Skyrim: Best Crossbow & Bolt Mods To Try (All Free)

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The Dawnguard DLC added a lot to Skyrim.

And among everything it added, one thing sticks out. A new instrument of destruction: the deadly crossbow.

Vanilla crossbows work great, for the most part. But we’re talking about Skyrim here.

Without a healthy dose of mods, it wouldn’t really be Skyrim. Right?

So here are some of the best Crossbow mods that you can download right now to become the quickest sharpshooter in all of Tamriel!


10. Low-Tier Wooden Crossbow

Simple wooden crossbow mod for Skyrim

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Want to prove to the world that it’s not the crossbow that makes the sharpshooter?

Now’s your chance.

This fan-made wooden crossbow isn’t a particularly powerful weapon..

In fact, it has slightly lower stats than the regular Steel Crossbow.

But it is the perfect weapon if you’re looking to complete a challenge run of the game.

And trust me, it will be a very challenging run if you stick to this crossbow the whole way!


9. Crossbows Basic Collection

The Crossbows Basic Collection Mod - Preview

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Not all modded weapons need to be fancy or epic.

Sometimes we just want a simple design.

And this Crossbow Basic Collection modpack hits a home run in that category.

It may not be as flashy as some of the other packs in this list. But its offerings are solid for all types of players out there.

Especially if you’re picking up a crossbow for the first time.

Just forge any of these crossbows anywhere you are, and shoot away!


8. Manual Crossbow Reload

Manual Crossbow Reload Mod for Skyrim

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Crossbows in Skyrim are fantastic, so no complaints here. But they can be so inconvenient.

Especially when you’re surrounded by all sorts of dangerous enemies.

Well here’s a mod to help you out: Manual Crossbow Reload.

This adds a new mechanic that lets you decide when you want to reload your crossbow.

The mod also changes the inventory system so that bolts and arrows are put into ammo pouches, so accessing them is way smoother than before.


7. Dragonbone Crossbow

Dragonbone Crossbow Mod for Skyrim

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Do you know what’s the lightest material on this side of Tamriel?

It’s dragonbone, of course!

And this Dragonbone Crossbow mod gives us an amazing new crossbow that’s extremely deadly, thanks to its fast fire rate and the accurate dragonbone bolts that stop at nothing to hit their target.

I guess stuff like wind and gravity are a thing of the past here.


6. Craftable Crossbows and Bolts for All

Craftable Crossbows For Everyone - Skyrim Mod

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I’ll admit that crossbows are incredibly cool weapons. So it’s a true crime that not every character can craft them.

If you hate strict role-playing as much as I do, you should stop filing complaints to Bethesda and just download this crafting mod.

It mod makes crossbows totally craftable regardless of the faction you belong to in the Dawnguard DLC.

No more locking you out of gameplay options with this mod installed.

And that’s what I’d call true role-playing!


5. One-Handed Crossbows

Skyrim One-Handed Crossbows Mod

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In general, crossbows are chunky, heavy, and complicated to use.

But this barely matters when we have the power of mods on our side!

One-Handed Crossbows converts all crossbows into one-handed weapons, meaning that you can use them with a shield, or with other one-handed weapons.

Or, you can just decide to go all out, dual-wield crossbows, and become the first Crossbowslinger in Skyrim.


4. Faction Crossbows

Easy Faction Crossbows in Skyrim

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The time has come to join any faction.

And we want you to look like you really belong, even in battle!

Faction Crossbows is a modpack that introduces a craftable unique crossbow, unique quiver, and four types of bolts for several different factions.

Note: to install this mod you do need to purchase the Dawnguard DLC in case you haven’t done so already.

But I assure you, it’s a small price to pay to bask in the glory of these new deadly weapons!


3. Legendary Skyrim Crossbows

Legendary Skyrim Crossbows Mod Screenshot

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Times change too quickly for me.

Once, we would be looking all overfor legendary swords. Now, it’s legendary crossbows that are all the rage.

And it really couldn’t be any other way with Legendary Skyrim Crossbows installed.

This mod brings 65 new Bolts and Arrows into the game, along with 42 new types of Crossbows that are perfectly balanced to offer a fun yet fair experience.

Oh, and also 3 new types of bows, for those who prefer the Stone Age of warfare!


2. Bound Crossbows

Bound Crossbows Skyrim Mod Screenshot

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Conjuring real weapons with magic may not make much sense… but it’s so much fun to do!

Bound Crossbows adds a bound crossbow spell that conjures a weapon. And this weapon is more powerful than a regular steel crossbow, that’s for sure.

It adds a few choice perks too, and you can get a crossbow that will get you far in the game.

With the added benefit of not having to spend money for extra bolts! What else do you need? We’re basically talking about a magic crossbow here.


1. Automatic Crossbows

Automatic Crossbows Mod for Skyrim

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Old Dwemer technology is some of the coolest stuff in The Elder Scrolls.

It’s old, sure, but it’s incredibly handy to make great things happen.

And this Automatic Crossbows mod introduces some Dwemer technology.

Specifically you’ll get some Dwemer-powered automatic crossbows which are incredibly varied, and incredibly powerful!

If you want a mod that adds new content, and that’s also 100% lore-friendly, absolutely give this one a try.

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