Best Circlets in Skyrim (All 15 Ranked)

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Circlets are items shaped like crowns which can be found all over Skyrim.

They are made from various types of precious materials, but not all of them are equally precious or even useful.

In fact, most circlets that you’ll come across in Skyrim are actually rather useless. Some of them look quite good though, so if you’re after fashion then you might’ve found an item worth keeping.

In any case, there are five unique circlets in Skyrim which are ranked in the top 5 of this list(and by far the best) so if you want to see the top-of-the-top then you can head straight to #5 below.

The rest of the circlets on this list can still prove to be quite useful in certain occasions, though. And since they don’t weigh too much you can also carry them around and sell the unenchanted ones for a bit of dough.

Let’s get to it!

15. Copper and Onyx Circlet

Copper and Onyx Circlet Skyrim

Where to get: Common shops, field chests, draugrs, The Stumbling Sabrecat,

The copper and onyx circlet is arguably the least appealing out of the bunch.

It’s made with two of the most common materials in the game, and it’s also one of the cheapest pieces of jewelry in the entire lands of Skyrim.

Don’t worry, though – you will come across these circlets early in the game when just a few gold coins might be the difference between walking around unarmed and wielding a cool iron sword in battle.

However there’s something rather interesting about this item.

Skyrim sometimes mistakenly spawns the Revyn Sadri’s Copper and Onyx Circlet instead of the basic copper and onyx variant. Just a lucky error of coding in the game.

That means throughout mundane item pickups you might find a useful circlet instead of this one – hurray! Hopes in the game restored, right?

14. Copper and Moonstone Circlet

Copper and Moonstone Circlet Skyrim

Where to get: Random loot

The copper and moonstone circlet might not be the most luxurious of items in the game. But they do have twice the base value of the copper and onyx variant. So yeah, decent money here.

Given the average size of moonstones, it also makes the copper and moonstone circlets the largest circlets in the game.

If you’re looking for a fancy piece of apparel then this might be the circlet for you!

It is often obtained as a piece of random loot, and you can’t really get it anywhere else that’s easier. It is worn by Potema’s Skull but you can’t take it away unfortunately.

13. Copper and Ruby Circlet

Copper and Ruby Circlet Skyrim

Where to get: Random loot

The copper and ruby circlet is another one of these items that can’t be found anywhere except as part of random loot drops.

No NPC wears it, and you won’t find it laying on top of any chests or tables in the game. So just keep looting for this one if you really want a copy of your own.

It has a base cost of 150 gold coins per piece, so it only serves as trading currency in my opinion. Now it does have a cool-looking shaded red design, so there’s that!

12. Copper and Sapphire Circlet

Copper and Sapphire Circlet Skyrim

Where to get: Random loot

Much like its ruby counterpart, the copper and sapphire circlet is not worn by any NPC in the game.

It does have a higher base value than the ruby variant, as sapphires are worth more than rubies in the Elder Scrolls world.

You can enchant it if you please, but it still offers a grand total of zero damage resistance. Sell it for a profit – you’ll be better off.

11. Silver and Moonstone Circlet

Silver and Moonstone Circlet Skyrim

Where to get: Steal from Talen-Jei

We’re finally getting to the good parts!

The Silver and Moonstone circlet is the first one of this list not to be made of copper, so it looks far more valuable than the previous 4 that I’ve reviewed.

Talen Jei has one of these circlets – he lives in Riften, so if you want to get your hands on one of these beauties get your pickpocketing skills sharpened up and head straight to his home.

10. Jade and Sapphire Circlet

Jade and Sapphire Circlet Skyrim

Where to get: Ysgramors Tomb

This fancy-looking jade circlet is decorated with a beautiful sapphire on its center piece, and has one of the highest base-values of all circlets in the game.

You may eventually find it as part of random loot if you happen to pay a visit to Ysgramor’s Tomb. It isn’t exactly rare but not very common either.

As with many other circlets, you can sell this one for a nice little profit too!

9. Jade and Emerald Circlet

Jade and Emerald Circlet Skyrim

Where to get: Random loot, or through Madesi or Fralia Gray-Mane

This might be the first circlet on this list that I recommend enchanting.

Sure, most of the others have the same neutral effect as this one (they can all be worn with armor). But this one happens to be one of the most luxurious accessories out of them all.

You can enchant this and sell it to traders in the College of Winterhold for quick cash, as they buy enchanted goods for good prices. You can end up making a decent sum of cash for the exchange that you can then use to buy other goodies like robes or rings.

8. Silver and Sapphire Circlet

Silver and Sapphire Circlet Skyrim

Where to get: Steal 2 from Radiant Raiment or steal 1 from a hidden chest in Bards College

Nice design, sleek style, and pretty reasonable rates for sale. I’d say that pegs this right around the middle of the list.

These circlets can be found in Solitude or in the Bards College, and they can prove to be quite valuable to those who steal it.

A silver and sapphire circlet can be sold for at least 400 gold coins!

7. Gold and Ruby Circlet

Gold and Ruby Circlet Skyrim

Where to get: Stolen from Thalmor Embassy once you obtain lockpicks

Gold and ruby circlets can be found displayed in some buildings in the game like the Thalmor Embassy.

They are considered to be the second-most expensive circlet of all basic ones you can find.

They actually can be obtained in normal chests after you reach a high enough level, too. But if you want one sooner it’s more fun to steal.

6. Gold and Emerald Circlet

Gold and Emerald Circlet Skyrim

Where to get: On a counter in Radiant Raiment, or in a display case in Thalmor Embassy

Much like its ruby counterpart, the gold and emerald circlet can be found in the Thalmor Embassy as well as in Solitude.

They have a base sale price of 500 gold coins making it the most expensive basic circlet in Skyrim!

This is easy money right here.

5. Wedding Wreath

Wedding Wreath in Skyrim

Where to get: Loot from Vittoria Vici in Bound Until Death quest, or inside a chest in Highpoint Tower

The Wedding Wreath has a unique look and it for sure counts as a circlet. But it is one of those wedding crowns that sometimes people still traditionally wear to this day.

However, they are pretty commonly worn in Skyrim as most brides use them during their weddings.

You can obtain this item and keep it around in your inventory, but you can’t really do much with it.

In any case, it does provide for a bit of variety when it comes to pieces of armor in the game.

I mean… it looks cool, okay?

4. Revyn Sadri’s Copper and Onyx Circlet

Revyn Sadri's Circlet in Skyrim

Where to get: Purchase from Sadri’s Used Wares

Fine, I’ll admit it: the only reason this item is so high up in this list is that it’s unique and can be enchanted.

It’s just a bit more expensive than the regular copper and onyx circlet, and truly doesn’t offer much while taking a spot as your head armor piece.

In any case, it’s still a unique item that isn’t quite as easy to come by. Whether it’s worth snagging is up to you.

3. Mage’s Circlet

Mage’s Circlet Skyrim

Where to get: Complete the Good Intentions quest

You can get the Mage’s Circlet after completing the “Good Intentions” quest, and it’s by far one of the best items in the game if you’re on a mage playthrough.

It increases the total amount of Magicka points that you have by at least 20 and up to 70, depending on which level you get it at.

The best thing you can do is complete the quest after level 25, as this is when the Mage’s Circlet can be obtained to the fullest of its power.

The item is given to you after completing the quest by none other than Savos Aren himself, the Arch Mage of the College of Winterhold.

2. Diadem of the Savant

Diadem of the Savant Skyrim

Where to get: Loot a Dremora mage in Shalidor’s Maze, or check beside Froki’s Shack

Fun fact – the Diadem of the Savant is the only circlet in the game that provides you with armor points, as all the others in this list provide a total of 0.

This amazing circlet also allows you to produce the cost of each spell on your roster for a total of 5% – it doesn’t matter the school of the spell, as it affects all magic schools equally. Pretty cool!

You can find it after passing the Trial of Conjuration, or if you happen to visit Froki’s Shack.

Even though it’s unique, the item does respawn multiple times in this location so you can head back over there if you happen to lose it during any point of your playthrough.

1. Aetherial Crown

Aetherial Crown, best circlet in Skyrim

Where to get: Must craft in Aetherium Forge during the quest Lost to the Ages

The Aetherial Crown was added with the Dawnguard DLC in Skyrim, and it’s arguably the best circlet in the entire game.

It features a unique look as well, and it is the most valuable in terms of selling price in Skyrim.

The effect of this circlet allows the Dragonborn to wield to Standing Stone powers at once, making it by far the most useful circlet with an effect that can be copied by any other item in Skyrim.

You may only obtain this item by crafting it in the Aethereum Forge, so it’s pretty unique and you can’t get another copy of it even if you have the materials.

However you can upgrade it using regular dwarven metal ingots in a regular forge after you get your hands on it.

This also allows you to use daily powers more than once per day – at least the ones given to you by the Standing Stones. Talk about powerful!

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