15 Best Rings in Skyrim, Ranked

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Rings in Skyrim have a plethora of effects, among which you’ll find some incredibly useful skills that’ll aid you on many adventures.

Over time you’ll come across pieces of unenchanted silverware or goldware that will only serve as money-making items or luxury items. But you’ll also find some very interesting enchanted rings that might help you turn into a Werewolf multiple times per day(no joke).

As you might imagine, some rings can prove to be more useful than others. It all depends on what you’re looking to achieve, but in most cases, rings are an excellent complement to any type of armor that you’re wearing.

There are many rings capable of making you a better Dragonborn, so which of will you choose? Let me make your decision easier by ranking my top picks for the best rings you’ll ever get your hands on.

15. Enchanted Ring

Enchanted Ring in Skyrim

Even though the Enchanted Ring doesn’t have the most creative name, getting your hands on this practical piece of silverware can prove to be quite effective regardless of which class you’re playing.

The ring has a quirk that extends your health bar by 20 points, and obtaining this little accessory is surprisingly easier than you’d think.

The Enchanted Ring is found during the College of Winterhold questline, and you get to choose whether you’d like to keep it or return it to the mage who assigns you the quest.

Selecting the latter option will remove the ring from your inventory, but you’ll obtain a small gold reward in return. I’ll let you decide which is the better choice.


14. Silver-Blood Family Ring

Skyrim Silver-Blood Family Ring

As the name of this ring suggests, the Silver-Blood Family Ring has been in possession of the Silver-Blood family for generations.

That means that you can’t get your hands on this ring without completing a quest for the family first. And, in fact, you get to obtain this ring as a reward if you happen to kill Madenach while helping out the family.

This ring fortifies smithing by 15% making it one of the best smithing items in the game.

You can wear it with other smithing-enhancing items too so be sure to stack those buffs if you’re on your way to the forges of Skyrim.


13. The Bond of Matrimony

The Bond of Matrimony in Skyrim

This is the ring that you get once you contract matrimony with any spouse(wife or husband) in the game.

Note you’ll get just one copy of this ring with your selected spouse getting a second copy.

The ring gives a 10% buff to restoration spells but it’s mainly used as a way to represent that you and your spouse are married.

In fact, every single spouse in the game will wear the Bond of Matrimony from the moment you get married to each other until they die. ‘Till death do us part and all that jazz.


12. Hircine’s Ring

Hircines Ring in Skyrim

Hircinie’s Ring is a Daedric Artifact that belongs to Hircine himself.

This ring allows you to transform as many times as you want into a werewolf, but you need to complete the Companion’s questline first if you want to control the transformations by yourself.

The ring is a cursed artifact which means you have a 10% chance of turning into a werewolf whenever you wear it (as long as you’re cursed with lycanthropy).

You can obtain this ring by speaking to a werewolf in Falkrath, who will give it to you in hopes that you return it to Hiricine himself. But we all know you might just kinda “forget” to do that.


11. Ring of Pure Mixtures

Ring of Pure Mixtures in Skyrim

The Mortar and Pestle, the small apothecary shop located in Dawnstar, is usually run by Frida.

However many years before, her husband was still around and helped her with business. The man held quite a unique quest in his life: he wanted to find a special ring that allowed apothecaries to create powerful potions, stronger than those typically crafted in their shop.

As you can probably guess by now: Frida’s husband died long before finding this ring.

Frida, however, would love for her husband’s dream to be fulfilled. Which is why she assigns the quest of finding this ring onto you.

And it’s actually an achievable dream, believe it or not. You can retrieve the Ring of Pure Mixtures and keep it to craft potions 12% stronger than average!


10. Ring of Namira

Skyrim Ring of Namira

The Ring of Namira is quite a unique and malevolent item.

It allows you to feed on the corpses of the diseased which increases your health.

Not to mention for actual stats the ring boosts up your stamina by 50 points.

Keep in mind that feeding on corpses is seen as a crime by the guards of Skyrim, so be sure to only perform the action if you’re not around any stuffy old guards.

Namira is the Daedric Prince of the dark so wear this ring proudly to represent the interests of those who roam the plains of Oblivion.

The Daedric Artifact also triggers a random encounter upon wearing it, but it might bug out if you’re in werewolf form so be careful of that.


9. Ring of Bloodlust

Ring of Bloodlust in Skyrim

The Ring of Bloodlust is a scary item. It allows werewolves to deal 50% more damage with each attack, but in return, it will make you take 50% more damage.

It’s a sort of “all in” item that trades health and resistance for sheer strength.

You may also take full advantage of this ring by using Berserk if you’re an Orc, as it will remove the debuff of 50% resistance and add an extra 100% damage to the mix.

The Ring of Bloodlust is the first fundamental item that every werewolf in Skyrim should be looking to get their claws on!


8. Ahzidal’s Ring of Necromancy

Ahzidals Ring of Necromancy Skyrim

Necromancers and Conjurers alike, behold Ahzidal’s Ring of Necromancy.

This powerful piece of goldware makes every undead creature that you summon explode in a ball of ice when they take a hit, dealing 50 points of frost damage to whichever enemies are in range.

This item can be found in the Kolbjorn Barrow when completing the “Unearthed” quest. And it holds the title of the best necromancy ring in the game so it’s worth tracking down in my book.


7. Ahzidal’s Ring of Arcana

Ahzidals Ring of Arcana Skyrim

This ring is found in the same quest and the same location where you get Ahzidal’s Ring of Necromancy mentioned above, but you’ll need to complete a small puzzle in a room filled with pressure plates before you can obtain it.

You’ll find the Ring of Arcana waiting for you on top of a pedestal after you make your majestic entrance to the room.

This incredible ring grants access to two additional spells in your repertoire of Destruction magic which are Freeze and Ignite.

These two powerful spells can’t be learned and can only be cast when the ring is worn. So if you’re a mage looking forward to some destruction chaos you’ll want to track this down.


6. Nightweaver’s Band

Nightweavers Band Skyrin

Nightweaver’s Band can be earned while completing the Dark Brotherhood questline.

The small but effective ring fortifies both your Destruction magic skill and your Sneak skill by 10 points, making it ideal for silent magicians who require sneak above anything else.


5. Ring of the Erudite

Ring of the Erudite in Skyrim

So this ring can only be obtained if you become a Vampire Lord when the Bloodline quest is complete.

It gives you quicker Magicka regeneration skills as well as an extra 100 points of Magicka. Talk about a sweet deal!

This is one of the best magic rings in the game no doubt. You don’t need to be in Vampire Lord form to have it work, but you do need to be a Vampire Lord to get it!


4. Ring of the Beast

Skyrim Ring of the Beast

Similar to the Ring of the Erudite, the Ring of the Beast may only be obtained by a Vampire Lord when the Bloodline quest is complete.

This ring is specialized for unarmed combat instead of magic as it increases unarmed attacks by 20 points of damage while in Vampire Form. It also gives you an extra 100 points of health which is a nice bonus.

It’s more suited to warriors than mages, unlike its Erudite counterpart, but worth a try if you like these kinds of boosts.


3. Ring of the Moon

Skyrim Ring of the Moon

The Ring of the Moon is one of the best werewolf items in the game as it increases the duration of a Lycan’s howls by 25%.

The ring is unique and cannot be smelted or disenchanted.

Furthermore, with a base value of over 2000 gold coins, it’s one of the most expensive rings in Skyrim.

You may only obtain it if you’ve already been turned into a werewolf and it is sold by Majni at Frostmoon Crag.

Now it’s worth sharing this is a very powerful ring, so be sure to wear it with care… and hopefully alongside other werewolf-enhancing rings.


2. Ring of Instinct

Ring of Instinct in Skyrim

The Ring of Instinct causes a werewolf to fully focus on its surroundings.

If you turn into a Lycan while wearing this ring, the world around you will slow down for 20 seconds whilst your concentration is at its peak. This is a huge strategy if you’re pinned down or just need to make a calculated getaway.


1. Ring of the Hunt

Ring of the Hunt, the best Skyrim ring

The Ring of the Hunt is the best ring in the game for sure, and also the most expensive one.

It costs 3500 coins and it is also sold by Majni at the Crag if you’ve already been turned into a werewolf.

The Ring of the Hunt makes your health regenerate while you’re in werewolf form so if you mitigate the damage you take, you can become almost unstoppable.

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