Best Robes in Skyrim: Our Top 10 Outfits

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There is a common misconception regarding robes in Skyrim.

Some people think that only wizards should wear them, when in reality there are some robes that can increase the efficiency of almost every class of warrior.

You’ll need to find a proper robe to suit your needs and there’s no better place to start than this list.

I’ll give you a rundown of the best robes in Skyrim and show you where to find them.

This list takes into consideration all of the robes available in the game, so be sure to look for the one that adapts to what you’re looking for. I do concede, however, that most of the robes on this list are ideal to be worn by mages of all schools of magic.

I’ve also included a couple sets of clothing that offer good benefits to every player and can be easily interchanged with robes to provide different effects during quests.

10. Necromancer’s Robes

Necromancers robes skyrim

The Necromancer’s robes are very easy to find and you’ll often come across them on any dungeon where black magic is practiced.

In fact, you should be able to come across some of these robes during the first few quests of the College of Winterhold, when looking to retrieve the books for the Archmage.

The Necromancer’s robes grant a significant boost to your magicka regeneration as they increase it by 75%.

Granted you’ll be walking around the College of Winterhold dressed as someone who performs black magic in shady dungeons, but you’ll be able to cast spells much more frequently!


9. Telvanni Robes

Telvanni robes in skyrim

You can find the Telvanni robes being worn by Ildari Sarothril in the Highpoint Tower.

The effect that Telvanni robes provide is the same as the Necromancer’s robes.

The main advantage of the Telvanni robes is that you won’t have to walk around dressed as a necromancer to increase your magicka regeneration by 75% and, in fact, the Telvanni robes look way more sleek than their dark-hooded counterpart.

You can’t kill Ildari if you want to earn these clothes. You will receive them as a reward as soon as you finish the “Old Friends” quest.


8. Dunmer Outfit (Every Variation)

Dunmer outfits in skyrim

It’s no surprise that the Dunmer’s favorite outfit includes some sort of magical attribute, considering that Dark Elves are commonly known as some of the strongest wizards that roam Tamriel.

As such, the Dunmer outfit (which comes in different versions, including hooded and non-hooded variants) gives you a 75% magicka regeneration bonus.

The versatility of the Dunmer outfit makes it one of the finest magician’s robes that you can get in Skyrim, and the fact that they’re worn by countless NPC’s in the game makes them quite easy to find and obtain.


7. Mythic Dawn Robes

Mythic Dawn robes

Worn by members of the Mythic Dawn cult, the Mythic Dawn robes have the same effect as the last three items on this list.

But they grant you a slicker look than any of the former. Thankfully not many people around Skyrim know how members of the Mythic Dawn dress so you won’t be raising many eyebrows by wearing their outfit!

You’ll need to either steal these robes from the quarters of a Mythic Dawn member or kill any member of the faction if you wish to get your hands on a set of these robes.


6. Taron Dreth’s Robes

Taron Dreths robes in skyrim

Worn by Taron Dreth himself, these robes are identical to the Master’s Robes.

However they have a very powerful enchantment which makes destruction spells cost 15% less to cast while also giving you a bonus of 75% magicka regeneration speed.

Obtaining the robe can prove to be a bit of a challenge. Dreth will attack you if you tell him that you have a mutual friend, as he fears that you know too much about him.
Although it sounds a tad morbid, simply killing the shady character and looting the clothes from his body is the easiest way to get them!


5. Shrouded Robes

Shrouded Robes from Skyrim

Even though the Dark Brotherhood is better known for their light armor sets, the Shrouded Robes are also a valuable piece of equipment that you can find by progressing through the Dark Brotherhood questline.

As you would expect from any item coming from this institution, the Shrouded Robes give you a bonus of 15% less casting cost to destruction spells.

Naturally you can use these clothes as an assassin – especially if you need to cast a powerful spell to murder someone when they aren’t looking but are lacking the necessary magicka to do so!


4. Cicero’s Clothes

Ciceros clothes in skyrim

The outfit worn by Cicero himself is the only non-robe included in this list.

But it’s too good not to share it with you. Getting your hands on it can be quite complicated, as you’ll need to complete the Dark Brotherhood questline to be able to obtain it (Cicero must die as well).

However the effects make it worth your time trying to obtain the outfit.

It doubles the amount of damage that you do while sneaking, while also giving you a boost of 35% to the ability itself.

When using Cicero’s boots you’ll be able to move silently and undetected thanks to the enchantment that is bestowed upon them.

You also get 20% better prices when bargaining with these clothes!


3. Master Robes

The Master Robes in Skyrim

Master robes are fantastic.

They grant you a 150% bonus to your magicka regeneration speed, making them a must-have for every wizard (or even aspiring wizard!) in the lands of Skyrim.

The only downside for fashion aficionados is that the robes have no hood, so you might want to find a black hood to match them.

You can buy them at the College of Winterhold as soon as you reach level 32, where you will be able to find them in the store. Keep in mind that you must be level 32 as a whole (your level on each independent school of magic doesn’t influence the availability of this item).


2. Miraak’s Robes

Miraaks robes skyrim

These legendary robes are the ones worn by the powerful Miraak, who appears during the Dragonborn DLC’s main questline.

You must complete the quest “At the Summit of Apocrypha” in order to obtain them and the robes have quite a unique effect: they absorb 15% of the magicka from dragon breath and spells that you receive.

And they also have a chance, when hit, to spawn a tentacle explosion.


1. Archmage’s Robes

Archmages robes in skyrim

The Archmage’s robes are worn by the Archmage of the College of Winterhold.

These robes are widely regarded as the finest piece of clothing in the game when it comes to wizards, as they provide a 15% reduction of magicka cost for all spells, +50 magicka to your total, and a 100% magicka regen bonus.

You can obtain the robes after completing the questline of the College of Winterhold when you become the archmagi and obtain a key to the Archmage’s Quarters located at the top of one of the towers of the college.

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