Alien-themed Skyrim Mods: Custom Races, Armor & More

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Both Skyrim fans and sci-fi enthusiasts have an unquenchable thirst for adventure and exploration.

Finding new places, races, and cultures is what we live for!

Of course, you won’t find little gray men with big black eyes in Skyrim, much less board their ships or travel to their planets. Nirn is a land of dragons, werewolves, and demons.

Or is it?

Scratch your spacefaring itch and find the alien proof you’ve been looking for with these fantastic Alien add-ons for Skyrim.


10. Aetherius – The Ultimate Night Sky Moon & Galaxy Overhaul

Aetherius – The Ultimate Night Sky Moon & Galaxy Overhaul / Skyrim Mod

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The night sky holds a trillion mysteries.

We wonder who or what might be hiding in plain sight, too far away for our limited eye to detect.

In Tamriel, the mysteries are even deeper.

The stars and planets in the night sky are thought to be alternate planes of existence floating in the void of Oblivion. They may look like bubbles, but each is infinitely large and different from the rest.

While the average inhabitant of Nirn will only see the moons of Massar and Secunda when turning their gaze skyward, the Dragonborn’s divine soul lets them peek further into the Aetherium.

The Aetherius mod is a majestic night sky replacement by ArtMurder that reveals countless planets and nebulae floating in the void.

Could we really be alone in such vastness?


9. Modern Dwemer Ruins

Modern Dwemer Ruins / Skyrim Mod

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The Dwemer were an unbelievably advanced civilization, and the ruins of their cities and facilities litter the landscape in Skyrim.

In vanilla Skyrim, these are stone and brass crypts one could describe as steampunk, with mighty machines working on seemingly basic technology like steam engines.

Well Modern Dwemer Ruins by modder Pande4360 dramatically overhauls Dwemer architecture with a polished, futuristic look.

The new style lies somewhere between Bioshock’s Rapture and an alien spaceship.

Adventuring through Dwemer ruins will be like raiding a space station or boarding a ship. They’ll be invaluable in getting some alien-themed screenshots.


8. The Chiss

The Chiss / Skyrim Mod

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You can’t have an Alien-themed Skyrim without… well, aliens!

And the Chiss are a humanoid species from the icy planet Csilla in the Star Wars universe. They’re characterized by blue skin, blue hair, and dark red eyes.

Modder Evittalex brings them into Skyrim as a standalone race.

They’re strong, cunning, military-oriented people, so their skill bonuses and racial abilities favor combat and speech.

Their Negotiation ability, for example, works a lot like Voice of the Emperor – except, rather than calming everyone in an area, it causes mass hysteria.

They’re badass, and a lot of fun to play.


7. Predators – The Lost Tribes

Predators – The Lost Tribes / Skyrim Mod

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For an even more bad-ass alien experience, consider the Predators from the eponymous sci-fi franchise.

If you’ve seen any Predator or Alien vs. Predator films then you know how fierce and ruthless the Predators are.

You also know how horrifying they look.

Predators – The Lost Tribes by Dave Brown captures these characteristics perfectly. It lets you choose between three Predator tribes with unique abilities and body customization, each more bad-ass than the last.

The mod also introduces over 40 unique Predator weapons and other tribal equipment like wristblades and plasma pistols. You’ll also find Xenomorphs and other Predators to try them out on.


6. The Hive

The Hive / Skyrim Mod

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I’m a big fan of Bungie’s Destiny franchise.

I’ve taken Riven’s heart, defeated Crota (several times), and Lord Shaxx always tells me I’m one of our brightest!

If you’re anything like me, you’ll love The Hive by ChakraSSE, which introduces many iconic Hive units as summons for Skyrim.

The mod also includes:

  • Powerful Hive Weapons
  • A new voiced merchant
  • And a new location with a short Hive dungeon

Time to teach Skyrim’s locals the meaning of Sword Logic.


5. Fallen Minions – A Fallen Armor Pack

Fallen Minions – A Fallen Armor Pack / Skyrim Mod

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Another fantastic alien race from the Destiny universe is the Eliksni – better known as the Fallen.

These four-armed insectoid aliens follow the Traveler – a god-like machine at the center of Destiny’s plot – seeking revenge for abandoning them to fend for themselves against the Darkness.

The Fallen Minions mod is an extensive armor pack by ChakraSSE introducing equipment sets based on five Fallen units:

  • Wretch
  • Vandal
  • Marauder
  • Dreg
  • And Captain

4. Stylish Dwemer Blades

Stylish Dwemer Blades / Skyrim Mod

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Typically, we think aliens would awe us with their high-tech weapons.

We picture futuristic arms with minimal design, lots of straight edges, and a thick coat of chrome.

Stylish Dwemer Blades by modder DjoNzemics pairs those futuristic traits with Skyrim’s classic armor classes.

Here you’ll find swords, axes, daggers, a bow, a mace, and a hammer sculpted in perfectly symmetrical shapes that look cut by a machine rather than forged by a blacksmith.


3. Phenotype Elasticity – A Guardian Armor Pack

Phenotype Elasticity – A Guardian Armor Pack / Skyrim Mod

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What, did you think melee weapons wouldn’t work in space?

Then you clearly haven’t met a Guardian.

These immortal warriors are humanity’s last hope in the world of Destiny.

They’re empowered by the Traveler’s light and fight tirelessly against countless threats closing in on Earth from all sides.

The Phenotype Elasticity mod by ChakraSSE introduces three Guardian armor sets based on the Vex – another mysterious and advanced alien race. These are some of the most unique and alien-looking sets in the game, and they look stunning in Skyrim.

Couple these with the Stylish Dwemer Blades, and you’ve got yourself an epic spacefaring warrior.


2. Armor of Rull

Armor of Rull / Skyrim Mod

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Writers, illustrators, and filmmakers have come up with countless different ways an alien civilization could develop.

Just as some may favor symmetrical, chrome-coated designs, other civilizations may still retain traces of their ancient tribal or religious roots.

If we ever meet a traditionalist spacefaring civilization, they might sport intimidating ornamented outfits like the Armor of Rull.

Also created by ChakraSSE, this mod brings one of the most mystical and glorious armor sets from Destiny into Skyrim.

If something like Space Elves existed in Elder Scrolls lore, they’d look like this for sure.


1. Aethernautics – A Space Travel Mod

Aethernautics – A Space Travel / Skyrim Mod

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Ok, Captain. It’s time to put your training to the test.

You’ve learned about mysterious alien races, updated your weapons and armor to match them, and gained a clearer view of the night sky.

The only thing left to do is board your spaceship and set off on a starbound adventure.

Aethernautics by modder Trainwiz will send you on a quest to find an ancient Dwemer Aethership, conquer the dungeon inside, and claim the ship for yourself.

The mod includes new gun-like weapons, space-themed armor, and enemies to try them out on.

Time to fire up the engines and take a trip to Sotha Sil or Masser.

So blast off, have fun, and be careful with the orbital lasers!

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