Sims 4 CC: Wrinkles & Eye Bags (Maxis Match + Alpha)

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Unless you have certain packs or mods, Sims have flawless skin for life.

They never wash their faces and have no skincare routine. And yet the most they’ll ever get is a few wrinkles on their forehead.

And even that won’t make them stand out, since every other Sim will have the exact same ones!

It’s truly a privileged life, living in a simulation. But the lack of facial details aren’t so fun for players who like to have more to work with in CAS.

Little features can have a big impact on how your Sim looks and really make them an individual. There’s certainly no shortage of custom content to do just that – and when it comes to wrinkles and eye bags, you’ll be all set with this list.

Whether you’re looking for some minor tweaks to the existing base game wrinkles, or maybe you want completely new highly-realistic details, either way there’s some great CC in here for your Sims.


1. Landline Wrinkles

Landline Wrinkles Set / Sims 4 CC

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Would it be offensive if I made the assumption that anyone who still has a landline also has wrinkles?

I mean, that has to be how the creator came up with the name. But wrinkles aren’t a bad thing!

That way of thinking is thankfully dying out, and each person is left to choose for themselves whether they want to take their advancing age in stride, or turn back the clock.

Both are valid choices.

But when it comes to your Sims, that’s a choice that you alone have to make.

Impose all the unfair beauty standards on them you won’t, they can’t complain. It’s wonderful.

These two swatches vary only in intensity. They both will add new, more accurate wrinkles to your Sim’s forehead, eyes, and mouth.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the original ones, which in certain lightings look oddly similar to scars.

These, on the other hand, have an all-around more natural appearance, but not to the point of looking out of place on a Maxis Match Sim.


2. Gradual Aging Wrinkle Set

Gradual Aging Wrinkle Set / TS4 CC

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Each time a Sim ages up, it’s a rather jarring process.

Their physical appearance goes through an enormous change, essentially aging them ten, twenty, or even thirty years in one go.

That latter figure seems to be accurate for the jump from Adult to Elder.

One minute, your Sim is hardworking, active, and ambitious, in the prime of their life. Then they blow out their birthday candles and boom, they’re old and appear to be on death’s door.

It just doesn’t work like that… thank goodness.

Now your Sims can experience a more forgiving aging process with this set, which has two different phases of wrinkles. They serve as a nice middle ground and even include the hands.

The first stage has subtle wrinkles in all the usual places, and then the second stage is a little more intense, making them bolder.


3. Tojirou Eye Bags

Tojirou Eye Bags for The Sims 4

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While wrinkles are something people don’t really experience until later in life, eye bags are for everyone.


Even kids can get them, because bags indicate so many different things. They can signify dehydration, a lack of adequate sleep, allergies, and many other things.

It’s said that eyes are a window to the soul.

Well the bags beneath them give away how healthy someone is.

Modern life doesn’t leave a lot of room for self-care so eye bags are quite a common affliction. In fact, it’s rather unusual that Sims don’t have them.

You mean I can repeatedly force them to stay awake until they faint and they’ll come to after their 10 minute nap on the floor looking picture perfect? Something ain’t right!

This CC set is so expansive that you’ll never want a well-rested hydrated-looking Sim again.

Dorkpage made these as inclusive as possible, with 49 natural shades available to all genders, and all Sims ages Teen and up.


4. Basic Eye Bags Set

Basic Eye Bags Set / Sims 4 CC

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I’ve always been a little confused about bags and dark circles.

Do they go hand in hand? It seems they do in The Sims, at least, and that’s really a plus.

The shading of these eye bags make them stand out, which may not be what you’d want for yourself, but it’s definitely what you want for your Sim. We rarely see them as close up in-game as we do in CAS, so skin details must be defined.

There’s a lot of variation available here in terms of just how baggy you want your Sim’s bags to be.

Some swatches will only affect the inner edge of the bottom lid, and some affect the whole thing.

A cool touch is that these are even available to children, as well as all of the ages beyond them. You can have a whole tired-looking family – and nothing is truer to real life than that.


5. Under Eye Wrinkles & Crow’s Feet

Under Eye Wrinkles & Crow’s Feet / TS4 CC

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Back at it again with the wrinkles!

This set is mainly focused on your Sim’s eyes, which seems to be the part of the body that first starts getting wrinkled anyway.

Think about it, your eyes are at the forefront of most of your emotions.

A smile is at its best when it reaches the eyes, they go wide in shock, they narrow when suspicious or crying…they go through a lot.

These are highly detailed and will apply a cluster of thin wrinkles beneath your Sim’s eyes and at the corners.

And you’ll even have 8 swatches to choose from, using just the under eye wrinkles, the crow’s feet, or both, with a nice range from subtle to more pronounced.


6. Lighter Maxis Match Wrinkles

Lighter Maxis Match Wrinkles for The Sims 4

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The Sims 4 is no stranger to skin details.

Freckles, acne, moles, and wrinkles are all officially included with the base game or a few packs – and they’re definitely nice to have around.

But Simmers always see the content we get and think there’s room for improvement.

That’s not to say the official stuff is not good. It’s the very foundation of the game we love so much!

But with millions of players comes millions of opinions.

What one Simmer may love, another may see as an atrocity.

Like StrangerVille. That pack has gotten no justice. It’s so fun and the aesthetics are unmatched, and yet people are still hating!

For better or worse, that’s the way it works in such a diverse community.

Well this CC creator wanted lighter wrinkles, and I’m sure they aren’t the only one.

Those base game wrinkles are rather intense & this set will make them look a little less deep.


7. SimmerAddiction83’s Eye Bags

SimmerAddiction83’s Eye Bags / Sims 4 CC

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Most of the time I stick with Maxis Match CC. This honestly isn’t out of an inherent belief that it’s superior. I’m just lazy.

Alpha CC, also known as realistic, may take a little work to get it looking just right.

Sims don’t look very natural or realistic so if you’re gonna go this route – it’s best to fully commit to it.

The results will be stunning, no doubt.

You can see the jaw-dropping potential of using Alpha content with these eye bags. They’re insanely detailed.

If I didn’t know any better, I probably would assume they were on real people and not think twice.

The subtle shading, puffiness, and wrinkles make the most perfectly balanced eye bags you could ever hope for.

They aren’t extreme like your Sim has been awake for days and surviving off coffee, but they add some character.


8. Golden Age Wrinkles

Golden Age Wrinkles CC for The Sims 4

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Having wrinkles doesn’t necessarily mean looking as if you just crawled out of a crypt.

As in, it’s not the dire sign that some make it out to be.

They’re actually a wonderful thing, showing that someone has lived a long life.

Reaching your “golden years” certainly isn’t something to wave off. By that point, people usually know who they are and have firmly blossomed into their true selves.

Like many other CC sets in this list, how your Sim will look is left up to you here.

Depending on which life stage your Sim is in, which intensity you choose, and how many wrinkles you layer up, will all provide very different end results.

These are made to really accentuate each part of the face when used together. The forehead, eyes, mouth, and cheeks are all places that tend to show aging quickly, so if that’s what you want to do, this set will offer lots of variety.


9. Non-Default Eye Bags

Non-Default Eye Bags / TS4 CC

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Eye bags usually appear whether you want them or not.

Many eye presets in CAS also come with bags already attached and that just isn’t good sometimes.

As nice of a detail as they might be when you want them, eye bags still tend to drastically change a Sim’s face and even may make their eye shape appear different.

So it should always be up to you, without fear of compromising your Sim’s look.

These are non-default and will always be used entirely at your will. They’re categorized as skin details, and you’ll have several swatches to choose from that’ll affect the puffiness beneath the lower eyelid.


10. Vampy Eye Bags

Vampy Eye Bags / Sims 4 CC

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There may already be a pack dedicated to vampires, but that alone just might not achieve the “been alive for 300 years and haven’t slept since the last century” look you’re probably going for.

But your Sim doesn’t have to actively seek blood to look like they’re in desperate need of a nap.

Life status has no connection to energy level, especially not with all of the draining activities both humans and Sims must partake in.

Laundry, dishes, work, feeding a fussy toddler… this stuff all is exhausting after a while. Especially if you’re a Sim, since all of that stuff takes about three times as long as it should to accomplish, so they don’t get a whole lot of down time.

These eye bags will be a rather pronounced example of your Sim’s exhaustion.

They’ll add a dark tint beneath their eyes which looks quite authentic, and it really brings out the shape of the bags themselves.

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