Skyrim: The Best Daedric Armor Mods (All Free)

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If you’re a fan of Elder Scrolls games, you’re likely a fan of the Daedric aesthetic in the games.

The Daedra play a big role in a lot of the content in the series, particularly Oblivion. Some of the designs for Daedric artifacts and gear look even better than your own gear!

So if you’re after some custom Daedric armor, here’s a handful of mods worth checking out.

The Dragonborn will be looking great in these well-made pieces of armor.


10. Evil Incarnate Daedric Gear

Evil Incarnate Daedric Gear Skyrim mod

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This first mod in our list is a fairly basic one that gives your character access to some great-looking Daedric armor.

The developer had zero knowledge of modding when they started this armor re-texture, but you would never know it looking at this in-game.

The armor comes in two variants: Evil and Alternate Evil.

They both look incredible – and should be enough to stop Molag Bal in his tracks.


9. Daedric Reborn

Daedric Reborn mod for Skyrim

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Here’s yet another retexture armor set with a Daedric look.

It adds a high level of detail to this armor, without sacrificing the original intent.

Granbted the changes may be somewhat subtle with this mod, but it brings the kind of immersion that most Skyrim players are looking for.


8. True Bound Daedric Armor

True Bound Daedric Armor Skyrim mod

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True Bound Daedric Armor is an interesting lore-friendly take on armor.

If the name didn’t give it away yet, this mod adds bound armor in a Daedric style.

The attention to detail is the best part of this mod.

There are even animations and different properties for each of the conjuration spells.

I’d say this one really nails the look, and was obviously a lot of work for the developer. But now even your conjuration mage can don some Daedric armor.


7. Daedric Stealth Suit Shadowcloak Armor

Daedric Stealth Suit Shadowcloak Armor mod

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Yep, thieves can get in on the Daedric armor craze as well!

This lore-heavy mod adds in some stealthy shadow armor to suit any thief build.

More specifically, this set of armor is similar to the Nightingale armor in design, but with better stats.

You also get a secret ability that makes you invisible while sneaking with this on.


6. Stronger Daedric Artifacts

Stronger Daedric Artifacts Skyrim mod

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If you ever thought that the Daedric artifacts, that were literally made by gods, were a little too weak… well then I’d say this is the mod for you.

This one aims to increase the abilities and power of most Daedric artifacts in the vanilla game.

Some of the items you might recognize are Dawnbreaker, Mehrunes’ Razor, Spellbreaker, and the Ring of Hircine. All worth tracking down to see what kind of new effects they’re rocking.

And maybe now the ultimate gear will feel a bit more “ultimate”.


5. Daedric Lord Armor

Daedric Lord Armor mod for Skyrim

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So this mod is actually a port of a popular Oblivion mod of the same name, just ported into Skyrim.

It adds some very unique armor that’s designed to make you look like a Daedric Lord, of course.

And there are some very obvious Daedric themes throughout this armor. It’s dark with blood red accents throughout the design – and the detail is immaculate.

It’s also more powerful than typical Daedric armor, so it’s worth tracking down.


4. Kynesguard & Daedra Hunter Gear

Kynesguard & Daedra Hunter Gear Skyrim mod

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I’d say this mod is fairly unique for this category.

With this installed, you get a new quest that follows a knight as you collect his gear along the way.

The Daedric aspect of this mod is finding the hideout of a mysterious Daedra hunter. This hunter has some really exciting gear, mostly focused on stealth and archery.


3. Daedric Mage Armor

Daedric Mage Armor mod for Skyrim

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Along the same lines as the Daedric Lord armor, the Daedric Mage armor also looks incredible.

This adds a full set of dark armor with red accents across the design. But for mage builds.

And this mod is intended for high level characters, but it can work on almost any mage. Better still, there are different varieties of this armor that you can craft too.

There’s a lot of attention to detail here, and the armor is available to both genders as well.

Now your mage can look their Daedric-best with this installed.


2. Daedric Assassin Armor

Daedric Assassin Armor Skyrim mod

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We’ve covered assassin gear from vanilla Skyrim, but this mod is specific for assassins and stealth characters alike.

It’s a Daedric-inspired set of armor made for all genders, specifically for an assassin build. And it’s standalone, craftable, and enchantable.

You can also use it as heavy or light armor, depending on your build. Very versatile.

This developer also has a specific Daedric dagger mod that’s worth checking out as well.

It complements this armor very well (along with most armor in this list).


1. Daedric Armor & Weapon Improvements

Daedric Armor & Weapon Improvements mod

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You may be thinking this is just another retexture mod for the Daedric armor.

And to some extent, you would be right.

What separates this from other mods is the incredible detail put into this retexture.

The original Daedric armor is fairly bland, and not as showy as you might hope. But this mod aims to fix things up by adding more realism, while keeping things lore-friendly – and it succeeds fantastically.

I mean really, you can notice every scratch and notch in this armor.

Plus this also adds in some new Daedric sets too, including stuff for both men and women.

Absolutely give this one a try and see what you think – it’s hard not to be impressed.

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