The Best Brynjolf Mods for Skyrim (All Free)

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According to the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages wiki, there are 1001 unique NPCs in Skyrim.

The human mind is far too limited for any of us to remember all 1001, even after many playthroughs – but plenty of charismatic characters stand out and leave their mark on our hearts.

In the Thieves Guild, few characters are as memorable as Brynjolf – a rough and tough swindler with a charming Scottish accent and a way with words.

I personally can’t get enough of Brynjolf. I blast Young Scrolls’ “Gold” on Soundcloud any chance I get, and you bet I have some Brynjolf-enhancing mods in my load order.

You want to get some mods, lad? Come find me at the Ragged Flagon… or just keep scrolling.


8. Brynjolf Mannequins (LE)

Brynjolf Mannequins (LE) / Skyrim Mod

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If you found this weird corner of the Internet, you must really like Brynjolf – so here’s a way to bask in his glory even in your own player home.

Brynjolf Mannequins replaces every mannequin in the game with Brynjolf’s model, placing multiple copies of Brynjolf in your player home and other places around the world.

He’s definitely more charming than a mannequin, though it can be confusing if you ever forget you have this installed.


7. Immersive Brynjolfs (LE)

Immersive Brynjolfs (LE) / Skyrim Mod

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If you want even more Brynjolf in your game, I’ll suggest one of the most insane Skyrim mods I’ve seen in a while.

Immersive Brynjolfs – also known as Fantastic Brynjolfs and Where to Find Them – is an ode to all things Brynjolf that celebrates this masterful thief by opening the doors to the Brynjolf multiverse.

This mod places a bunch of new Brynjolfs in Skyrim for you to find along your travels.

These include Russian Brynjolf, American Brynjolf, Angry Brynjolf, and even a Daedric Brynjolf.

You’ll even get a new spell to summon an Assistant Brynjolf to help you with any Thieves Guild business.

I can’t say how this will improve your game, but it’ll definitely make it more “Brynjolfy.”


6. Mortal Brynjolf

Mortal Brynjolf / Skyrim Mod

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Not everyone loves Brynjolf as much as the creators of the previous mods.

In fact, some people would rather see him dead.

Regrettably for the haters, Brynjolf is flagged as essential in the game’s code, meaning you won’t be able to end him no matter how much damage you inflict. You could say he’s protected by Nocturnal if you want a lore-friendly explanation.

If you really need Brynjolf to bite the dust for some roleplaying reason, Mortal Brynjolf is the mod for you.

This mod removes Brynjolf’s invulnerability, forcing him to submit to Arkay’s cycle of birth and death.


5. Brynjolf Has Time for You

Brynjolf Has Time for You / Skyrim Mod

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Brynjolf loves telling you all about how busy he is planning heists and forging ledgers to lose time chatting with you – but as the Guild Master, he’s forced to.

The best way to get his attention is the Brynjolf Has Time for You mod, which makes him a recruitable follower and even a potential marriage partner.

Finally, you can get him to whisper sweet nothings into your ear with his Scottish accent.

In addition, this mod adds several improvements to the Thieves Guild hideout, including a private room for the Dragonborn, a bath, and some other goodies.


4. Brynjolf & Vex Companions

Brynjolf & Vex Companions / Skyrim Mod

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While he’s a pretty likable character, Brynjolf lacks some of the physical attributes needed to woo a high-standards Dragonborn.

If younger men are more your thing, the Brynjolf & Vex Companions mod will give him another shot at stealing your heart.

This gives Brynjolf (and several other members of the Thieves Guild) a total makeover that makes him look like the main romantic interest in someone’s dramatic Wattpad self-insert fantasy.

In addition, the mod makes him a potential marriage partner.

Even if you don’t want to marry him, he’ll still happily follow you on your adventures and lend you his sneaking skills.


3. A Change in Management

A Change in Management / Skyrim Mod

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I 100% get that Skyrim is a power fantasy, which is why your character can climb the ranks of every guild so quickly.

Still, I never liked being forced into a leadership role in all of them. Can’t I just be an enthusiastic member?

A Change in Management lets you cede your Guild Master position to Brynjolf, who’s clearly more prepared for the role. He’s not only more experienced, but he has real, deep relationships with other members of the guild.

The change is seamless and immersive, and you’re liable to forget this wasn’t a vanilla option.


2. Jampion NPCs – Male NPC Overhaul

Jampion NPCs – Male NPC Overhaul / Skyrim Mod

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Jampion NPCs is one of the most extensive male NPC overhauls available for Skyrim – and you bet it includes Brynjolf.

This mod preserves our favorite thievery expert’s rough and tough appeal while also highlighting some of his more attractive and manly features. In other words, he looks a lot less like a dirty potato that was just dug up from the ground.

You’ll get the best results by pairing this mod with a skin texture replacer like Tempered Skins.


1. Pandorable’s NPCs – Males

Pandorable's NPCs – Males / Skyrim Mod

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Pandorable is a name to be reckoned with in the Skyrim modding community thanks to their rich contribution to the world of hot and attractive followers and NPCs.

While most people go to them looking for awe-striking remodels for their favorite female characters, their makeover of male characters is just as high-quality.

Pandorable NPCs – Males turns everyone into hotties regardless of race or social status.

Even Faendal looks good with this installed!

This mod will make Brynjolf absolutely breathtaking. He has that roguish appeal so many people can’t get enough of in characters like Han Solo and even Jack Sparrow.

Get this if you want to feel hot and bothered every time you walk into the Thieves Guild’s den.

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