15 Best Warhammers In Skyrim (Ranked)

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Warhammers might not be the most popular weapons. But they do a ton of damage and prove to be quite effective by strong warriors, such as your Orc or your Nord.

But regardless of which race you’re roleplaying, you might want a warhammer if you’re going for the strongman build.

And here I’ve compiled all the best warhammers in the game, along with details on where to find them.

These weapons offer the best place to start your journey towards warhammer greatness!

15. Shagrol’s Warhammer

Shagrol’s Warhammer Skyrim

Where To Get: by playing the quest “The Cursed Tribe”
Shagrol’s Warhammer is a unique warhammer that is given as part of a quest.

It’s basically an Orcish warhammer and doesn’t have any enchantments.

Now it just takes a spot on my list because there aren’t too many warhammers in the game and this one’s unique. Don’t judge it too harshly, it’s great if you can get it early but there are also some cleaner options too.

14. Trollsbane

Trollsbane in Skyrim

Where To Get: You’ll need to explore the dangerous den known as Trollsbane’s Demise. Inside you will find this magnificent weapon. Ironically enough, you’ll have to slay a few trolls to get it!

This magnificent unique variant of the steel warhammer is probably one of the best weapons in the game to use against trolls – and I’m not talking about idiots that post idiotic stuff on the Internet… although this weapon might put one or two of them in their place.

Trollsbane deals an extra 15 points of burn damage to any troll that it hits, so if you’re facing a lot of them keep this in mind.

13. Orcish Warhammer

Orcish Warhammer in Skyrim

Where To Get: Orcish warhammers will start spawning in the game after you reach level 7. You may find them in certain locations before lvl 7, but it’s easier to wait and seek them out once you level up.

Enter the first regular warhammer on my list: the Orcish Warhammer.

This classic weapon has been in the game since the days of Daggerfall, although its design has changed dramatically through the years.

It does decent damage, but it’s nothing more than a regular early-game weapon to be used early on.

12. Elven Warhammer

Elven Warhammer in Skyrim

Where To Get: Elven warhammers will spawn after you reach level 19, although enchanted versions of the weapon will start showing up after level 20.

When it comes to common weapons, Elven weaponry tends to be among the most useful equipment in the early game.

And Elven Warhammers do a couple of additional points of damage than their Orcish counterparts whilst keeping virtually the same weight.

Easily worth seeking out if you can.

11. Glass Warhammer

Glass Warhammer in Skyrim

Where To Get: Shows up after you reach level 27, and reaching level 28 will let you find enchanted versions(many sold by vendors).

Don’t be fooled by the fact that these are called “glass” warhammers – the only thing that will be breaking like glass are the skulls of your enemies.

These heavy weapons are thought to be some of the best warhammers in the game with a total base damage of 24 points.

Are there some better options? Sure, but this is nothing to scoff at!

10. Nordic Warhammer

Nordic Warhammer in Skyrim

Where To Get: Nordic Warhammers require you to have the Dragonborn DLC installed. They start spawning when you reach level 24, with enchanted versions spawning after level 25. If you travel to Solstheim you can find them at any level.

Nordic warhammers are beautiful and unique weapons, although they can be a tad difficult to come across on the mainland.

These hold a terrific base power of 23, which might be a tad lower than Glass.

But I think they look cooler with arguably similar stats.. That’s why they get one rank above on my list, and it’s why I personally think these are worth going after.

9. Ebony Warhammer

Ebony Warhammer in Skyrim

Where To Get: Ebony warhammers will spawn after level 20, with enchanted versions showing up when you reach level 21

Ebony Warhammers are among the oldest types of warhammers in the game, having made their debut back in the Daggerfall days.

This silver weapon can be found pretty early on, making this type of weapon one of the earliest “powerful” weapons that you can find. They also look pretty badass, right?

8. Aegisbane

Aegisbane warhammer Skyrim

Where To Get: Go to Raldbthar and defeat Alain Dufont.

You probably did not expect to see an iron warhammer ranked so far up on my list. But its effects make it worthy of such a high honor.

The Aegisbane, apart from being a unique weapon, deals 5 points of frost damage to the health and stamina of any opponent.

Its base damage is terrible, though, standing at just 18 points.

However it’s a fully functional weapon that’ll truly get the job done. Its added effect is just a nice little bonus.

7. Dawnguard Runehammer

Dawnguard Runehammer in Skyrim

Where To Get: Must be obtained during the Lost Relics quest, which means its location is basically random and dependent on how you complete the mission. It requires the Dragonborn DLC.

This fantastic weapon is one that I like to call the Claymore Runehammer, and not exactly because it resembles a claymore sword.

The Dawnguard Runehammer places a small rune whenever it hits a surface, and the rune will explode as soon as any enemy comes into contact with it.

It’s like an old-school mine-placer!

6. The Longhammer

The Longhammer in Skyrim

Where To Get: Visit the Liar’s Retreat and search near the corpse of Rahd. You will find it laying alongside the man’s corpse.

The Longhammer might look like a regular Orcish weapon, but that’s far from the truth.

This fantastic piece of equipment has a much more reduced weight than the original Orcish warhammer. Even though both of these weapons share the same design and base damage (which is kinda weird).

The Longhammer can be swung much quicker than a normal Orcish hammer, given its lower weight.

And that definitely makes it one of the most formidable warhammers to carry around with you.

5. Stalhrim Warhammer

Stalhrim Warhammer in Skyrim

Where To Get: Find it on any part of the map via loot after reaching level 30.

Stalhrim weaponry might’ve been introduced in the Dragonborn DLC, but it’s quickly become one of the best warhammers in the game.

Much like any other Stalhrim weapon, this one gets a bonus whenever you enchant it with a frozen enchantment.

Its staggering base damage of 26 points makes it one of the strongest weapons you can pick up – even when you’re wielding its unenchanted version, this is still a real kick in the mouth. For your foes, I mean.

4. Daedric Warhammer

Daedric Warhammer in Skyrim

Where To Get: Get to level 44 and you’ll be able to find Daedric Warhammers in the wild. Enchanted versions appear at level 47 and above.

The Daedric Warhammer, in terms of looks, is the best warhammer in the game.

However in this case, looks aren’t enough to grant this weapon first place.

It’s very heavy but massively lethal, falling just short of the Dragonbone’s warhammer total damage by a couple points.

These have also been around since Daggerfall, but Skyrim has the coolest-looking Daedric warhammers in the entire TES franchise hands-down.

3. Champion’s Cudgel

Champion’s Cudgel in Skyrim

Where To Get: You must slay General Falx Carius during the March of the Dead quest.

This might only do the same base damage as the glass warhammer, but it has an additional effect that serves you as an ace up your sleeve.

The Champion’s Cudgel has a 50% chance of dealing your enemies 25 points of frost or fire damage with each hit that it lands!

Talk about unexpected turns, nobody will see this coming.

2. Dragonbone Warhammer

Dragonbone Warhammer in Skyrim

Where To Get: Dragonbone warhammers can be crafted, but you can also find them “in the wild” after getting to the Soul Cairn and killing one of the keepers.

Dragonbone weapons are generally considered some of the strongest across all categories, ever since they were added with the Dragonborn DLC.

Dragonbone is the only type of material that is stronger than Daedric. So it’s no surprise to anyone that the Dragonbone Warhammer takes the second spot on my list.

The only thing I don’t really like about this weapon is its appearance.

I mean, just look at it. It’s like a giant bone with a sword handle – how is that creative at all? I know, petty complaints, but still. For such a beastly weapon this deserves better.

1. Volendrung

Volendrung Warhammer in Skyrim

Where To Get: This weapon can be obtained by completing The Cursed Tribe, a Daedric quest given by Malacath.

The Volendrung might not have the highest base damage in the game.

But when it comes to quickness for warhammers, it takes the cake.

Its DPS is way higher than other weapons with the same base damage just for the simple fact that it swings quicker than any of its counterparts.

And that’s a huge benefit for anyone wielding warhammers.

This ancient weapon, according to lore of the game, has been around for ages.

In fact, it has been present in almost every single TES game. Every single one!

And as you know, each game is set some time apart from each other, which can help you get an idea of just how ancient this weapon really is.

If you have the time and patience to seek it out, definitely do so.

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