15 Best Illusion Spells in Skyrim

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The school of illusion is a very powerful one for those with the patience to master it.

It can help you walk around Skyrim without facing a single enemy in battle. Or better yet, it can influence your foes so they take care of each other for you, making it the perfect tool for players with a taste mind games against their enemies.

If you are looking to become an illusion mage I’ve prepared the 15 best illusion spells for you to focus your attention on.

Keep in mind that this list focuses on spells based on their individual merits, so even if some spells can create a more powerful effect when paired up with another, this list shows them based on how useful they are on their own while leaving the combination of their power up to your creativity and play style.

15. Muffle

Casting Muffle Illusion Spell - Skyrim

This spell works wonders for players with an eye for sneaky playthroughs, as it allows you to move around without making a sound whether it is sneaking, walking, or even running.

This makes it a great tool to quietly move around the houses of sleeping people, as even if they could still see you they won’t be able to hear you coming with this Apprentice-level spell.

You can buy it from Drevis Neloren, Sybille Stentor or Farengar Secret-Fire.


14. Fury

Casting Fury in Skyrim

With this Novice-level spell you can target any enemy, and if it is level 6 or lower, he will attack anything nearby for thirty seconds.

It sounds odd but this comes in handy if he is surrounded by his friends and you fancy watching them destroy each other while you enjoy the show.

If you are a High-Elf then you already start with this spell automatically. But if you are not and want to get it, you simply need to buy it from Drevis Neloren among a few other places(mostly the ones listed above).


13. Frenzy Rune

Casting Frenzy Rune in Skyrim

This one is a nice little variation on the Frenzy spell, but this one creates a rune on the floor for opponents to step on.

The only downside is that you can only cast one at a time, but it is powerful enough to influence enemies of level twenty or lower for up to thirty seconds so it makes for a good trap.

Absolutely an excellent choice to make enemies who are chasing you down a dungeon start fighting amongst themselves while you make your great escape.

The Spell Tome for this Adept spell has to be bought from Talvas Fathryon after you’ve completed the From The Ashes quest from the Dragonborn DLC.


12. Calm

Casting Calm in Skyrim

Bring peace to the mind of your opponents and have them sheathe their weapons for thirty seconds while you plan your getaway or your next powerful attack.

This Apprentice-level spell is very useful early on in the game if you like to avoid confrontations.

It is important to note that while many enemies encountered early in the game can fall victim to this spell, more powerful enemies (like guards, for example) won’t be affected due to the spell’s basic power level.

You can buy this spell tome from Drevis Neloren, Sybille Stentor or Farengar Secret- Fire.


11. Fear

Casting Fear in Skyrim

The most basic tool in an illusionist’s arsenal: this spell geared towards apprentice magicians allows you to strike fear into the hearts of your opponents as soon as the spell is cast.

Unfortunately it only works on level nine creatures, which means that while it is a useful tool, it quickly runs out of its usefulness when stronger enemies come your way as you advance to more challenging quests.

But if you still want this early in the game you can buy this basic spell from all the usual suspects.


10. Pacify

Pacify spell in Skyrim

This spell generates a powerful orb that explodes upon impact on target, affecting not only the person or creature it hits but those in their immediate vicinity as well.

And it stops all fighting and violent acts against you for sixty seconds. A nice way to slow down the action on the battlefield.

This Expert-level spell works with enemies that are level twenty or lower and it can be purchased by the scholar Drevis Neloren.


9. Courage

Courage spell in Skyrim

If you and your companions are getting overwhelmed by enemy forces then you can inspire them with this spell that dissipates fear and doubt from their minds and gives them a renewed sense of valor for sixty seconds. And with it, a small boost to health and stamina too.

This spell can be bought from Drevis Neloren, Sybille Stentor, or Farengar Secret-Fire.

However, if you don’t feel like spending gold for it this particular tome can be found for free in Treva’s Watch as well.


8. Rally

Casting Rally spell in Skyrim

A spell to fortify your followers, this generates a power orb that explodes on impact and makes everyone affected by this spell gain extra health and stamina.

This all happens while keeping them engaged in the fight which is fantastic if you are expecting that your followers take care of the enemies in a room while you focus on another objective.

Get this spell from Drevis Neloren or Sybille Stentor.


7. Rout

Casting Rout spell in Skyrim

If you don’t fancy confrontation this spell is marvelous to make sure a path is cleared without even having to unsheathe your sword. Once you cast Rout enemies level twenty or lower will run away from combat for thirty seconds, which is plenty of time for you to get away from them as well.

Or engage in a bit of good-spirited hunting, if you will.

You can get this spell from the Master of Illusion Drevis Neloren at the College of Winterhold.


6. Frenzy

Casting Frenzy in Skyrim

Casting Frenzy creates a ball of energy that you throw to your opponents. And it explodes upon impact so you have the chance to hit more than two people at once.

This is one of those spells that requires care when casting, as its explosive nature could cause you to accidentally hit an ally and have him become hostile towards you for the duration of the spell.

It affects opponents of level fourteen or lower and it makes them attack anyone in close proximity for sixty seconds until the effects wear off.

To get this Adept-level spell you must buy it from Drevis Neloren or Sybille Stentor, as they are the only two vendors who carry it.


5. Hysteria

Casting Hysteria in Skyrim

Hysteria makes enemies cower in fear at the mere sight of your strength with this Master-level spells.

It will have foes up to level twenty-five running away from combat for sixty seconds if they are caught in the spell’s powerful wave.

This is a two-handed spell and while it’s powerful, it takes a little while to cast. So make sure you won’t open yourself up to a barrage of attacks while you are preparing to cast it.

This spell is given to you once you complete the quest Illusion Ritual Spell.


4. Invisibility

Casting Invisibility spell in Skyrim

Sneak in and out of both combat and every place you want with this spell that turns you completely invisible for thirty seconds after you cast it.

Keep in mind that interacting with any object, attacking anyone or even using any spells will cause the effect to immediately wear off, so plan ahead.
Also while people can’t see you, your footsteps can still be heard so be careful about running or stepping too loudly when sneaking around.

This is for Expert illusionists only and can be purchased from Drevis Neloren.


3. Call To Arms

Call To Arms casting illusion

A Master spell for the unselfish.

Upon casting, it causes all those caught in the blast to gain a boost in combat ability, health and stamina for the more than a reasonable time span of ten minutes.

Definitely makes it a useful spell for players who like to rely heavily on their companions when fighting tough enemies.

Keep in mind that this spell needs two hands to use and it takes some time to charge up, which leaves you vulnerable to attacks in that period.

It is important to remember that illusion spells like this one can be advantageous when casting on foes or friends but that with a spell like this boosting health and stamina can actually work against you if you accidentally use it on your foes. So be careful where you cast it, unless you want to give your battlefield enemies a surprise advantage against you.

You can get this spell from Drevis Neloren after completing the Illusion Ritual Spell quest.


2. Mayhem

Mayhem illusion spell

This spell is aptly named because when you cast it, all enemies within the blast radius will start to fight anyone nearby whether they are human, monster, or even animals.

Thus creating the mayhem this Master spell is named after. And this allows you to either attack targets easily, or slip away unnoticed while your enemies are busy fighting each other.

This fun little Spell Tome can be bought from Drevis Neloren after completing the Illusion Ritual Spell questline so it comes a bit later on but well worth obtaining if you can.


1. Harmony

Harmony Illussion spell in Skyrim

The number one illusion spell you can use to show the world your illusion Mastery is the Harmony spell.

It allows you to cast a green wave of soothing magic that calms every enemy in its wake.

With this you can put an end to most fights you encounter in the game, as this spell is powerful enough to stop strong enemies for sixty seconds. Plenty of time to plan and execute your next move.

It is so strong and useful that if you are getting overwhelmed in a fight that you can cast it and retreat, and it even works on guards which makes it good if you are planning on engaging in a little mischief they wouldn’t approve of.

This spell is also great when you are in the mood for a pacifist run, or simply don’t have the time to fight a horde of minions in order to get to your real objective.

Whatever your purpose, this disarming spell is perfect for any master illusionist and well worth adding into your arsenal.

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