be looked at as levels of difficulty.

If you want your Sims to only be able to WooHoo when they’re truly in the moment, then Version #1 is for you, where the interaction will only be available if they’re feeling Flirty. This is sure to be a bit of a challenge and limiting – but not in a bad way.

The #2 version is a little more lenient, allowing Energized, Happy, and Playful moods to WooHoo as well.

And lastly, the #3 version is like a balanced, easier emotion overhaul, in which your Sims will be able to WooHoo with all of the above moods – in addition to when they’re Confident, Focused, and Inspired.

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