Sims 4 Yoga Room CC: Yoga Mats, Studio Décor & More

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The Sims 4’s Spa Day is one of my favorite packs to date.

As someone who loves nothing more than relaxing and unwinding, it’s great to be able to give my Sims an opportunity to do the same.

That being said, this pack seriously didn’t come with enough things to really capture our Sim’s new hobby in detail… so I put together this list with tons of yoga-related CC, all to bring a little life to our yoga studios!

Also, not all of this CC needs the Spa day stuff pack to work. Lots of it can be used with just the base game, so just make sure to double check before downloading!


10. Yoga Mats

Yoga Mats for Sims 4

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You can’t do yoga without yoga mats.

And the No. 1 thing your Sim needs for all your yoga practice is this cool mat!

This décor by Veranka contains both flat yoga mats for your Sims to pose on, and rolled up ones to put in the corner when not in use.

Both styles of mat décor come in an abundance of colors, too!

And as if that wasn’t enough, you don’t need Spa Day to get these installed. Just download a yoga poses set (some made this list, so don’t fret!) and you’re all set.


9. Yoga Rugs Orient

Yoga Rugs Orient TS4 CC

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While yoga is something for everyone to enjoy, it’s definitely something embraced by those who have a love for all things nature, psychedelic, and boho.

And although the yoga mats in the Spa Day pack are very much modern, CC creator weckermaus recognizes the need for yoga mats aimed at Sims with an alternative style…

And so we get this awesome CC set!

A beautiful pack of colorful and unique designs to turn your tiny cabin into a Zen master’s paradise.


8. Mandala Yoga Mat

Mandala Yoga Mat Sims 4 CC

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A stunning recolor set of the Spa Day game pack yoga mats, this set by Annwang923 transforms the mats from their well-known modern looks, into a gorgeous boho chic vibe.

Very hippie, at least at a glance.

They also look beautiful alongside the matching Mandala meditation stools. Keep that in mind for your Sim’s at-home yoga room…


7. Mandala Meditation Stool CC

Mandala Meditation Stool CC screenshot

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Another item that came with the Spa Day pack is the meditation stool.

Perfect for clearing your mind before a yoga session, or for winding down before you leave the gym.

This gorgeous set of 4 brand new colors by Annwang923 may not be a huge change. But it’s great for helping your Sims find inner peace, with new colors!


6. Yoga Pants CC

Yoga Pants CC for Sims 4

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It really wouldn’t be a list of yoga-related items if yoga pants weren’t here!

Let’s be real, it’s the first thought that comes to many people’s minds when they think about yoga!

Well these comfortable high-waisted pants, created by Pure Sims, come in two basic color swatches. And they look great not only in the yoga studio, but also with just about any outfit ever.

Yoga pants are one of the world’s greatest gifts. Comfy and cute? Every girl should have a pair.

Trust me, your Sims deserve them!


5. STE collection

STE collection Sims 4 CC

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This adorable collection by Chisami has just about everything we need to make a fully-fleshed out yoga studio.

It contains an abundance of Yoga mat décor – all in different colors and swatches might I add!

As well as more yoga accessories too, plus some cute salt lamps and a colorful selection of massage tables. This CC set certainly stretches to accommodate everything needed for your studio.

While the massage table does require Spa Day, the rest of the items are free to use with just the base game.


4. “Yoga With My Mini” Poses

“Yoga With My Mini” Poses TS4 CC

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One super-popular yoga trend is with new at-home moms.

You know the ones, the moms that stay at home, and want to get back in shape as fast as they can after having a child, but also need bonding time with their little one?

Well our Sims deserve the same, right?

And thankfully, CC creator 1SinfulKiss shows they exist in the Sims too. (And I truly believe that Eliza Pancakes is one of them!)

This set takes all that into consideration. So you no longer have to hire a babysitter when your Yoga class is on… instead you can simply take your toddler with you, and maybe practice your yoga poses together!


3. Yoga Outfit – Catalina

Yoga Outfit - Catalina Sims 4 CC

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Now this is one for those who take their yoga seriously.

A full skin-tight outfit, which allows you to hit all your stretches and positions perfectly, while still looking great!

Some CC for the professionals among us – some yoga instructors perhaps?

This creation by dgandy highlights your curves and gets you in the mood for working out – all from the comfort of your couch, or desk, or wherever you’re playing TS4.

Maxis-match and base game compatible, this set is perfect for those who want something exquisite to wear for their exercising, and also for those just starting out using CC!


2. Yogi’s Expression Pose Pack

Yogi's Expression Pose Pack for Sims 4

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Created by Mademsims, this pose pack contains 17 new poses that a regular Sim could only dream of performing!

It’s an excellent add-on for anyone who feels the Yoga feature of Spa Day just wasn’t quite enough. And this is a perfect starter pack of poses for anyone who chooses not to install the Spa day pack at all.

Best idea is to just try this out and see what you think. And we’ve also got a heaping list of poses mods for almost any other occasion, so check that out too!


1. Yoga Add-on

Yoga Add-on Sims 4 CC

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Perfect for anyone looking for a further expansion to the Spa Day pack, this fan-made CC set comes with an array of cute items and re-colors to get your yoga studio looking on-point.

It includes 2 new posters, which is small, but you can display various Yoga poses and healing methods (Sims have Chakras they need to align too!)

You also get some new decals, 15 different colored candles, and 10 new swatches of yoga mats.

CC creator Martine’s Simblr really gives us what we needed with this one. Absolutely worth a download.

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